WPwatercooler is a network of weekly WordPress shows. WPwatercooler live  Mondays @ 11am pacific. WPblab Q&A live Thursdays @ 7:30pm pacific. WPshowandtell did you made a WordPress thing? Come show it off just like we use to do in elementary school. Hallway Track discussions at a WordCamp near you! WPwatercooler Recommends all the themes, plugins, software, services and web hosts we have recommended on our shows all in one place.

WPwatercooler - A Weekly WordPress Talk Show

WPwatercooler is recorded Mondays at 11:00 am PT on Google Hangout On Air.
287 videos to date!

EP218 – Tying it all together, processes for your WordPress powered business

This week on WPwatercooler we’re going to be talking about making WordPress work for you and your business processes. From customer intake to invoicing and deliverables we’ll try and cover it all for you this week on WPwatercooler Gravity Forms Salesforce Add-on — WordPress Plugins 23 Best CRM Tools for WordPress to Boost Your Business…

Each week our host Jason Tucker brings together people from the WordPress community to discuss WordPress and how it is changing our businesses and our lives. This is built as a light-hearted edutainment show where education is an accidental byproduct of the entertainment.


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WPblab - A WordPress Q&A Show

WPblab is recorded Thursdays at 7:30PM PT live on YouTube

WPblab is a free form questions and answers show where viewers ask questions regarding WordPress, web hosting, social media integration, seo and other topics using text or video chat during the 1 hour show.

Hosted by Bridget Willard and Jason Tucker

WPblab EP58 – Building Your WordPress Business Relationships Locally w/ Ross Gile – DigiCal

Building Your WordPress Business Relationships Locally – Ross Gile. Ross is owner of DigiCal a web development company in Whittier California. Ross is very involved in his City Council and Chamber of Commerce, we want to explore what the benefits are with connecting with local groups and how it as helped his business. http://twitter.com/jasontucker http://twitter.com/youtoocanbeguru…


Jason Tucker

Hallway Track - WordCamp Hallway Interviews

Recording at a WordCamp near you

"Hallway Track" is a term used to describe one of the unofficial tracks that occurs in the hallways before, during and after the sessions that occur at a WordCamp.


    Hallway Track – WordCamp Los Angeles 2016

    WordCamp Los Angeles – Hallway Track, recorded September 10th & 11th, 2016 at Cal State University Los Angeles. Adam Silver – Silverlining Productions – KitchensinkWP Matt Cromwell – WordImpress – Give Alex Vasquez – DigiSavvy Greg Douglas – Premium Interactive James Huff – Automattic  

    At WordCamp San Francisco 2013 Sé Reed and Jason Tucker were asked by the WordPress foundation to interview WordCamp attendees about their visit to WordCamp San Francisco. Since then Jason and Sé have been wanting to do this exact same thing at other WordCamps they have attended.

    Hosted by Sé Reed and Jason Tucker


    Jason Tucker
    Sé Reed

    Do you have a product, service, or cool WordPress thing to promote? WPshowandtell can help you!

    WPshowandtell - Show off the WordPress thing you made

    Prerecorded and posted weekly

    Did you build a WordPress thing? Looking for a way to show it off? Come demo it in less than 15 minutes and share it with the world 

    Hosted by Jason Tucker


    Jason Tucker

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