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EP152 – Funding Open Source with Employment – How Plugins Are Really Built

Ep152 funding open source with employment how plugins are really built yt

As much as we like to think Open Source is all about giving and not getting, it isn’t a sustainable model. Peace, Love, and WordPress are great, but we still need to eat. So how are plugins really funded? We continue this series on funding open source with Russell Aaron. He has built and maintained several plugins on his own while an employee with a company. Russ says he supports his plugins “on his own dime,” so you’ll want to watch this episode for sure.

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WPblab EP104 – Planning & Maintaining a Flexible Content Calendar w/ Laura Coronado

Wpblab ep104 - planning & maintaining a flexible content calendar w/ laura coronado 2

This week on WPblab we have Laura Coronado the Communications Specialist at WebDevStudios. Russell Aaron and Jason Tucker will be talking with Laura about some techniques for starting and maintaining an editorial calendar, plotting your posts and allowing yourself to be flexible in order to remain timely. If you or your staff haven’t created an editorial calendar yet now is your chance to get yourself educated on it, use the social link here to share this content with your coworkers and friends on social media.

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