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Joining WPblab as a guest is an excellent way to elevate your personal and professional brand to a targeted and engaged audience.


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Each episode is streamed live using YouTube, Twitter, Periscope, Facebook, LinkedIn, mixer, Twitch, to maximize your exposure as a panelist. From there, the audio of these shows is shared on various podcast-friendly services.

We Want You -- Yes, You

This is a guest interview. Everyone has something of value to say. So many times people tell us, privately, that they don’t feel qualified to be on our show. Fiddlesticks. Are you passionate? Do you have experience working in the WordPress industry? How about marketing? Do you have something to say? Then we want you on the show.


Yes, you. You reading this right now. Stop reading and go fill out the form at the end. Seriously. Why are you still reading this?

Democratizing Podcasting

Diversity has to be intentional. We look to find guests in our networks. Sometimes, we don’t notice people we should. That’s why we made this landing page. We want a diverse range of guests, both in the traditional sense of gender, race, and sexual identity, but also with regard to profession. Thought diversity is what makes a show both educational and interesting. We need to look to outside industries to innovate.


Jason and Bridget realize that, though they could “blab” on for an hour alone, it’s so much better with quality guests like yourself. We don’t have a membership fee or a private slack channel. The only barrier to being a guest on WPblab is you. Of course, we have system requirements (link), but we want to learn from you and help you market yourself and your business.

WPblab is available where all great podcasts are found.

Help Us Help You

With over 140 episodes, WPblab is one of the best marketing shows in the WordPress space. We want to educate our listeners while helping you differentiate yourself in this ecosystem.

WPwatercooler, the network with over 4 million lifetime views on YouTube alone, is the premier podcast network for those in and around the WordPress ecosystem. It will only be better because of you.

Participants and Viewers - WPblab

Participate as a panelist:
If you want to be on the live show and participate in the google hangout subscribe below and we'll send you an email weekly on how to participate. Please take a moment and read over our Participant Guidelines that we ask our panelists to adhere to while we are recording the show.

Join our mailing list and you will be notified of new episodes via email. We record on Mondays at 11am PST.

  • Our goal is to invite you to be on episodes that relate to your job type.
  • Do you have a topic idea we should discuss?