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Each week our host Jason Tucker and Friends discuss WordPress and how it changes our businesses and our lives. This is a lighthearted show, where education is an accidental byproduct of the entertainment

EP371 Our WordPress Wishlist WPwatercooler yt
This week on the WPwatercooler we’re going to be sharing our WordPress wish list.

EP371 – Our WordPress Wish List


Jason Tucker, IT Director and WordPress Web Developer, and Bridget Willard, a self-proclaimed Twitter Nerd, love WordPress and its diverse community. No matter the topic, they have fun, educate, and build community.

EP172 COVID Resurrected QR Codes How does This Change Marketing
With the pandemic, restaurants are more cognizant of germs. Which the rest of us germaphobes have been like wait -- you don't clean your menus? Gross! So now you can't go anywhere near a restaurant without scanning a QR Code. The only thing is this -- what do your customers see when they click that code?

EP172 – COVID Resurrected QR Codes. How does This Change Marketing?


Each week we bring together web developers from the community to discuss WordPress, forked from WPwatercooler.

EP06 WordPress Freelance Dev Life Dev Branch yt
This week on the show we're discussing the life of a freelance WordPress Developer.

EP06 – WordPress Freelance Dev Life – Dev Branch

Past WPwatercooler Shows

Community Connections

WordPress is about community and on Community Connections Bridget Willard and Jen Miller take you behind the scenes into the lives of the people behind the platform. Learn how developers, designers, bloggers and other creatives grow WordPress and themselves through involvement in their local communities.

Recorded Live - 3rd Thursday of each month 7:00pm Pacific


Did you build a WordPress thing? Looking for a way to show it off? Come demo it in less than 15 minutes and share it with the world. Jason speaks with developers to learn more about their product and how it can help potential customers. If you have built a WordPress plugin, theme, SAAS or provide a service using WordPress we'd love to see it!

Hosted by: Jason Tucker


Hallway Track

"Hallway Track" is a term used to describe one of the unofficial tracks that occurs in the hallways before, during and after the sessions that occur at a WordCamp.

At WordCamp San Francisco 2013 Sé Reed and Jason Tucker were asked by the WordPress foundation to interview WordCamp attendees about their visit to WordCamp San Francisco. Since then Jason and Sé have been wanting to do this exact same thing at other WordCamps they have attended.

Hosted by: Sé Reed and Jason Tucker

Recorded at a WordCamp near you!