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WPblab EP60 – Marketing Your WordPress Business on Instagram w/ Verious Smith III

Show Notes:

This week on WPblab we’ll be talking with Verious Smith III who is Creative Director of Philoveracity Design out of Riverside California. On this episode, we will be speaking with him about marketing your WordPress business using Instagram.

Verious and Bridget met talking abouteyelashes and instagram waiting for a food truck at a WordCamp

Helped an elderly couple get out of a sticky situation where employees more knowledgeable about the web tried to steal the company out from under them by taking over domains, etc.  – the couple (70 & 80 years old) remembered him down the road and approached him to help with the Marketing for their business and give him a percentage.  Verious decided to learn how to grow an Instagram account for their business – grew it from 22,000 – 34,000 followers

Instagram Tips

  • Instagram is a unique platform that lets you interact more casually and naturally with your followers
  • “Be a bit of a voyeur,” per Jason Tucker. Take a peek at how others are using instagram. See what people look at in the grocery store line. What engages?
  • InstaLikes https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/instalikes-for-instagram/id906899349?mt=8
  • Look for hashtags within your niche market and push out posts on that subject, using the tag
  • Influencer Marketing – look for influencers on Instagram – people with 60,000-90,000 followers (those with much larger fan bases won’t usually interact). Send them products you are trying to sell and in exchange, suggest that if they like it, they share it with their followers
  • Learn to develop your ‘voice’ – get comfortable with talking as your brand and making connections
  • Formed Oh My Lash Beauty Council – Created a group and spoke directly to them using terms of endearment and had fun with it.
  • Think about sharing your Instagram photos on your website to show a personal side – so clients can see more about your personality and who you are
  • Social media is a ‘small talk’ medium – don’t be afraid to talk about non-business topics, get to know people’s personalities
  • If you want to grow your account and get extra followers, connect with people who like what you like and help promote each other
  • Take time to develop your own style for your instagram account, some people post alternating text and images, some do all black and white, consistency can be visually appealing and build trust.
  • Marketing is really staying at the top of someone’s mind. You can post 12x a day, as much as you have time for.
  • Jab Jab Jab Right Hook – Gary Vaynerchuk – How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World https://www.amazon.com/Jab-Right-Hook-Story-Social/dp/006227306X
  • The 10X Rule – Grant Cardone – mentioned by Verious
  • Follow that model – “​Share, share, share, share, ask!”- Bridget Willard

Instagram accounts to check out:

Tweet your Instagrams as native photos on Twitter – Instagram photos will show up in your Twitter feed as a full image rather than a link. https://ifttt.com/applets/103249p-tweet-your-instagrams-as-native-photos-on-twitter

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