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This week on WPblab we’ll be talking with Natalie MacLees and Alex Vasquez of Website Weekend.LA a non-profit hackathon that pairs digital creatives with local non-profits.

Training and Empowering the client to do their own updates
Projects get a project manager and prep work happens before the event
Teams include volunteers with a range of skills (writers, content creators, UX, etc)
Non-profits provide content as well to save time
Issue is often lack of storytelling – people connect with stories (content is important)
Some clients want whole new sites, others want refresh
Dreamhost offers free hosting for 5013C organizations
GiveWP offered licenses
Sponsors help (food, etc.)
Important to take momentum from these events and do something positive with it
Find a local non-profit that you can partner with and can benefit from funds raised
It helps to be a prolific networker – knowing what organizations / people to connect with
Need to convince non-profits that a quality site can be built well, in just a weekend
Everyone can contribute, it’s not just about coding – need writers, designers, developers, etc.

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