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This week on WPblab we have Laura Coronado the Communications Specialist at WebDevStudios. Russell Aaron and Jason Tucker will be talking with Laura about some techniques for starting and maintaining an editorial calendar, plotting your posts and allowing yourself to be flexible in order to remain timely. If you or your staff haven’t created an editorial calendar yet now is your chance to get yourself educated on it, use the social link here to share this content with your coworkers and friends on social media.

Laura Coronado is the Communications Specialist at WebDev Studios (which is over several other brands).  She manages content and social media for 4 brands in total. She has been using WordPress for over a decade.

Laura uses a spreadsheet to help with planning & keeping everything organized. She always has pen and paper handy (Bridget uses a notebook to plan out her content).

  • On her own blog, Laura doesn’t have an editorial calendar at all
  • It depends highly on your own goals and plans – WebDev does have a calendar
  • She likes spreadsheets because they are simple and there is transparency – no buffer between her and everyone else at the company


  1. Editorial Calendar – can manage multiple authors, accessible from WordPress dashboard, drag & drop capability, can schedule & edit schedule, shows you visually where things are in the calendar – highly recommended
  2. CoSchedule – Premium plugin, all the way up to enterprise level – has all the bells and whistles

Can also use Hootsuite for light scheduling and planning/tracking of posts.

Russell – “I don’t have a filter! And usually it’s not grammatically correct.”
He doesn’t use a schedule, it’s more stream of consciousness. He thinks it and just has to get it out on the blog.  He voice blogs.

Laura doesn’t like to rock the boat and prefers to do what is easiest for the people she works with. She’s just grateful that their people are willing to write for the blog & will happily take the blog articles in whatever format they come – google doc, pen & paper, word doc, etc.

Hot Tip: There is more than just paragraphs.  Bullet points / numbered lists / headlines and subheadings are great.  Don’t be afraid to format!

Russell uses his headphones to record and utilizes Google Keep to store his content. Every 4 sentences he’ll skip a line to break up his paragraphs. His articles focus on two things: what is the problem & what is the solution?

On the WebDev calendar they have the due date and the publication date. For her, the due date is usually 24 hours before publication.  It gives her time to work on it, proofing/editing, etc. She usually receives the blog post on the exact due date.

Russell works support and never knows what’s going to come in on a given day, so sometimes his blog posts will arrive at the very last minute (or rarely, he misses the deadline). This is why editorial calendars need to have some flexibility.

She recommends having a strategy for when blog posts don’t come in on time.  Maybe going to and finding a great talk to highlight.

What’s good about video is that video takes time to watch which means more time on the site and great engagement!

Jason loves that with us (Sherie & Cheryl) recording the show notes, we’re creating extra content that can be used on social media and on the site.  The more content you have the better!

One of the things you need to figure out from the beginning (and keep analyzing) is how often you want to blog.  Then establish the best days and times to blog. Then you can start planning your calendar. She only plans out about 2 months in advance to make sure to keep things flexible! There’s always going to be timely/seasonal topics that you want to touch on, so it’s important to have room in the schedule for that.

When you are planning out far in advance, choosing “evergreen” content means that it can be pushed to another date if you have something timely or significant that comes up and needs to be posted first.  Such as when Ben came to her and said we really need to address GDPR and should probably get it posted in the next few days.

Laura does not (yet) have a disaster plan, so it can be a bit worrisome wondering what would happen if she was available. It’s probably something that should be written down (style guides, guidelines, etc.) so that others can jump in when needed.

She also thinks that WebDev (and any company really) could really use a Style Guide.  How you format your text, how and what you post. That way if someone takes over for you, the tone doesn’t have to change.

She loves using Buffer for social media.  She has that and the WebDev site all day long so she can monitor and make sure things are going out when they are supposed to.

You need to keep on top of things and keep the site and plugins up-to-date – if the site goes down, so does your ability to create and share content.

Bridget always recommends not to automate the entire process when posting to social media – inevitably, things will break – there are lots of moving parts to keep track of, and chances are something will get missed.

Sharing posts across multiple platforms can be iffy.  If you daisy-chain them, chances are your content is going to look horrible on at least one of the platforms.  Try to use an app that will let you post the same content directly to each platform instead of sharing from one platform to the other.

Using Rebrandly to create their shortlinks.  WDS.AF

Russell uses a plugin called InstaGo to redirect traffic

What is the payoff for WDS? In the end, the editorial calendar & content strategy is designed to support their marketing strategy, which in the end, supports their business goals.

They have found that their old blog posts were very technically oriented, which is a great audience, but they’re not the decision makers. Who they really want to talk to is the marketing & business executives. They have to decide if their old posts are worth re-posting and if they will reach the right audience.

They’ve identified 3 older blog posts that could be updated and need to decide if it’s worth the time to update them and re-present them or if it’s not worth the time sink.

If something lives on the internet (like a blog post), it’s important to make sure it’s kept up to date, especially in regards to rates/fees for services your company offers. Sometimes it’s better to choose to delete old content instead of refurbishing it. Russell worked for a financial company and had a post with rates in it – set up a plugin to scrape the current rates so he would never have to worry about updating it but it would still be current.

If you decide not to update an out-of-date post and delete it instead, how do you handle the dead link?  Laura suggests redirection to something that is more relevant or current.

WebDevStudios is communicating all the time so they work hard to keep things interesting. Sometimes they include contests, and hidden ‘easter eggs’ but all of this takes planning.

Tools and tips of the week:

  1. Laura – Loves to use Grammarly, but it does have some conflicts with WordPress – it will make you a better writer
  2. Jason – Ginger – it’s a chrome extension that helps with proofreading & Grammar.
  3. Russell – Composer – it goes into all the dev projects and pull all the necessary files for each person

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Cheryl LaPrade – @yaycheryl

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what's a real one this is just a talker %HESITATION cooler episode number one hundred four as you notice Bridget is not here today she's out on assignment and she went to Belgrade and she's doing some fun stuff over there I'd imagine when she gets back we'll be talking a little bit about %HESITATION or camp Europe and all that stuff but before then this guy named Russ Russ Aaron rustler Intel's about yourself man has to go on I'd feel like putting bridge on assignment may third light light like her her pay grade went up on the show and I love the she's expanding Bridget we love you I miss you hi I am not Bridget Willard my name's Russell Aaron I work in web Dev studio they maintain where I keep people's website up to date and make sure that your sites are not breaking that's what I do all day every day and I'm committed to doing it read Matt's good to have you on as a co host out a lot I mean isn't talker you can find your bridges and Tucker on Twitter my website is just entered a blog and today's topic we're be talking it's W. what to be people out of slumber one hundred four and we're gonna doing planning maintaining a flexible content calendar with Laura Laura tells about yourself hi I'm Laura Coronado and I work at web death studios which is a website design development agency that specializes in work process I'm I am the king case specialists there and aside from web that we also have to maintain as Russ mentioned and I work with Ross and we also have plugin I just plug in development and we also had a small business division under eat web skates some basically magic communications including website content to block any editing proofreading and social media for four rounds Deng not for brands I'm I recall you're the fifth brand that you also do as well your own personal brand going on while they're on that one okay so you should like it hatter sweater or scorer for you show some strings behind you are actually had the hat and an outfit so you know like when you have to put the manager had on she had the whole ensemble that's what lord here's my here's my manager had this is what I got handbag is really what I should have I just should write so I do Adam slowly shopping dot com and it turns eleven years old in October our in our wordpress for decades and %HESITATION you can find me on Twitter at lolly shop that's awesome either I I love when people have their own brand stuff too and there they killed on that they killed on on there I caught their clients stuff for the company they work for stuff awesome what it would yes they rest you just said that I need a handbag actually lower I tried to convince an employee of ours the by hand back to fix his wife's back and I was buying one because Joe and I just had our two year anniversary so she literally got at the end badly she's into the link we went through it so you know she hooked up and influencer when it comes to shopping and fashion so yes I influence people to go buy something so he I want to point out that so Laura and I do live in the same city and we see each other sometimes but we do work remotely four WD asked so everything that we're like about the sharing and everything just assume that we're not meeting hardly ever and and even at our meet up last night we were in different parts of the room doing different jobs I mean we truly see each other but it's it's like a hundred two percent of remote work that's cool but you guys really say hi to each other right selling pretty much every day he walked over and said hi hugs handshake whatever whatever works right running late so I just kind of walked by and said hi and sat down it's one of those things where we're like we do communicate the day because we you know lord does help us get our brand out there so like when we discover maybe like a break in the plugin or something noticeable like you know I communicate that Lora Lohr schedules that up and you know who sweets and or or however she does her mate usury but like that even a word I feel like it is but good like that that that communication that you're describing that but not only that we have like what thirty five other employees at the BBS issues managing all of us that's awesome yeah it's awesome so we we we were talking when we were we were talking we were texting Medicare messaging each other about the idea of like what the kind of working on this topic in figuring out how how do you guys plan out that calendar that that you used to build the kind of schedule the stuff out bill the kind of even before you scheduled this figure out what is it you're going to do and I think all what kind of wordpress plugin do you use it what kind of like sass solution are using or is there like this really great you know ten thousand dollar software that you everybody should be buying and here's an affiliate link for like what's that what's that thing and you're like no I just use what he the spread sheet which is which is also one of those people that uses a notebook actually bust out a notebook and she just write stuff down in there and I think at some point she puts it into some type of an electronic format well you got a notebook as well check and caper I mean pen to paper like this it feels like powerful but yeah I think there is a decision that was made right like you you're definitely making this decision in your writing that down control when you have that and took paper for sure will not only that but like when you're doing team calls here trying to coordinate content like it's hard to type and listen so like having a pen and paper I think that helps me mom yeah so to be fully transparent Chasen's and you brought up the spreadsheet and meeting some old school at that I am my own blog I don't have any kind of editorial calendar at all there's no doubt I mean my own personal blog eleven years old I don't have an editorial calendar I do have obligations they do collaborate with France we did come up sometimes with like a deadline and but for the most part even on my own blog and people talk about this all the time why should I haven't editorial counter how do I manage it how to maintain it how do I stick to it it's really depending on your brain and your goals and all that so from my own personal work don't need an editorial counter got it wet the studios that the debt especially because again we got those four brands and right now we're pushing heavy content on web debt and not let states so I really need that sort of control in that management and the reason we're doing a spread sheet in my it that just seems to be the easiest hole is honestly I'm the only one who's touching that even though we have other writers even though we all communicate on a slack channel even though I have it hinted to the top of our contention also anyone can click on and look at it it's not it's just easier for them to come to me and go okay someone my blog posting what we don't we don't have an internal website where Laura posts things like Hey guys like work formatting post this way now and like we still just have a spreadsheet yeah especially because there's no buffer between myself and the engineers are the executives who are writing so I don't really need any cool tools however they are out there I did some research I checked on at two of them yes we hear about those please upgrade out at one of my downloading later tonight basically I feel like telling me like what we're doing so I one three one premium I'm and a note what press about plugging repo there is one called editorial calendar and %HESITATION that when you can actually manage multiple authors so I thought that was like really cool essential and they have like a little four minute video demo on there and %HESITATION if I were going to use a plug in and have it accessible from my work pressed desktop this is the one I went out with it just seems really easy to use it really originally looking out the month calendar you can drag and drop a love that anything or any time I can drag and drop I love that you can leave post in their draft form and then just poor women and you can schedule and even at your schedule from this out from its own platform from its own little desktop from that little counter as opposed to going to your list of posting doing it from there so that was the one that I was just like really jazzed about never going to recommend somebody who is on just launching their editorial calendar this the plug and I would recommend using but I did find premium one with all those muscles and there's always a sense of also muscles and that was called code schedule and now that one ranges from sixty dollars a month for like a small start at up to twelve hundred dollars a month for enterprise level I'd we have clients that maintain who do this like one of our clients is my fitness pal and and they have a thing called Matt I run and Matt my blog in like they had just feeds going like crazy and coast Gadgil is just what they use and like that is just on point for what they're trying to do like everything has its variable of like you know where it's going to like black or whatever but for the most part a giant company like that is on wordpress means using coast gradual I think it demonstrates that you know it's pretty solid yeah definitely I'm you you mentioned earlier hootsuite Russ and you can actually use hootsuite to do the social media you know scheduling and actually drag around then drop within a calendar in those sorts of things still so yeah there's definitely a bunch of ways it just depends on how your brain's kinda Wierd are you wired as a so they just need to be a big long list or is it something where you actually get to see a calendar and see the dates and we're going to have that outlook Google calendar asked type thing in your head that's how I blog so I have my website Russell envy envy why not harm and I actually I am the least amount Laura hate this because I I don't have a filter that like I'm not like you're reading content you know and I you know most of the time it's not grammarly correct I'm pretty sure that the Gundam also not grammarly the point being is like I don't have a schedule I don't have content it's like whatever comes into my head that I I have to get out or else like I think about it all day so I started blogging for that reason I don't have a schedule sometimes like when I walk my dog you walk your dog right would you take link in your by yourself minding your own business you're just a fellow walking on the street like I blog I I put my headphones and I turn on my android and I just I blog great and I talk about whatever but how many words do you think I just said right now probably like a thousand I don't know how how fast do you think you gonna just typed what I said why is that that's why I've boys log and I think that create or that three minutes of like no longer typing I don't feel the burden of white so I have to sit down and do it between this because I do it while I'm out you know what I mean so are you guys working as are you also doing the editing of the content as well like what's the work flow of like Russ is been assigned to write write a blog post this month or what have you and then he writes it and wordpress and Microsoft Word and excel paint what it would have been what you write it in first and then he goes and puts it into something else can we do it in real time because I actually a Laura in article curly so can I just explained to you like where I am and how this works go ahead Laura so I'm like chasing after early before we went on air how long you been with the company I think the house so there is already processes people already have the work was established I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to rock the boat and I'm a libra some very accommodating with other people libra so I want to do whatever is easiest for everybody else I am so grateful that our engineers are taking the time to write content for blocks I was really really smart people and to for them to interrupt their workday when they're focused on client websites to block for me what ever works for them I will take that they could write it yeah and I will take at %HESITATION so we do have to have the company actually goes into work cross into the text editor and right I prefer that %HESITATION that's easiest for me as an editor but the other fifty percent they do like to turn it and on a Google document I don't know why that works for them just dies %HESITATION and if anybody knows that you've ever done that when you're copying and pasting you're gonna have formatting issues but wordpress long enough that I can overcome that and I think I figure it's part of my job just to to have to deal with that formatting and very often I tend to focus on improving people's formatting anyway and one thing I want to but left to give to everyone right now is there is more than a paragraph bullet points worked really well and there are other ways multiple ways to present your information than just paragraph after paragraph after paragraph so even if somebody does go into the work rest at your right to block those chances are I'm going to go in there and improved layout somehow cool cool my just curious about that because I I've seen it bunch of different ways it just really depends on especially if you have a a specific format that you want to do this and so for instance if you're writing for a blog where and there's ads that are being injected between paragraphs or something like that you have so many paragraphs per that you want to make sure you're hitting or that the paragraph seem to be more than three hundred words or less and create or words or you know whatever the kind of the style guidelines are that you know the place is kind of set up so kids can I can tell you what I do yeah so so I use my headphones and and I use Google keep does the Google keep is an avid like ever know but I use Google keep on so when I you stated on my phone I can just go to keep dot Google dot com and there's all my stuff so I actually just take out of that and they drag into web Dev studios that com slash added new poster WB admin slash new post I think that whatever that you are out and I go there that's how big of a nerd I am and the kind of content that Laura has to cure it she has to read stuff like that all day long but so what I do is I try to do a rule for every four sentences I'll skip the line every fourth sentence at all to get the line I got a break up my car out that way and I'm trying to solve one one thing is when I'm writing this article what is the problem and what is the solution right that that's what it should be a it you can include your theories or whatever but it's just you know this is what's happening here is what we're trying to do and here's the plugin to bridge that gap and that's really what we're writing but you know you have to again like Lori said like we're working on complex code all day for large website and then you know to scale it down to read a blog post and then to use the code snippet and make sure that your PHP not only works but looks right like it's a lot of that just to go into that so like you said she's cool with whatever we need to do to get it to her you know just try to be mindful is all she asked and lawyer really didn't ask very much of that you know sometimes she'll be like Hey please go pick this but I I I trust that she's done her work and she needs me to really go do that yeah well I mean we've all had we've all had bad clients and you don't wanna make your your your %HESITATION your employees or the people that you work with it with a be a bad client or act like a bad client not spend the extra time to you know if they didn't spend the extra time to kind of fill figure out what the formats are going to be like or or anything like that or they just put like the actual U. R. L. to the thing instead of including what the you know what the the Texas gonna be before type relate any of that sort of stuff I mean yeah but the person that knows what they're doing to it if that's not your that's such a gift Souths totally get it so scheduling wise so Russ is already wrote wrote this post however he got it he gets it already you either via a Google doc or %HESITATION it's it's in wordpress ray to go as a draft then what are you doing are you are you figuring out what the because that's going against your schedule right so you pretty scheduled him to write this post so in that that Google dollar earned that a Google she what are you doing with that what's the next kind of stop there also that calendar we have the due date and the publication date so those are two different dates do you do for me is twenty four hours in advance of the publishing cell athletics gyros we tend to push blog post life on Tuesdays and Thursdays so if your boss is going like on Tuesday argued Monday morning and I basically need that day to work on it doesn't do a bunch of other stuff can attend to multi task so I basically need a day to prove to add it and so forth I'm especially again if it's coming from a little daughter number that for many issues it's gonna take more time now so I'm they're aware of their due date and the publishing date and it's great if I can get it a week or two in advance that happens sometimes but I would say for the most part I get the blog post on the exact due date and hopefully was written a fifteen minutes beforehand right so for us we we can make for us because he's on the show here you can defend themselves though so I am I pretty sure that like you know we had jobs where it says like zero days or how many days accident free I'm pretty sure the other day we had restarted zero because I missed the blog beat so I'm so yeah I did I did write something when I took match on a walk I did have a lot of content written and and I had something but you know I did drop the ball but what it is is trying to manage in writing and in doing work it's hard right and and I don't want us to do that after hours to trying to fit that in that's really hard especially with the court if that'll with the poor you don't know what's going to come in the door so it's hard to say Hey don't bother me you know what I mean oh yeah I'm well aware of your job and that is that we don't you don't get to pick your pick your battles the they all get thrown at you yeah we do a good job of trying to schedule that too but we have to be that available you now yeah so let's say that somebody does miss their mess in a mess there there the calendar due date what do you have a couple sitting there ready to go that you can kind of slide a man do you just skip all together and say next week we'll come backgrounder but your tactic they're so and different ways that you can handle when someone misses that deadline and one is like I said sometimes there's always that person who way in advance it's their deadline so we've already got something there each work on that and get that published and I am a big proponent of still a contact and you always want to have some sort of strategy handy for those times %HESITATION this you know this did happen just recently with breast like you just missed the deadline well at that same day that he said Hey I'm not going to make it %HESITATION John Hawkins who had a talk over at and working Orange County his talk with live on wordpress dot TV so I'm like well why not just write a cute little intro and in bed his video and that was actually what we end up doing that was our that day Hey Laura to be other guy in that window pane he's the reason why that blog made it up so fast the literally no not I tried usually do it yeah lobbyist go around chasing usually makes that media happened but but yeah that was one instance where a bail us out right but like hopefully we get lucky with stuff like that we do have pretty popular people in the space to do nifty things again mentioned so you know we can try to fill that now I definitely recommend is having some sort of strategy for those moments ours is let's go to wordpress dot TV and let's get a talk from somebody who works for the company and that it do cute little intro and there we go we've got a block that's going on or or be late on a Friday and make it up with that with a you tube video of WP water cooler until I have seen the show up yep like Google or goes off and I'm like that's cool thanks slaughter reshape that no I think what's what's good about video just in general I mean it if you're not aware is a video takes time to watch and time to watch also includes time being on the site in time on site is a good thing so yeah I mean keeping people engaged and you know also writing good content around the stuff like for instance %HESITATION Sharon chair you're sitting here %HESITATION in the Google doc just personally typing away all the little things that we're talking about which is I love mentioning them the militia because after type their own names of the Google doc which is really cool but the whole idea is that you know you get that extra little bit of content around it because if you go over to wordpress TV no one has written any content about that you're you're lucky you got the title and maybe a little description that was the description from the workout but that's about it so yeah it's good to write some stuff around yeah yeah it's a it's a good seller and the spaces in those times when you need a blog post took up quickly yeah no that's that's great so what what what what do you do after that with you gotta obviously at some point here like set up a schedule to actually post the stuff and then do all of the social media sharing type things with it how are you approaching that so yeah first thing first I what I would recommend for anyone is that you need to know one how often are you gonna be blocking how often should you blogging for us like I said twice a week is working for us and that was established prior to my even coming on board and %HESITATION yeah they were open to be changed we kept it that way for a few months and I I was like it's it's working why change something for the sake of changing that keep that %HESITATION so find out how often you too bloody to established the best days and times to be walking for us this season Thursday at noon eastern which is nine and my time I'm so that's something that you want to stab someone you're setting your editorial calendar then you know your dates you know you're publishing date you know how often I'm and then again you have those due dates again for me it works twenty four out of that for somebody else you may want forty eight hours of dance you got is again bigger out what works for you and then we went directly to our clients and ask them what do you want us to talk about what our topics that you want to now and am I really recommend just going straight to your client's going straight to our audience %HESITATION if you're you know if you're not a web design agency like we are but maybe you're you're a blocker golf Twitter going east bloc like do a poll asking what do you want to know about once you get these topics and then you can just start coming up with %HESITATION I what I would do little to keep work resurgence SCO and see you know about these topics like how should you formulate the title slug it what is the right keyboard for the topic and %HESITATION from there you can once you know what how often she blocking the data should be blogging on and now you've got your topics and you can just really go for with editorial calendar I only planned in advance about two months too much out okay so I will I right now we don't have anything up for August or September October and that's the thing about keeping flexible because there's always going to be tying the topics that you want to touch on and so you have to keep things flexible Hey Laura can I ask you a question this isn't a bit by the way I'm I I did prepare this question so we'll win win win we found out about version Ford at nine dot six with wordpress rate and we found out that it was not a a studio security release they had new features right we were planning on that but let like did you know ahead of time and have that schedule or or was that more of a last minute kind of thing like how do we had at Debbie's yes I'm I'm curious as about this myself how do we handle like Matt Millen we just said this and and you know not that we break news or anything but it's like hate Java script is going to go in this in this way or react is going to go this way and but we already have two months of content we are banking on this like how do we just for that so the content that we have scheduled out and was like what I would like to call evergreen talk evergreen contact and that way it can be pushed a week away so I'm just going to look at a black person like my tips for %HESITATION imagery on your website that's something that can wait a week and that's not something that's just so timely like it has to go up right now so this happened just recently with %HESITATION and %HESITATION who's one of our engineers %HESITATION over at web that he came to me he's like Hey Anders sheets or some more stuff going on with GPR at people are talking about it this is very timely I'm gonna write a blog post and I recommend you get this out in the next couple days so I already had a blog post writing schedule to go but again it was one of those evergreen topics but it could wait and again that's been as being flexible like Ben saw the opportunity for us to jump on some more GPR topics he had a great walk past you had some great content great information and again just having a flexible calendar his then and just push the other up opposite side just for a couple more days that's because I'm I'm sitting here in as you're telling me like what you're doing like you had to push something I'm imagining that you're going in the W. P. admin going all posts and changing the schedule date I got like I IC wordpress like that so like I I sympathize with like what you have to do and I I feel like people do try to give you ahead of time but like would you have that in your head with with wordpress like you know if you have to push it do you know the five steps in order to change the date and then we go mu thank you have that process written down they do have a disaster plan you do you know what I'm asking you I don't have a disaster plan a lot of stuff does live in my head and I do worry if I ever hit by a class what would happen is that what that this studios like I the one who tends to be the librarian and I also just note all our past contacts yeah so I kind of do worry about some of the stuff that I don't have my hat is a really good point Russ %HESITATION this is something that probably should be written down there should be some sort yet we also have a style guide and I've been wanting to do that like I've been wanting to write down like okay %HESITATION if you're writing a plural noun you don't you know plasticity like you know some little guidelines needs what kind of case is important and so that's something that I think company should consider doing is having some sort of style guide see this is how we spelled this this is how we do that %HESITATION but additional like you're saying Ross like just some sort of like a disaster plan or just some sort of any kind of plan about hate stuff is scheduled you need to log in and and updating change it if you're going to push it back well I got to block was going live at the same time was so so that the example I was getting at is is we use advanced custom fields on on every website on the mediastinum you escapes maintaining plugin eyes but because they each have their own different flow they each have a different way of scheduling posts or or movie content around so that's what I was getting out like like now that we made the decision Hey we're gonna post you physically have to at least log in to wordpress and and change that do daily you have that steps down like like what is your day look like when when you have to do that like you're clicking around your moving balances were checking emails like you really do have to keep on top of it right yeah I've always loved into at that that is for ever opened my dashboard always open those **** are always right there and we were talking earlier so we actually spot for for social media club for a lot of opportunity that really works for us and and that remains open all day long to some constantly monitoring because sometimes even though you've got scheduled sometimes it doesn't go out and it's not just black or happens a word processing time stop just doesn't go out and so you have to keep it open and stay on top of it so yeah recipe just daily I am a lot then I'm daily monitoring and just checking to make sure that things really are going live so one of things you mentioned earlier regarding that the plugin editorial calendar calendar what what's and I actually is this on my own site is that it actually shows you visually where those posts are within the calendar like actually looking at a calendar so think of like the the list of posts in wordpress readers of like this long list of posts in chronological order a reverse chronological order you're you're actually end up seeing them as a calendar themselves and you can grab the the link and actually drag it around if you want and move it across the screen so if you go you know chooses not a great day for me only modest Wednesday you just move in order Wednesday and those are the actual posts that you've already scheduled to have posted like you can move those pieces around serve your visual person like for me you know and like what Russ was saying like you know you can just change the date well you know the twenty first means nothing to me if I don't know what day of the week it is in relation to the other dates that are happening around it and so I would suggest even for just a minute installed this plugin a look at it and go like whoa look how many posts I wrote I wrote in here is all the dates I typically post them and then figure out are those actually the days you should be writing those posts or not and how you should kind of go through instead that is a whole again Jason that we're gonna write for Orange County plug including next year when it when you open the the editor of a post and you got to change the date we're gonna have a J. query date picker and it's just it's going to be so nice I would be awesome very nice like you said that look like you remember the old days of wordpress when like you had to do it by the minute like you had to change the post from nine OO three and I know to to get it to change in the blog feed they have them say about lately we've come so far but like you know there we lore is day regardless of whatever just you know if you use wordpress for a minute Jose just embrace that per minute she's keep control of this chaos and you know like she keeps in at we we use ACF we use this means that other plug in and we you know we have to clear casually go like there's a lot of that I wish you would then as hard as that anymore but you know in order to rain can search and he had a loaded to GPR into another acronym coming later in the road in here like we do have to keep on top of that and like that's what I do I add maintain is like I keep WTS arc and we try to keep plugging up to date or up to date help Laura is if I go down she goes down and then you know her or content yeah yeah well it's interesting you said that Russ about the about Cassie and about all those pieces so even though you have a post me have it all who who posted in published in radio I'm beer get married to go send a whole bunch of people to it by putting the buffer impose no right now scheduled up another one to post six hours from now or three hours from now or whatever just to kind of keep things going yeah you stuff to be stuff to worry about social media links did Facebook actually pick it up correctly and scrape it right did you change the future damage before you posted it then you change it again but you forgot the clear cash and the need for us to tell Facebook Hey fees but developer schools I want to make sure you re scrape the agent you have a lot of stuff that you have to worry about and this is why Bridgett always always always says don't do a bunch of automation don't automate the entire process if you automate the entire process things will break I think you should automate as much as you can but but the things that you can control especially when it comes to like the Facebook's re scraping of the post in those sorts of things I mean if you have one chance for somebody to see this stuff on Facebook for instance you want to make sure that it looks good and it's not going to be some block that is some you know some some carrots okay can they might yeah yeah weight when somebody shares from Twitter to Facebook and Facebook shows you to T. dot CIOS last let let let let like to bet legally and eat one links to the Twitter post and when things to the blog post at the fifty fifty gamble that that blog post looks horrible when you're sharing that across your whole entire platform I would recommend because I just there doing this recently use a plugin that will let you share or by the updated feature whatever to say I want to share directly don't don't try to daisy chain them or else you know your content is gonna look horrible and and that's going to be on you know the internet forever you're the guy that has to link the of the same thing in you know people don't like that it usually happens the people that use Edgar I know what it is with the with the editor of I'm apt that does take up some sass solution that do social media sharing whatever reason I always see people post stuff using that and then it ends up showing some weird text and then it has maybe the U. R. L. but it doesn't actually have any of the OG information from Facebook you know it's it's it's it's really I don't know what's up with that but so glorified scraping correctly or whatever it is they're doing slower is wearing a hat so all of our links that when you go to web Dev like instead of bit Lee or whatever are all of our links are dead media stockman slash nine is it the random so that was actually when we got together our company did a whole retreat and we got everybody together and we all we embrace this and like this is our brand out so now Laura it she you know she's working with with other people in the company and we're building a brand new brand so not only is she maintaining what we built but you know we're venturing out to this new thing we don't know what's going to happen with the ad lay like that trend could not become a thing anymore we're gonna go back the sharing Bentley rings or something like it like we we really are not only you know trying to solve this but we are also embracing these changes that way when clients come to us we know how to do all this as well and and you know we already have that process written down so if you want to maybe help your business I think blogging and having a content process just shows you did everything you do should have a process right yes and I like your idea of writing things down because like I said if I can't buy a bass you people are screwed and you will be worried about it anyhow because you know Hey what the WTS dot a at actually are you on the short ones that we're using are not random at all we're using an extension called a re re Brantley and that actually allows us to sat like that the slide of it right so well yeah out so we can I mean I could be very purposeful and mindful so I will can dance like our blog post you are elves like when sharing on Twitter and I used three Bramley so it might be like W. T. W. D. Ascot **** slash I mean yes slash GTR because that might hurt a lot because that I'm linking to I'm smart yeah some re Bramley is as I'm really grateful that we're using to help us strategically come up with what our shopping's gonna look like that's cool should not so Jason we we have a plugin it's called instead go man it into the go it sets up a redirecting your wordpress site so anytime somebody goes to the insecure page that that you said so it can be any your else of like mind has Russell Aaron dot go I'm if you go to if you go to that whatever blog post I want people to read too or go to I can send them that way so on our on our on our Instagram we have a link because you know how you just have the one link inside the bio it's just web Dev studio slash go war or you know whatever is on Instagram please go click it right now by the way but whatever that is and so what's cool is when lord schedules the new post she you know hit that button and then you know no matter what all over you know I use this on my social media for everything yet it's just designed for Instagram but that go link for me is on my Twitter is I want the same people on Twitter to see the same post whatever so we built a misdirected log in to do this that's pretty cool so instead of you I mean you know people use link tree and and stuff like that but you know we internally recognize the problem we built the tool and and it's something that you know I I think Laura brought that to our attention and I still to this day thing that we built that plug in just for Laura and then you turn around and put it on plug in eyes right now you guys are selling it for forty Bucks that's also we'll make sure to put that in the show notes about that so that's related right so so what do you do like we did we just you know spent forty minutes talking about our entire process what's the payoff what what will work can you please talk about like what the payoff is for Debbie DS like are are we are we like James Gordon and we only care about the number of viewers on you too or do we only care about it or like you know maybe don't give away the secret blend of herbs and spices by you know what is the pay off for Debbie DS lite like what is this hard work for so in the end the editorial calendar and a content strategy is to support our marketing strategy and we have a director of marketing and that she gets Robbie which I'm sure you know say that and she her strategy or marketing strategy is to support our business goals so it's kind of like three tier right so you got your goals right and then you've got a marketing strategy to support my concern is going to be all encompassing it's not just content it's also gonna be advertising you know and she certainly television ads should we start writing print ads like we've got all of that bunter NASCAR that's going to happen another sponsorship to think about so she's got like this granted marketing strategy scheme yeah my content strategy is to support her marketing strategy and it's just a portion of it so in the end what I'm doing this to help support a marketing strategy that is designed to support business goals but I live here I love hearing that that marketing and content I mean you guys all work together obviously but that it's not the same person not having to do both of them yeah they're not having to do that it's not the same person that's having to write all what content you know %HESITATION heard all the cats and do all that stuff and then go up by the way that we tell you all about all the things that we did yes let her kind of you know what that other kind of counter the whole piece is just kind of run run its own thing so you don't have to manage those things as well so you know we got we have about a little bit about twenty minutes or so left here I will make it random questions from the audience because I want a question twice well what what I what I wanted to what I wanted to kind of figure out is is what's the you know we talked about the objective of of making sure that these things get posted on timely manner and that you're able to collect the information that you need but what are the things that you do after the fact you're are you going through and and finding old content and re purposing and bring it back new are you going through and doing what Google like she to do and go and update old content your strategy is on any of that funny that you bring that up because that's something we just start talking about this week I would rather watch your business lacked the also because we have clients who have Yost version two point zero one and we update to you know seven dot six dot one is you know like we have to use smart people like lord if they hate you know that all these things and you know strange you know like you sorry at all day like that the real thing by the way oh yeah definitely so what do you what do you do with that do you go through repurpose stuff about so I'm we have found that our old lighthouse we're very technically oriented %HESITATION but we also found that well that's a great audience and it's great traffic they're not the decision makers and they could at some point become decision makers but really who we want to speak to you is the marketing director is the vice president marketing I'm so what you have to wonder like is it go is there going to be a payoff in taking popular content that was written in two thousand nine two thousand eleven two thousand fifteen but is very technical I'm is there going to be a pay off an update that I'm so right now we're having this discussion because we are kind of wondering like is there passively defined three pieces of content that were technical that according to Google analytics was looking in a lot of traffic from they were written by two thousand ninety thousand lever two thousand fifteen riding our engineers look at them and one see if they're so accurate to see first of all that are we talking about like like like the code like is the code compatible with like what is written like is that what you're talking about actors of this code in there that is accurate co Lucien presented is that solution so accurate %HESITATION but that thing that's for years like every block every blog post that was written if you have the date at that like I wrote this on April third two thousand nineteen that way you know like eight twenty twenty this is bad bites or what has had dates on all our blood test you have to eat tons of people should come to that knowing what I call the action Hey this is great I wear the same version three dot eight this was written for that way I know we like you know because SCO with the thing I could write bad advice but I could choose said that out of it you know what I mean in your own blank in that hot but I'm a minimalist and but I'm just saying like like is that what we're considering or is that what we're experimenting with it is like what's that pay off that's the discussion because I am of the belief that it's not enough of the past wow else is out of the belief that it could be a payoff so right now we're not ready to say definitely don't do it right now we're only at the point where we've identified three block close that have an opportunity to be left out we're gonna have somebody look at it and then we're going to discuss further it's like is this really work the time and yet that's the thing you have to think about isn't worth the investment is worth the time if it's no longer accurate number one girl that maybe it's maybe just get right you know that's not always a bad idea if it were me like it was one hundred percent my decision I cut I would just be wild yes so we've had we had you're going to say that's not the answer that you're gonna say I'm just I'm generally shocked yeah we had studied Balki on %HESITATION awhile back where he he was talking about how he does things with them to be beginner and what one of the one of the things that he was talking about as he actually has his staff go through and look at all the old posts that are actually still getting traction an update on the continent and rewrite a lot of it in really really re work it because if it already existed already exists you might as well just you know updated but I've also seen it where you can get an additional page view out of it if page views are your thing to us at the beginning of it Hey just let you know you know this stuff for leaving this year for archival purposes but by the way if you click on this link will take you to the newest version of us where we actually talk about how instead of writing this stuff a certain way he took this out we used objects in this instead of a right about you functions or what have you and so you can kind of age and a look at it that way so I used to work at this mortgage company and and %HESITATION I used to write a blog post in my blog posts were about like offering solutions for loans so when you talk about loan you're talking about like how much money over a term and you start doing that right but so in that industry you're not allowed to have rates that are not correct and Mike so you know I would argue that it's important if it if it lands on the internet you have to go and make sure kids if not you as a company might get stuck having to offer that rate at at alone in your company might take a financial hit so like I wrote a plug in for that company and what we did was is I use the shortcode in that short could use the scrape our mortgage rate and so the blog post used to do the math for me and I never had to worry about that again so why smart but but like in that is that you know our industry doesn't have that we don't have guidelines and wordpress like that you know it's bad codes bad code we're not gonna get penalized but there are industries you know and I'm glad we're having that conversation you are you gonna get punished for having this because maybe you do you should act then maybe you're right I'm on team Lauren now that you know maybe you should just act save your company Laura yeah and it's a it's interesting to talk about because I I I feel I've I've build they we have conversation that web Dev all the time we were just trying to talk about like what we think the future's gonna be and and then Hey all the sudden you know because the community sends out three tweets over Memorial Day weekend GDP arc of the thing by the way it took skateboarding like thirty years to become popular and it took like Memorial Day weekend project yard to become popular he's probably pretty I'm just a I'm just saying that that like we we did that at our camp like go there and we had a big master mind of like what do we want to you whatever but it's like when that ships it's like here here is the game plan here's what we're doing right so if you were to delete the post let's say deleting that post you're now going to have you know dead links of people are gonna be so they can have to essentially correct this so we re directing it to you like what what would your what would your tactic be Laura to re directed to something that is pertinent that is relatable that kind of get you there link them to the category that based on that post like what's the with what your tactic there I think re direct to something that is a fresh content that addresses that topic or that solution and but is now accurate and is now the right code or the right solution or the right alternative because maybe we wrote about something that's just no longer relevant you know and something that's okay at now but now there's something else that reason instead of that we're doing instead so why not re direct to that so I'd rather give them the right solution that's and fresh content I work with people re direct to the homepage or old water we're supposed to go just try to get them in the ballpark rankings like Jason said you want to keep people on your website as long as possible and and the four oh four or a wrong link they're gone so like that's an important conversation of you having or I could be a real jerk and re direct our contact form women now it's fun to did exist yeah I I I'm I'm in agreement with you that if it's either re read the content put a link on it or send it out and say you know what redirection we're good to go Corey director content and we'll figure out what to do next and I think in the direction things probably your best bet because then you're not gonna have somebody who skipped over that whole box on the top that says like just to let you know and I've seen this where there's even plugins that exist that do it because is this content more than forty five days older more than two years old and then it says %HESITATION this contents years old in a big Ole like red banner you know like I don't know if that's the right way to go about it AJ said I don't know if you know this but Laura has this nifty little light this uses and and in order to take pictures so I live with you yeah right now I work so I'm trying to use my phone it out my like I'm glad to buy stuff over here like those of you playing the home even just watching thing in the bottom corner like I'm dead that I I'm I'm really dark right now like Laura had been fired as bike not only to like write better blog but like we had a feast right BB brothers beauty circle a alright now that's what the goals of other nice we we've been at our camp we did five minute like lightning talks in like so she they showed us how she does content on on Instagram how she gets followers and like we like Blair's people that is being done selfie so I mean like we are communicating all the time in trying to make sure like a on this next walk both let's do that thing with get the everyone's doing like let's put like a funny little like you know with whatever like right I do like that about our blog like we do try to include funny cute little we have an Easter egg by the way we have an Easter egg on our website and and I don't think we have like a prize or anything but like to talk about this so we actually had an internal thing that that like Hey we're building a new version of web dad what would you guys like to see as an Easter egg and we had a contest we had like a drying in like you know like Brad me said chose everything there is the hidden Easter a gate and it's pretty rad but like that's even just that that takes planning as well right like we we kind of of mine and I found it Jeez week week there I think there's actually like three or four but like the one that I'm specifically talking well no that's not the one you found the video and and it's Thursday so it's playing a different video but anyway the point being isn't it like we not only our schedule but like how we build our own internal stuff we have spreadsheets in base camp and stuff like this too so I mean bring that all together like like we do we are writing this process down like we're building this disaster planned and if you will and Mike we do follow it to appear at a and like I do think that made us more flexible add the company to be admin pages with our blog and have somebody like Laura you know definitely definitely well we usually do a thing at the end of the show and I totally forgot to tell you about this or not I don't even know if I told Russ but Russ's watches a few times and and so what we usually do it into the show's we find like a tool or tip of the week something that you something about you that you like use you're sure a bunch of unequal and go back to one of the ones you just previously didn't back here's the thing I like but I'm sometime a tool tip of the week that that that you found this week or you found a couple days ago you could be a Buck you could be a blog post it could be a recipe you can be whatever you want but I'm something something that's something that's cool that you you know that you wanna you wanna share do do you guys by chance have anything like that well I'd like to rely on grammarly with that should here's the thing with grammarly has that you're gonna go a camera I thought you're gonna go can but I didn't I didn't think Gramm really come in well because I'm more about the grammar right yeah I I wish more people would use grammarly how ever it does conflict with wordpress so you have to keep an eye on it so it will tell you and you know you spoke this word wrong and you can select it I I agree with you and I select it and then all of a sudden there is space lease like %HESITATION you accept the word also here's an extra space before the me about it also for you highlight the whole word and then like you because you wanted to add like a capital Ian that add like three either to ease and then like you have the room that he had the backspace and now half the paragraph is gone but yeah that is an issue yes it does conflict with work Kreskin on it however and it will make you a better writer nice I have the I have the same problem that Russ has which is %HESITATION I I write as like until I tell a bridge at this all the time I write for fourth graders and she has such great she's running for fifth graders because that's where bay wants to be is right around fifth grade and so I have that I've actually the exact same problem and it's not just on wordpress but it's also on Facebook as well going write something and it will take like an entire word and duplicate it in and put a couple spaces after it ill do some funky stuff to the one I'm playing around with is called ginger and from ginger software and it's a chrome extension yes install and use that I mean point out that when before you go take a look that one sixty percent off apparently I I thought it was free but okay I guess there's a paid version of it too but a ginger software dot com go take a look at that one he can can I be the nerd of the group and and recommend is actually like developer tool yes please do what's your what's your favorite text editor or a terminal program or what he got I'm only allowed with a band or or else people mentioned on on this thing he had been local I will will not allow me to work anymore if I don't they've been %HESITATION so we at will web Dev we're trying to do this thing called composer and so composer the file that lives wherever you wanted to live and so what we're trying to do is instead of having to include libraries and making sure that everybody's on the same version we're using this thing called composer and he goes into every project and you can just a composer install and it will pull what I think the necessary files are and then chasing can you know he can edit the composer file then we all do a poll and that way what we're trying to do at the companies were all trying to make sure we're using the same thing his get sometimes the problem or not holding around eight or so like composer that that's the thing that we learned this month really it's just like how do we get everybody on the same page like were trying to wrap that up right now and that's one of those things that are probably a good number of you your your computer people are already using but no one's actually said like Hey by the way use composer so we're all on the same page here all use the same tools that and we're not having to like figure out what to include and what not to include what version we're using in any of that so it's funny now that they're all like he by the way we use this thing and everything we are to use that thing in a few people have never used it are actually get to learn how to use it so awesome I like it composer it is awesome well that's about it folks only say thank you very much for hanging out with us today and being on the show I really appreciate it Laura thank you thank you very much I wanna say thank you for Cheryl and sherry for helping us out with their show notes they wrote quite a bit of content here so if you if you don't want to listen to us and you just want it which is kind of funny to say right now but we'll take a look at the road one thousand two hundred and twenty three words about this content right now that is awesome I wonder what that you should have them on next week and talk about their contents schedule oh my gosh the like well on Thursday were on blab right right thirteen hundred words about it wow yep so make sure you go and check them out there on Twitter their information will be in the show notes so feel free to go and hang out with them and talk with them on Twitter about all that fun stuff was a thank you very much lower for being on the show I want to say I think you for %HESITATION web Dev studios for you know talking about the stuff I've seen you guys link to us I've seen all sorts of fun stuff in it it's it's awesome thank you very much for that thank him for me this is part of a thing that we do a web app called five for the future tomorrow everybody tomorrow everybody's just gonna give back to the company like we're all gonna write different cool tools and exciting things this is part of that so Jason like you know not as an ambassador of WBS but thank you for letting us come on the show and in my contribute back you know like of course maybe maybe our skill help somebody out there having you know that issue with wordpress and that's all we want to deal awesome my eye but I appreciate you guys totally self Gortari website I did you work about com and click on the links are to subscribe if you want to subscribe to this content W. R. court accomplish subscribe and lastly if you want to sponsor this show or any of their shows on to work or not work it's W. are put out top slash sponsor touch all their see it next week see tomorrow if you watch as tomorrow how do you write nearly eleven AM PM and then yeah I'm buy all items they read I talk about all the things