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no no yes that's right what's upper one this is a stalker this is W. watercolors W. people lab it is episode number hundred five hundred five also today's episode we're going to talk about branding implications in acquisitions we don't have anyone else join us today it's as Bridget I which is kind of awesome because we we've had a we had a decent number of folks just come on the show and hang out we've even not had Bridget all and just had a rust on the show hanging out as well so you know awesome but started Bridget English is off color Bebel not you think Stinson numbers it will earn a marketing consultant I specialize in business to business relationships on Twitter in the work for us and non profits space I have previous experience in construction and I opinion it on Twitter at least you can do through my website is pretty Willard dot com canyon eight let me look that one up up high I have opined sorry that I would have had to do that but that's respect respect respect space right I'm Jason Tucker you five you over a Twitter as ad using talker and my website is decent talk about blog and I'm I do this show as well as another show called the BP water cooler which is the name of the network here and that happens tomorrow and we're also can be talking about acquisitions it's so weird were totally going to figure out where to talk about regarding acquisitions so what's so let's talk a little bit about this so we've had we've had a couple different acquisitions in wordpress %HESITATION for the last couple I'd say within this year right I mean we've had the one from %HESITATION I themes with look at what we could well yeah and then we had a security join up with go Daddy and then made its W. P. managed to repeat many companies to be P. that's also did did somebody I can make that yeah these are hand crocheted that's cool so many yep so that we hadn't up having that happen and then I'm our most recent one which is %HESITATION was that Bridget %HESITATION it was stunning taking yeah it requires studio press yeah so by having on a by having those were those ones kind of all kind of happened within this one year it's interesting because we haven't seen a whole lot of this kind of shift happen and in other word press space in the least the years that I've been you know doing that sort of thing so it's kind of interesting to see how these businesses are growing up another dice contracts just driving by as I'm sitting here talking free background you know it right we're gonna get sued because they're they're playing Christmas songs in the middle of the year awesome but I'm so yeah so really what it comes down to is that you know a lot of these businesses are maturing maturing to a point now that they they can be acquired they have enough assets they have enough business they have enough you know all that all that stuff people been putting in that sweat equity to kind of make that so make their companies really really beg and attractive to folks in so it makes sense to kind of bring these all together like that and so we thought we would take a moment I mean we're we're we're never lawyers on the show we're never of NBA's or any of that sort of thing on the show here less must bridge has one I don't know about now but well I'm I'm one of the kindest Gus is a little bit because especially that you know when it comes to Brandon and that's that's kind of where you know Bridget comes in on the marketing side of this is like how do we how do we kind of make you know how are these things kind of working together and then what happens when you're a customer of one or a customer of the other you know the acquired in acquiring party and then what happens with that so you in the real world this happens all the time and nobody really talks about it that much except when it when it's a culture problem or when it presents a cognitive dissonance between whatever your brand as the press being acquired or vice versa so in %HESITATION when I was working with Jason Kidd now he's a partner with %HESITATION is one of the founding partners for a creature comforts running and and %HESITATION Georgia and so we had talked about the wicked wheat bran being acquired by and has a bush so this is this is something that's very similar to the wordpress space so I take it would be good to sort of talk about that briefly just because it gets so it's very similar to the way that we're press feels about acquisitions so but you know so we could we had this big on festival and everything like that and their their whole thing was that they're not the big brewer and they're not the big you know it's it's one thing if you if you don't care about you know the man but when you're the one that's rally against the mat and then you get acquired by the man it's a problem and so they've had %HESITATION issues of because %HESITATION people don't you know they felt betrayed their customer base who believed in their vision felt betrayed and this is one of the big giant Brandon problem right now automatic has been buying companies for a long long time and nobody really cares that much they'd look they just like automatic to be the enemy on you know you can reach us on Twitter sell all ya automatic just got shipped back or on a mac just gotta choose men are automatic just got whatever nobody even cares anymore because they're already heat automatic right so on and I'm sorry if you don't like hearing this if you're somebody's with automatic but that's the biggest problem with on a mac is that the word press ecosystem sees automatic was with all this money not not doing the things the wordpress bomb system what's free and open source police in which automatic is a hosting company so their first of many to be acquiring things right yeah I mean that goes all the way back to Gravatar buddy press exactly that hold ID be L. O. died yes after the deadline slinky a poster lean domain search cloud a long read scroll kit park a could for the people woo and after this there's a couple of ones I'm looking through a list on the current space where they can be a list of all of those in the Senate so you can take a look at it yeah so like that's been the thing right so when when it came out that though if the engine you know and what I had friends that men should be P. there's my manager that I promised to this is my actual second manning I have to manage them parenting if you've been to their booth that Europe you know exactly I'm talking about %HESITATION but the you know and one partners happy within one partner works for himself now right as some people were happy that go dis improving their service and some people are unhappy that masterpiece on by go Daddy so then we had %HESITATION an issue with our friend security at being out you know bought out by go Daddy and some people were happy with it and some people were not as some employees are happy and some people who are not right so that's their choice but security was never one of those people from my standpoint those like rally against us we we make companies that we have assets we have something to sell right so I'm never surprised and stuff like that because I'm probably the most capitalistic person in the wordpress space but I went on Twitter and I was like wow that really surprises me that they'd be engine bought %HESITATION studio press and it surprised me because if you remember WEPN **** just got some venture capital because they were hurting okay now we saw the liquid web bought %HESITATION ICM's but I just saw that as well look will lead to struggling web host and they need the customer base makes sense and in the theme space where we're not even using the G. word but the truth is that right now that somebody wrote it that is basically a fire sale right now the ministries if they're not scare their foolish as the page builders are scared so definitely themes you scare because people kept saying all of this is this makes total sense because people want a turnkey solution well that's a good burgers in the new deal so host doesn't need a theme business this scene business needs the capital that hosts have in order to fix maintain and repair and create new the answer couldn't work arable okay because that's going to be a tremendous hit on supports and development resources the hosting companies are buying the customer names and the customer base because that's all you have to sell that's all that's really people say all project you're so wrong because definitely you know these themes are worse all this money it's not it's not worth the money it's a theme that's going to be dead if when Gutenberg comes out November or dying at yeah like this is a smart move so WV engine list surprising to me because they just have financial trouble and now they're buying studio brass well %HESITATION apple did the same thing I mean apple needed Microsoft help went back to my car so you know they to apple trees or Microsoft threw some money at apple and then by Amara thing but they threw money at apple and said okay no problem and then apple turns around and starts by a whole bunch companies so yeah it's the same it's the same sort of thing that the kind of the interesting slant that I had regarding this is is what happens when you're in one team or the other so if you're in with the B. cans and what are the what are the the kind of value added benefits that happened by being a customer of theirs already you know is it that you now get a discount on the package of being able to have a genesis and all of its themes and and stuff available to you is it cheaper eyes rolled in to me I think that's a smart thing is like the genesis people tend to be in agencies yeah and the engine is definitely an agency drove in saying other people are just like walking off the street joining WBNG now it can lead the alliance you know it's not a bad break anything but I just think it's funny that %HESITATION nobody's really as like all they just got school by the man like there was automatic all the hosting companies all have money yes they do as they do and we want people to be able to buy sell copies otherwise what are we doing you know but it's just funny because people like Terry peons and so therefore they're not that upset with them eight I remember double if you just raise their prices a couple months ago people were pissed as hell about that but they but still damn service I could show Brian Gardner were so proud of you because they were on the side of of the underdog which was studio for us so is it as good of an interesting thing and I feel like if you're doing something that makes sense writes I feel like when go Daddy okay I have to say I love everybody a good guy that I met you know people actual people you know it's hard but they have a super bad reputation right and they've been trying to recover for a long time so when they've lost to courier I thought okay they are saying to us we are working on our problems we are trying to be more secure we are you know making a better dash for with with managed to reach you know it's an act that but people were so upset and in our meet ups we were defending down there like this is ridiculous I can't believe security sold out doesn't mean they sold out there still you know their own come and to see within the go Daddy for Allen but still it's like there was that feeling of betrayal like ice I've sensed that a lot more with the security acquisition that what's the studio press acquisition and I think because studio press genesis users tend to be agency people and I've I would venture to say that probably at least fifty percent of their customer base uses genesis and that makes sense yeah yeah I mean I I tons of %HESITATION companies are or rather agencies are building sites using genesis because they can they can build those they can build those pretty quick because they're able to already kind of build out a tool set that they need in order to build to make it happen so they've already figured out what hooks what filters what things you need to kind of tie into and it's it's a very hooking filter sort of managed the team you know theme set up so it's easier for you to build the kind of just like building things out and get them working appropriately and they're all child teams off of one theme which is genesis itself so you know the swap out child themes pretty darn easy for somebody doing in us if they want to do a quick facelift thing just go download another one of the themes child themes install it then they're good to go so yeah it's it's it's pretty cool it's pretty cool yeah I know the developers really like it but like the implications to me and you know I've been the one talking about this one of the many one of the few actually talking about good bird but do you need a child thing with Kimber if you stay on if you stay on genesis you have to be on four point nine point blah blah blah forever I can tell like so what is the value and that's why I thought about it when I was going through this big giant debate on Twitter is really what they bought was a customer base yeah yeah and I was even thinking about this %HESITATION inlet with us some of the folks from Dave he water cooler was that I imagine that some of this also kind of ties into the fact that you have a theme or plugin that's already been installed the not so for instance with them and really see it was I haven't seen it was security which is which is actually nice that they haven't done this but but you know being able to not not advertise but be able to show the fact that they're part of that family yeah technologies that are available and so it seems like a lot of these hosting companies are simply trying to build a better experience are better stock that is already kind of built out and says Hey you know if you use this this is already being kind of figured out for you so like for instance with liquid web it's like okay will with liquid web you can use all the ice team stuff so if you are back up well then there's backup buddy and if you need security stuff their security stuff unite us so there's less so it's already kind of figured out and you know that all these things talk to each other or work well with each other because they're all made by the same company right now as I have that in in you add on you know if they go buy a theme you know some somebody who already has that the marketplace or something then Jeez now they have the whole nine yards they of the back up they have the themes yeah the security they have all of those things all kind of put together exactly and I mean people are saying it's a Turkey situation I agree with that and from the standpoint that you just mentioned but that I just I'm saying that they're gonna have to compete women have to compete with Clinton part being that solution or trying to be that solution but at the same time part of what makes wordpress the wild wild west is that you know we're all building our own legos and then trying to make them fit and that's so that's a free and open source software so making something turn key is is opposite so it does make sense you know for a hosting company to do that although %HESITATION Michael my saying that I wonder about is how many people are just going to a host to build a website you know are they going to do a few engine dot com saying I missed on my website or is that blue hosts right because I know it blew us is also make it Lee changed their onboard experience you know or is a wordpress dot com which dots they are directly competing with Linksys squarespace arm and plant finally putting some advertising dollars toward it you know and you to the fans so the the being a resource and an easy arm seamless workflow is a good age is a good sell to freelancers and agencies so that's who I think their customers really are not so much the end user %HESITATION but it would be interesting to see how that rules out in the White labeling %HESITATION hosting companies and if they are gonna be more whatever the spoke or customized or whatever like that you know yeah well even that's a genesis as genesis is very out without white label just no label like it's just I am a theme that exists but you install this in your you're good to go at night you can build off of both the genesis theme as well as the you know the child thing that that is being used that you go and purchase from yeah through the marketplace or through that so I'd be curious how some of the costs the companies that are out there that are building child teams virgin assess how they're even look it up that's nice started digging around on Facebook to see like you know what are people talking about regarding you know the studio press acquisition stuff and how how's that even kind of and everybody was just posting the same link over to regain his deputy tavern or double severed it up every once in awhile I'd see something from crunch base or something like that where they're like well here's how this company is set up and then I started seeing other acquisitions I was like yeah I totally forgot about like when blue hosts was acquired me look into that little bit only totally forgot when you know Davey Kerr was acquired a star look into that so you know I've used a couple of these you know that obviously these different companies out there you know like media temple same thing will media temples you know buy the book go Daddy so you have a whole bunch of these kinds of things that are all tied in but what happens with that it's exactly what they're saying in the chat room is that and what you're saying earlier is that it's a customer base thing and by having those customers now you can say Hey look we also do these other things too which is why you go Daddy got managed to be key because it's like if you want to manage a whole bunch of websites and especially with go Daddy go Daddy is trying to really position itself as I could to be P. engine does it the pro the pro the pro side of it the I want to have more I have more customers and just my own myself my own catalog I actually have other things that are going on here as well because of that fact because the beat or be because go Daddy doesn't have like this like one fully inclusive dashboard for each site that you're running they're all separated out you can now manage those student of true measure of U. P. and build the use that so I can see where the acquisition works out really well spaces especially when it comes to our security as well like that that right there is going to make it so everything's going to be tied together nicely when it comes to security saw speaking as a career I've just thought I would do a quick search on Twitter of studio press into V. P. engine and Tony proses blog came up and he of not surprisingly agrees with me %HESITATION he said he said this week I read a report highlighting W. P. engines initiative to win over agencies is grown well over the past twelve months this is an important insight he says it speaks to what and where they are focusing their energy where they see the opportunity you can argue the agencies of always but the core of their strategy whether intentionally or not Tony says if I were to cast away the engine realize that Jess's remark is the most prevalent in their environment and among the core markets if you strategically pursue a market and you realize there are all use a tool in excess opposite obvious by our partner with them as so his actual like %HESITATION and their theory is that they're trying to be more like cups of plot less like less like automatic more like HubSpot and I guess if they do that then on yeah maybe some spots pretty spending it could be an interesting turn I mean somebody has a lot and so I would be Tony press you went through this as as a person you know it was acquired but you know it does make sense is is just that arm when you we do see people complaining about the pricing and the pricing goes up and then all of a sudden they get a choir and to see it like to me that's the branding problem Brandon problem isn't that they're smart to do this the brand promise where they communicate okay so the marketing angle of all this isn't whether or not was a smart idea to acquire this or that or the other thing yeah there's not a podcast for that it's not our sets tomorrow they'll let the clock with your or some other cast in general for her but I mean we could talk we're smart people like I already know that I don't need and they bought the customer base TL DR okay so here's the thing you have to communicate this in a way that %HESITATION that you have to communicate well right so %HESITATION people are really there for the underdog until until they're not so if you're like %HESITATION not like think about people in your family okay as like you have a cousin other broke all the time broke broke broke asking everybody in a mall all these you know ever literally everybody and your mom for money and all all this stuff and how hard their life is so horrible and all of a sudden they've got you know a new car and the driver to be him jovial and discolored Jackie said they just want to you know the Caribbean and you're like wait a second what happened to it so hard so hard so hard so hard you know and and so you're like this is a kind of a brand there's a sudden not you feel a little bit like cheated duped you know so to me that was the problem with the WPA engine thing %HESITATION the security thing was closer the wicked we ate but people accepted it because there go Daddy does a great job of infiltrating and assimilating with the wordpress community and more hosting company should do the same I know media temple tried to do it they they're always themselves they were never but I will tell you that I had an experience at home and I was the only person has experienced by extras were camped Europe walking to the sponsor area were okay so you know how when you're walking the mall chase and there's all those kiosks as someone gets out there goes don't you want really soft hands no I'm going to the next door like leave me alone weird al I was walking I was walking the sponsor and a WBNG person walks in front of me how's your work camp experience so far might it's fine like I'm on my way to the bathroom right I'm like you tell us some is intentionally walking like it's totally fine well how you enjoy work camp like young which I work chapel why did you come and I'm like because I own the team rep for the marketing team we just had the biggest contributor to and the whole world like you don't even know me you know like why don't you ask me some questions are more normal like Hey Bridget or what's your name on my name's Brigette what did your wordpress like that's what they were derided Kip yeah they are before you start making assumptions like is this your first workout no dumb **** the biggest working up on the planet it's not anybody's first work out this maybe ten people who went to Serbia to go to a workshop that were already in Belgrade there what just let me just go to the bathroom right and that tells me okay they've they've hired people that don't know anything about the wordpress community and they're putting them at the booth and they're selling aggressively and that doesn't work here sold then I'm like now what is going on to be pigeon there aren't there haven't really big problems because that wasn't them when they had shared a and they were always part of meet ups and they're always part of and they they were your friends and you don't feel like a geek car salesmen around them is right I avoided that I boarded that route to go the bathroom or to do anything ever since then those terrible and it was it as somebody else said he did you hear that they said that to me June go whether Terry pension but that was a terrible experience like what was that because you don't play you hire that's what people do in trade shows right yeah the go inward press right told Israelis to be like the the the quote unquote and this is a term that is in use all that much but the quote unquote booth Babe right where the person's like I'm a model and I can say words and I will say the words that are on this piece of paper here and and that's it and if you ask me thing off script American build answer not to say that that's what's happening with this but the approach that was happening with this seems like it was that huge cognitive dissidence and then later they bought studio for us okay so for me I'm like I'm super surprise and I'm so jet lagged I couldn't even like explain to people why I was so surprised and then you're like which we talk about who talk about this just a back up every tweet I've done about how surprised I was not surprised about acquisitions I'm not surprised the company's by companies I am for it I'm for people buying companies to destroy them I am a capitalist I don't have a problem with that you can tweet me and you too can be cruel no a and and we can talk about it but what I am surprised about is that they don't understand their users they don't understand the culture and so is will be interesting to see if their acquisition of studio press will help WV engine or will destroy genesis how is gonna be one of the other yeah well I guess I guess no matter what there would be I would be one or the other I mean it's like it's because of a any type of bad situation right it's just the it's it's either going to work or not work sometimes it's more subtle but like in the wordpress usually if you're not if you're using mad it's really hard to get accepted and you have to assimilate yet to do so slows definitely a long a long game that needs to happen there to to make that work yeah I mean %HESITATION Kevin the chat hi Kevin Hoffman is saying that he's been reading a lot of analogies with I. themes like a lab so career center but it doesn't take a lot of people are talking about the local fly will on president and actually in our meet up on Monday they were talking about that that the with the loss of their of that local is the you know like the desktop certain local the other local development sweet so offering that as a host because you get you into the host which makes total sense it makes sense for a host to have a look at the whole bit tool that's not a cognitive dissidence right and you can stretch it out and go okay well I guess it makes sense that they do this I guess it makes sense if they do that but it's just it's the approach of the culture to me this the more the branding issues %HESITATION dad that actual business the finance ocean say business starts all business the financial bottom line is a different question of add something we're not going to have access to because we don't it's funny because %HESITATION there was this whole other tweets storm I did about salaries because of there was a job posted some people out said I should go for it as a chief marketing officer for wordpress company and it was paying forty eight thousand dollars a year for C. suite position okay this is a problem and people like Mike hello look at the real world if before press is going to scale and try to be with the big boys then the companies also have to do that and they are not most companies are transparent of with their salaries and work for us but like somebody so what do you mean I go okay well let's talk about who is transparent buffer and happiness engineers started sixty five sixty nine thousand dollars does appear on Twitter and sending stickers okay and are also lives are also in San Francisco in sixty eight thousand boxes like forty thousand dollars here right offer is fully remote just like automatic as well okay there they don't even have an office anymore buffer is this is a freemium service just like most wordpress plugins I think that we can learn a lot from their business model they don't spend money on overhead and they do they give you a lot of people that are fully wrote give bonuses based upon where you live but yeah they aren't there really great company I didn't fit in their culture but I'm not really a big company person armed but like you know you can start looking at this like we don't have any money we can't pay people on now we bought this you know I mean I don't know Aghili P. engine but there's like all this talk now because what's happening is the words for a space is growing up we're all growing up nobody's twenty anymore we have kids mortgages we're coming with management experience but we're at thirty thirty one thirty two percent is gonna be a little bit of growing pains until we get fifty so I think she though what vote what value could somebody get out of the shell I would say no the wordpress community deeply learn how to merely deeply before you start acquiring stuff and we need to learn how to communicate in a way that doesn't make people feel betrayed because that is the worst that can happen and I'm not saying it's happened with these companies by saying that is a huge risk in a in a close knit culture like wordpress is very similar in my opinion to the craft your movement so I always say look what happened was we could we look at what happened was we could we they sold out to AB and nobody likes that now now I I do want to go back to something though while you were talking I was thinking about this so they're they're the the local life the local by file flat the local by fly wheel when it was pressed matic that that was smart because the fact that by by getting people to take their locally developed website so somebody who's a either somebody who I hate to say it's like it's like newbies are learning wordpress because it's usually the other issues other aware of the way around it's like somebody who is building a whole bunch of websites and they want to be able to take those websites and instantly pushed them up to the the hosting provider and be like okay well it's been deployed we're good to go I think it's super smart to acquire some something like that and then say like look we're gonna make it so that you can use this thing on whatever web host you what by the way this thing is really made like it's really made well to build the V. is with with our service called flight will so if you want to do this you know use our software if you if you want to use the software because it's free to go for it but we're hoping that some point you're going to come around and be like you know what I'm gonna try fly well and check it out and I've had people at my of my meet up where they were like you know I tried this one have tried now by trade webs apple app whatever I've tried all those and and I've tried all of the competitors to fly will as well but I tried %HESITATION by local and instead I tried local to check it out to sea and I was like you know over to see what happens when I when I persist to their to the boxes boom deployed look it just worked and I don't know it's like that right there just kind of shows you that some even developers are lazy and if you can get so if you give us some I don't know if it's late yeah I would ask same efficient and I realized that it would be more efficient with their time yeah definitely but by seeing the baby held to do that I mean that right there was that trigger point of like %HESITATION this is cool which is why I think I totally agree with you in the sense that that by doing the doing these other acquisitions where it's essentially an add on to the service but it's something that has to be used on to that service you can use security with whatever other hosting provider when he is you know the smart thing that they did that was so smart did they will they will scan and Microsoft's Microsoft server to check to see if I **** is up today in their paintings messed up with the remote they'll doing remediation with any effort provider that's out there any other thing that's messed up that needs to be fixed though do all those so end go Daddy's been like that for a while with their stuff because they even have like an accounting software that I came in which one it was a strange look through a strainer through crunch base here as to which one it was that they used but they they acquired them they also acquired a company called freedom voice which is like a phone system like online from sort of way which set up so they have that I mean there's a whole bunch of these different things that I always out right now was the one out right was the one that was way back when I was like two thousand twelve but like those types of saw those types of things make it so that it's like it's a suite of products but those products all run independent or can run independent of of the mother ship well that which is like super smart well that's what Google did buy a different shooting missiles being alphabet yeah okay so now we're going to switch a little bit into a weird thing okay all right I was that Europe I don't know how many Americans were watching the mat mall where keynote at Europe of or the queue in a pure it but there was this really bizarre first question was somebody asked why Google is buying wordpress it what now what I could exactly and we're all going what as so %HESITATION a Google was there they were a big sponsor and on base their spending a lot of money they know that we're press is a big part of the web and %HESITATION and so we're that's the answer was really really strange and vague and basically what most of us sitting together going okay automatic to says they would be for sale so well because he said I know it's not Google but if we were to be bought by a company who is evil or not evil I thought I was a **** to use of terms but I would probably not up up right which makes sense on why he's been pushing so hard on the Cooper because you guys us by the venture capitalists that you're in a liquidity situation to be purchased so real to move all the boxes around on the screen make it easy for people actually use the software right if you weren't mean my little group of friends that Europe sitting here saying about that you've now heard me say on the internet two weeks later that automatic is now courting themselves in a very quiet way that's my analysis as a marketer and somebody's deeply involved I minute time telling you so watch for that because that is going to be the next big acquisition and it is going to be it will whether we think about that is right now we're not really that happy with automatic even though on a mac spends a ton of money of supporting people who who are part of the make make wordpress labor force volunteer organization right so what happens like you're starting to like like channel Jim Cramer he's gonna have like all those buttons like a like like the mad money guy this is getting good Bridget we're got the reading this also could be like that we're friends are saying okay so I manual just brought up the other the other elephant in the room which we found out what we all there is Microsoft are a traditionally closed source platform buying get hot which is close sourced but is the main school that open source people use so that was like well get home like they're not part of wordpress per se but what the heck is Microsoft doing Microsoft in my opinion is trying to stay relevant they have their own open source our own Brocco piece of crap the worst thing I've ever seen in my whole life I don't even know you know what when you when you're me and you mostly been raised our press except for a little bit of %HESITATION you know front pages when we were okay and you're you're a blogger you use the same word press that almost son you're using I'm Brocco an alert where's my you'll spend a box where my words go where's my key word what is happening here how come I don't have the tiny MC editor why do I have to go on to the cold thing just to make a list like a telling you and even this the one at that's being used by my I don't even know what it is but a part time job like what the F. is this piece of crap you know and you see the going whoa so guess what now Microsoft buys get hub so what's going to happen to get up are we gonna leave get hub is get have going to get better or get have gonna make Microsoft better right yeah I saw tons of people that were like you know pitch forks there are bears is going nuts about it well we need to move to something else and and then people are even talking about like moving to things that actually don't do anything like they're like I'm switching the source stream or like that's cool but that's just like it's like saying I'm switching the tower it's just you know it's the software that talks to the thing it's not the actual thing you have a whole bunch of companies that want to just go like and I've even seen some are being seen somewhere that you know how it's a one there's a few different ones that are out there that that people are using that are that are more than just a get help type replacement were actually has project management pieces tied into it the one that Steve arms and get uses a cane member with that one we curial or something like that there's a couple different ones that are out there but like those those types of things it's like I saw people going like alright I'm moving to this thing and they're just like I'm out here on the go try something else now and there's there's projects that they exist on get hub that don't exist anywhere else like they they have been built that way they're staying that way you'll get helps kind of made it as a way of you know the really showed showcase the stuff off but it's like the Facebook of code all right in its like at all it's like used to say which is funny that we used to hang outs but like I would just say I want to scrape you like Skype was the way of you know audio video communicating with someone and then you know face time comes out and then you know Google hangouts come out and then ello comes out like all these different like pieces of software and utilities bill to talk to each other all start coming out even though you know people are still using Skype Skype on my bike so I know what a letter appears to want to use Skype for some reason but see the thing is our code isn't being maintained here so give us a little different because it's a library right that's not is a storage working library it's like building a storage unit with boxes and that the people can go in and out of you know I mean like you're having these huge projects like Gunzburg being managed on get her not to mention whatever else and %HESITATION the manual Costa and the child is saying Microsoft was the most active company and get help twenty seventeen so make sense their choir debt and sent mail saying they moved to get lab %HESITATION yeah yeah Robi is saying I came home late that we talk about adobe acquire Magento so like the thing is it's so funny because when I was a kid you had M. eighteen she eighteen she was the big company right and then all of a sudden they're like okay Grumman awfully break it up so then it was packed build this impact all salsa pac bell California and pac bell east and other than a doll and then you had eighteen T. as a self cellular company and you have pac bell's cellular company and almost certain they start emerging and it's like our childhood didn't exist anymore right and so there's always this resistance within the whole of our culture against monopolies but not please always have the convenience factor with cable companies are things or infrastructure based we prefer something that's reliable you know we've her for her Verizon having the most red dots right and we were get of being this big giant infrastructure and with hosting companies they also have to provide that so for them to make their customers easier you know what happened on that better onboarding spirits I'm not sure if that's a Gen pop or the developers I feel like it coast host other audience with developers not with real people not with the general population but it's definitely something to think about it definitely the way it's communicated on I think that if I will if there was a there was a hosting company said Bridget we want to wipe it out a bit about that how do we deal with that I feel like you really care often communicate clearly like boat really vote often right though because this the days of just accepting PR releases and moving on with your life is over social media has given us all a voice that you want to make your customers feel like they matter you have to communicate you can't just you know plan a family vacation to Bora Bora with three generations of a family and then two days later or staff file for divorce it doesn't work like that there's something wrong and people feel betrayed by the appearance that things are okay and then all of a sudden they're not so I just that's I thought that was kind of an interesting well now I'm gonna have to go back to your your you ruin me I don't have to go back and not to go watch mats videos and must answer for all log back to that but I hand that's crazy right and what would have been that's a dead tired of the topic what would happen if you know something like that were to occur like what actually happens then I don't know like for instance when would they were talking earlier about having magenta be purchased by adobe adobe is not one of those companies that takes existing products and goes like this to existing products should be one now they don't ever do that like other products they buy them either use them until they are that that you know until they replace it with something else or just sits on the shelf and dies right and that's pretty much what's happening with the the peace of the the the the and the website technology that we're using with adobe at my church is were actually using softer call business catalyst business catalyst they sent an email they're basing he just let you know in the next two years we're closing the shop up like we're dying to supporting this thing I mean they still have like buttons for like Friendster and and stuff on there as our social media stuff like they've never touch the slick so it's like yeah we got to get rid of this thing bass in so you know adobe's not when those companies that really like kind of at Disney maturity to in other products that kind of sums up there and just kind of rotten less it's Photoshop illustrator any of like the big sweet that they have yeah when it comes to some like magenta Magento these has a huge amount of market share that they you know that in people that are actually using that products so yeah we're probably gonna have to come back so you know switch back around this whole thing and talk about and talk about what would happen if if hello automatic was purchased what would happen to the dad didn't think about that what would happen with that what would happen with the fact that you know you have a nonprofit that's running this part of one part of it and the other part of it is the you know an actual business that's running so how did those two things kind of work yeah let me interesting well you know what Bridget we got ten minutes left who want to transition over to do in our tour to for the week then what do you got did did you have anything you wanna take a couple minutes we'll explain mine thought well you know actually I I'm gonna tell a tip that was actually used by me this week from you who all right find my friends you know my friend the friend finder thing on iPhone okay so like I didn't even think about that as a dating safety plan it didn't occur to me because I was told my friends where I was going and I have this one friend with a really bad boyfriend I can't trust her tower I'm going someone him you know are going surges to Tucker says what used by my friends just tell me in general or just turn it on well you know I'm like that's the best thing ever because sometimes you know if they were all beings you know single in this world and or were or whatever and we're traveling by yourself either way if you're married you're traveling looks good thing to have a couple people that you're that you can trust and so I was like you know I'm just gonna leave this on I don't care isn't Tucker and Jim Miller know where I am at all times doesn't matter I'm in Dana point is really exciting of but like I said I didn't think about it when I went to Europe you know here I am in Europe alone you know semi by myself arms with other people but still like it never occurred to me I just thought okay I'll tell them the Sikhs site rest of the step program which is great because I got I got alerts that they were having protests and whatever and I told my mom and aunt Jen and Julie where I was so that's you know that's fine but find my friends makes sense because what if you will is something really does happen and chase and there were some people in the taxi system at Europe who were taken by some scammers and then when they would pay them what they want and they dropped him off in the middle of nowhere so you know what I I didn't learn that this silly said because it kind of is a heavy thing and write it seems weird but you know what is still more than I've been thinking about this this week that's the most important tool I think when we're traveling we should there should be a couple people that were and were press people were all traveling all the time but there could be all kinds of things happening domestically or whatever and then for me it's you know dating you know because I have my system set up but I you know once you progress you're not always gonna stay at the same bar or whatever you're going to do stuff with people somebody where you are and what one of the things I I mentioned to you but I don't know if you actually picked up because we were just texting back and forth and stuff is is don't do the one where if you're using find friends or something like that don't do the one where you're sharing your location the entire time for number reasons for one you know I really don't care where you're at all the time and I don't need to I don't need to know that you're you know where all the time because I have a bunch of people that I follow on is it just like yeah I want to know more about all the time but what I will tell you is is by doing it words only a certain amount of time like right until midnight or until the next day or whatever the whole thing is on the next hour I usually do when I'm driving this if I was trying to somebody's house like was gonna go to your house right now Bridget I'd say Hey I'm sure my location for the next hour yeah I know you're not like where she is now where she's not now not having a like text you or call you were no less of you just know I'm going your house and when I get there you know you'll now and so I'm but the reason why I was saying that is because that actually sends a notification saying he just let you know rigid sharing her location with you for the next however long and you're like well okay cool and now I know that so it almost looks like a trigger just saying like right in her but she's expected to be back around this time Hey I never going to go pop in their looks because I was like see where my kids are in whatever is doing and my my friends do that with ways and oversaw it's just smart oh yeah yeah especially especially with with like uber I mean you can share your location say I'm going to be here at certain time even though over drivers apt does exact same thing I'm going on this right in picking somebody up land it's just smart in this them were a little bit to humanize that that was a good tip that you actually gave me but like that's the one that I'm using and telling my friends this week so and it's super is there there are ones that are out there that are cross platform as well so definitely looking at those two I'm one of them was like a how was that one there was one that was a cross platform that when the day since you bridge I can member what it's called but there's a couple of those that are out there now yeah well we'll find it in with on the show notes but I'm what's nice about those is if you find a cross platform when you can at least be able to make sure your android friends are yeah are good as well grass cool well the one I had the what the thing I picked today was actually funny I I heard about it on a podcast and I didn't realize how cool it would actually be until I sat down today and was like I need to get my my my %HESITATION airplay or air play my my headphones actually start working and I was like okay so I took them out the box them like okay permanent years and then after go up to the Bluetooth menu and I gotta say I connect my air pods to the computer and then it goes down and it connects to the computer because they're usually connected to my phone well there's a software it's nothing wordpress related but there's a software called a tooth fairy and that's cool down developers and to ferry makes it so that you can switch off and on the Bluetooth connection for the this for their pod so that we don't actually have to remember to click on this remember to click on that so you can just click it to turn off in automatically appear back on your phone if you switch it again they'll switch back to you know the the computer so %HESITATION check out thing out us call to ferry I think it's like a dollar ninety nine and the app store in it's it's totally worth it yeah that's so cool it's super lame like it's like it's just something that like why didn't they just put this into the phone you know into the computer of the house software and stuff but I now know what it happens like even in my Honda when I'm using wages and there's somebody calls me that almost certain ways and talk to me anymore right yeah like Bluetooth issues are real and Bluetooth is definitely an issue Dr soul stop doing that yeah so it's called it's called tooth fairy M. what's new about is it should lives upon the lives upon the bar there it works with any of the wireless Bluetooth wireless stuff that is from apple as well as beats so like the beats acts and the beats all those other ones that are Bluetooth those were all work with us as well and even tell you what the battery life is on it as well so it's a with left and right ones are and all that **** out and %HESITATION Eric from keep so as saying that he uses wireless bows and hasn't connected to this mac and the phone they worked in same time let's call that's cool that's cool I think that'll but also %HESITATION yeah just what what do you think about that you got in you you you might as well just knocked out okay so like I'm just saying like stop texting there's nothing that important %HESITATION and then I'll go back to what I was saying before I have searched for the last fifteen minutes for the transcript of Matt Malone marks or the video of the whole thing I can't find it so it'll be interesting maybe somebody like actually tweeted some stuff but it there was a weird wording in there that will be all washed we're looking at chiller going is this for real Jen and I were in the in the other room exposed to crowded we just watched it on TV was live streamed on you tube so maybe it's there but I want the transcripts you know I will I want to read the words but I'm sure it's on there you two chunks that's how we watched it but it's just really interesting the way it was kind of vaguely that was like what we're presses a for sale next question like that was the answer we expected we're press isn't something that you can buy or sell is that right but automatic you know as somebody who might be interested we might be dating you know if a certain tall dark and handsome musician wanted to take me hope for repair full slang like right it was that like not big yeah the manufactured vagueness was not vague this opus are we're like that was a really weird answer so anyway yeah I don't say I'm I'm I was looking as well for a transcript I don't think we have anybody that's doing I mean less that somebody actually did a a transcription of it well according to our people work is going to bug me until I find it but to the ground and then see if I can find anyway right just be careful you guys were on we just think that sometimes we don't realize that texting and all that stuff it's in matters like be careful this driving or what when you're driving like you know I just feel like sometimes we don't %HESITATION yeah robin was a lot of people lately who are texting when they're driving it's little bit I just showed Syrian and she says whatever she says back on the other end of it and I go well it's terrible to it she hates me series so much we have in your car and the car has CarPlay in it and so I just put my phone in and then the whole car turns into by phone and I just you know Hey teller you know tell my wife of a lot to go look at it just goes and says that day tell my daughter while on it just goes off and says that she had no idea the more that you talk I'm I use it a lot of like I use it a lot a lot and so now she has really figured me out yet there are some words that I'll say W. P. water cooler in a yeah he is Debbie is Debbie something another Debbie is W. watercolor or it's like a it's it doesn't yeah Debbie Debbie's P. water colors what it usually is and I'm like all that's great yeah it's definitely tweet Balaji on my other tip is I've been looking at jobs because that's what I do know a lot sometimes that's how I get my leads now like say Hey would you like to outsource this you know you look the linked in jobs most the time you know you think outsourced cheaper song that's a little tip but somebody wrote wordpress developer with didn't capitalize the P. well I'm all done said you're gonna want to change that we're not gonna get the right person proofread your job listings loved dramatically top of the hour was the thank you very much for all of you for coming out and hanging out with us on a day to our core network and I really appreciate that M. go over to our website debut Arka com in click on the links are to subscribe and also if you %HESITATION if you're looking to to advertising get in front of a bunch of people that are watching this we had you know dozen Ishq maybe even two dozen you're watching live we end up having actually anywhere between two you know three to six are people you know telling the stuff throughout the weeks and stuff definitely help us out you know go over there and sponsor with us all the information we put everything out there so feel free to go take a look at that %HESITATION we're also we've just applied to be added in to %HESITATION Spotify so if your Spotify person anyone of us in the US on Spotify we're gonna be on Spotify pretty soon here so feel free to go take a look at us all that over there as well so I'll talk to y'all later by