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In this episode, Jason and Bridget will chat about cold calling — the good, bad, and the ugly. How do you do this in the WordPress ecosystem effectively without sounding like a used car salesman?

No-one likes cold calling at first – it feels slimy – how to do it right?

The problem: How do you let people know that you’re accepting clients? How do people know if you’re available? Are you advertising?

For a regular brick and mortar business, people will just stop in and hire you, but if you’re an online-only business, how do you reach people? How do they know if you are accepting business?

Everybody in the WordPress space has the potential to be everyone else’s competitor – how can you reach out / connect? Everyone has a specialty or a focus – you can refer business to friends/connections that you know that handle a different specialty. If you know your limits, you can refer out work to other people you know through your networking/connections and they can do the same for you.

Bridget would see jobs posted on Linkedin, etc. and take an interview with them and when talking to them say “actually, I’d really like to be your vendor” and then have a conversation with them, basically turning the interview into a sales call!

(Bridget sidenote: The salary in our industry is way too low. If you only pay $15/hr for social media, you’re only gonna get social media worth $15)

Bridget sometimes notices jobs for companies listed for 30, 40 days … sometimes it’s good to approach them and see if they would consider outsourcing temporarily. There is a risk in reaching out but even if it doesn’t work out now, chances are they’ll remember you in the future for another opportunity.

You don’t know until you try, and sometimes you just need to ask to have a conversation!

Some people approach their businesses by choosing a niche (Ie. all real estate companies/websites) … Bridget likes to be monogamous in her relationships with clients – only one web host, only one party planner, etc. so she can really focus her attention on them.

Make sure that the way you are cold-calling people fits with your brand. Don’t try to be something your not.

Bridget suggests offering something for free when you cold call – she chooses to offer them an audit for free. Treat it like hospitality – here is a tray of hors-d’oeuvres … but don’t require them to take it! Offer the help but let them decline without feeling bad about it.

Another option is to offer your services at a discounted rate on a limited trial basis, and then if they like your work, they can do a full sign up at full price and if they’re not happy, they’re free to move on to something else.

Jason: How do you send out a referral and know that the person you are referring them to is able/willing to do the work?

Bridget: I refer them, but it’s up to the person I’m referring to decide if they are able to do it. To her, being resourceful is part of her brand. (Sidenote: Don’t pass on terrible clients!)

Jason: If I’m going to be the ‘Angie’s List’ of WordPress, I like to make sure that the person I’m handing clients off to is actually willing and able to do the work.

Bridget used to have a ‘Guru Referral’ page and would ask people if they wanted to be listed. Beyond the referral to the expert, she’s not responsible. It’s up to them and the client to see if they are compatible and can work together.

Bridget: In all business, it’s very important not to burn your bridges – be very careful how you treat your clients and competitors. Jason: It’s okay to put “caution tape” in front of the bridge if you need to maintain the relationship but maybe hold on referring people! Bridget: everyone has a preference, never say never to referring someone!

Have a portfolio – and ask your clients if you can list them on your page! It helps people to know your style and if you are a good fit for them.

What matters to you the most? Bridget: I care about mentoring people – if anyone does well, then we all do well!

Remember that when you cold call someone, you’re putting them in a defensive position.

Sometimes you have to speak up for yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.

Try: I would love to work with you – maybe we can help each other out! (But make sure your website is ready for when they come to check you and your business out). Or say, I love what you’ve built with your brand – I’d love to be part of what you are doing and help grow your brand

Publicly posting your prices gives you a starting place and a talking point, it opens up discussion. Don’t be afraid to post your prices on your website.

Be discerning, don’t indiscriminately reach out to people – make sure they’re a good fit for what you have to offer and what your passionate about. You want your passions to align with your client = synergy!

To find your ideal client, you need to be self-aware – and sometimes that means reaching out to and brainstorming with your friends. We mentor and bounce off each other in order to make each other better!

Find your peer-counselors (and/or friends) and be vulnerable and honest with them. They can help you grow!

4 Tips:

  1. Make sure it’s your ideal client
  2. Make sure you’re doing it in a way that helps them
  3. Make sure it gives them the option to say no
  4. Make sure your website is ready for your clients to check you out

Bridget – What Not to Do: Don’t go randomly follow and contact accounts of people who post about something one time because they were visiting a location

Jason – If you see someone in your area posting a lot about food and you are a restaurant – maybe make the connection – “This person is a foodie!” and follow them, contact them

Bridget: Always be helpful, be polite and be relevant.


Jason: Dark Mode on MAC is awesome! – Automatically toggles night mode at night and normal mode during the day! Can also set by sunrise/sunset

Bridget: – Instagram checkup is free – get content analytics. Analytics tools are great IF you mix things up – if you only ever post at 11 am, it will tell you 11 am is your best time – the only way to test is to mix it up

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good lord okay Hey what's up %HESITATION when this is Jason Tucker in this is to review what our goal is to be people I've ever so number hundred and fourteen tonight when we talk about cold calling the word press way and if you if you noticed if you notice you know the this particular showed the %HESITATION shows after it could be the featured image for this particular episode is the guy in the blizzard holding the cell phone at a little part of me who lives in southern California really wishes it would snow here and I I I don't want to full on crazy snow like I don't like north eastern %HESITATION northeaster whatever that is it was saying the whole work Florio stir nor Easter yeah I don't know any of that I mean to be like a southwestern which it sounds like it's a it's a flight so %HESITATION but but I wouldn't mind a little bit of snow so that's my tie a post on there and you know %HESITATION it always cracks me up when I go by like Christmas cards or something you look at newt Snell and you're like I'm literally standing in this grocery store and flip flop since you sure and I can be walk around in the water right now it would be you know it's not the same as don't get it yeah nor Easter sorry yeah sunny hell let's let's get this so that's good there so show on the road here %HESITATION I called Bridget we didn't cold calls a little bit of a warm call here but you know Bridget tells about yourself so my name's Brigette Willard I am a social media marketer I also consult on social media strategy especially for wordpress clients want to grow their branding find out more at rich Wheeler dot com awesome awesome I'm Jason to occur over on Twitter at Jason Tucker my web searches and talk about blog and I do the show as well as another hurdle called the B. he water cooler the name of the network it's kind of like the you know the the the album is also the the song title kind of thing %HESITATION been doing that show for almost six years now Bridget we did the show for how many years now three years and years crazy not where like so much has happened three years yeah when I started on the show I was %HESITATION just a person who was in construction dry accounting and social media just %HESITATION fine they're still doing it for fun but people pay you to do it there's nothing wrong with getting paid to have fun as sure as true yes to answer and cancer in the %HESITATION in the %HESITATION chat there yes we did start on blab dot I am which was a thing that was around for a little while it was weird I I told I told people about blab and they're like oh yeah I remember that thing it's like wow you did you really fall so you did a show on there it's like doing a show on chat roulette it was really weird like chatted with just like what it for real like you did a show one nothing how did you do you guys got on there and like and like you know did weird stuff with one another and and what I'm like yeah I guess but people would show up in one of like talk about social media marketing and not what we do is we %HESITATION video for teller at the job a lot of so you you're not gonna go through so good and thing and all its big backs gonna be back don't flow that's all we had some good things going on %HESITATION our producer Janice band transition area and moving and work out and doing her W. P. it's going great I keep missing it because black the bad part about clients it's when sometimes you miss out on other stuff so I'm glad you have clients but I need to like get my third Wednesday of the month or organized better so because I keep missing that my girls I love women who don't repeat what I will say is kind of cool Annie hall starting one doses in Carlsbad wow that's forty five minutes south of me so this is something California for all you folks that are just tuning in right now swell how did he is an hour hour and a half Carlsbad is forty five minutes yeah but it's it's so not that for me on the way down there so I'm excited to be a long trip for me I'm excited that the things that we've done the show have actually made an impact Kevin Hoffman started speaking because of that now he's a work camp organizer for Pittsburgh %HESITATION actually Robert innocent brown was on our show %HESITATION way back %HESITATION I think of it I forgot the topic exactly those about branding commenting now he is not only speaking or cast but is one of the co organizer Seussical lead organizer Cialis year wow all right died because of that I've met he met Rhonda net %HESITATION Rhonda Nygaard from fat dog fritos and she did his branding because she saw him on our show because they became friends I met her last year is yellow and then she became one of my clients is sometimes it feels like it's just me and chase them is a chat room and nothing else is going we're just talking your drink your craft beer I started with coffee now tricking the tracker coke like things to change right still me and you but it's not it's there's a whole world of people that were urging and that's why I thought okay this is stuff I tried I tried cold calling why don't we talk about it so I thought let's talk about the subject nobody likes to do everybody feels slimy like it's bad towns for business what I found for myself even for my friends is just what I don't know if they're taking work and they said to me for Bridget I'd blog on like I did know you're taking clients like I am taking a class make you don't say that you're taking clients so how do you say that you're taking clients how do you like it goes from like announcing on Twitter or your web page to like literally cold calling people how do you have a lot in a way that's respectful because in regular business some god to show up at your office reelect with **** business for using for whatever you like %HESITATION we're one of your clients that just admit the trial which is the job they came on a well I actually we're on your service so he goes %HESITATION don't tell on me you know what you did not all right it goes from that show you're just talking to somebody at a work camp and then you remind them that you do stuff the like %HESITATION yeah I should call you yeah you should but like none and now soul it so yeah good subjects for our people it is a good subject because you know I am I'm the king of getting those people off the phone when they call me because I like hi this is so and so you know we're do use a printer over there like yeah we have printers like well cool if you ever thought about getting under contract early on like why what's wrong with my printer and the like nothing's wrong with your printer I like them why would I leave my my existing company all I get you a way better deal how do you know it's better %HESITATION because I'm better than they are but how do you know that you're better to mess with the but I'm like you know it doesn't sound like we're good anywhere here %HESITATION you have a good rest your day and then I just got the phone and then my boss looks at me and goes well what just happened there and I'm like this guy is only stuff I like so perspective Jason because like I did when I was a secretary of my job to be the bouncer yeah my sister is like just ask them what they're wearing you know life is try to like and they're now all that I'm doing this and I realize this people out that this is their job yeah their job that's all I try to get him off the phone fast because I want them to go call somebody else up %HESITATION probably will will buy the thing from them I tell them I'm like look I have Google like I could totally fine you and your competitors very easily right now the like I know I know but I know you have Google but you gotta you gotta let me at least tell you something about this thing and I was like okay well why what's different like what is it with something that you can do differently and to go back to what you're saying earlier Bridget's like how do your friends do something different than their competitors who could pinch tensely beer friends especially when you're working on the word press space everybody is everybody else's competitor contractor refer everything it's all those things in one but not that's not exactly true because if you're doing your business right now we know this like Steve then get Chris llama everybody we know that's ever spoken outside of the wordpress business if everyone's your client know what your client right right okay like for example Jim Miller our friend and use one to blog dot com who didn't you could have been sponsoring this section of the show by the way %HESITATION she our producer John she specializes in real state right so I don't do real state right and I also don't zero interest so I specialize a Twitter and linkedin I specialize in business business I don't your retail now I have a couple but I I really don't know one of them they're just like friends of friends but as well and I usually say look I don't do that effort now on I also told to Instagram as a standalone product product but I know people who will do Instagram and I care for them right so either it's the tool that you don't do or the industry you don't you know for %HESITATION for me I'm monogamous with my type of clients so I have a web host so no web host can be my client ever again yes that's the way I think I'm all in with the way I do things so right %HESITATION anyway so like I feel like we think that just because we're all in the were first raised to were all competitors but sometimes people are more geographically based to yeah and for me I wasn't trying to say there be as a competitor us also saying the fact that that everyone can be a referral or be over a number recipient of a referral as well because for me just like you're saying if I if I know that you're not great at Pinterest I'm not gonna some clients to you for Pinterest work I'm like you know I know this person doesn't stuff but just so you know if you're trying to do this sort of thing that's why I usually ask people when somebody hits me up and says Hey how do I do it like I had a humongous client hit me up one time and it was so big that I could not take on this work it would require me to hire all my friends and all my friends friends and all my friends companies in order to pull this thing off and so you know what it was I had a little bit of an insight on there and the persons like he %HESITATION do you know do would you be interested in taking on this this work and I was like to be perfectly honest with you you guys are too big for me and they're like oh okay will %HESITATION and since we were friends it was easy for me to say but by the way that doesn't mean that I don't know anybody I know plenty of people to be more happy to do this how much work are you trying to do and then they dump this monster project on me and I was like like I would love did accept three or four hundred thousand dollars from you but I don't have three or four thousand dollars worth of like the anonymous out there's just no way I can pull this off with all this stuff so let me go find your mother cut another coat you know company to work for work with and I brought them into my K. talk to these guys they probably went hired you know half of the word press community and then I I didn't have those resources the pull that off right so for me it was really easy to go like okay out of my you know virtual rolodex of of people who can I head up and be like Hey are you interested in us and that person was like whoa well I'm probably got to hire some folks still but you know what I'm more than capable of taking this working on like awesome go do it and I've had plenty of those types of things that come up that I'm just like I I really wish I could but you're just a little bit too big for me but let me see what I can do to pull this off for you and you do because you know all these people that are in this community exactly so one of the things I've done %HESITATION over the time well last year that I've been in business for myself which it was here yesterday graduations to me on a holiday super awesome not being homeless and also so I would do it on link then a lot so see jobs right at one job it was really fun because I I %HESITATION there's this really great company call our deals on their commercial contractor based here in Orange County there in it Irvine that's I'm gonna take a interview with these people right so I said really I like to be your vendor first of all I corrected their job description which wanted a web developer or somebody who designs of Photoshop and a social media person because that's not the same person if it is that's like more of a unicorn and I agree you a unicorn would be right so the guy and human resources says well you know that's a job description the game and I go I completely understand that I just want you to know that from my perspective as a professional those are three different jobs and maybe as you go through this process and you don't find the good candidates you want because there's a couple things that people do in my industry really wrong in my opinion what is the salaries to Dan well like ridiculously low you're paying fifteen dollars to do social media you know what you're gonna get fifteen dollars social media it's terrible %HESITATION don't go to McDonald's for a stick so our he said to me well you know that's really interesting but if your business is going so well I turn the interviewer to a sales call right this is going so well why would you want to work for our deals I'm like are you kidding I would totally give up my business or put on the back burner repair was such a great brand that is great in person everybody knows are you'll send online it's really %HESITATION followers on Twitter and I knew I could cool like that because Riggan's construction still is twenty thousand letters Twitter followers three years later right so I know that I could do it because I've done it and I said and I just said so you know good luck thank you for your time and good luck with your pursuit of love to help you %HESITATION if you need a referral either you know so you leave all those bridges opened so it's that was semi warm right shows a lot of some of the calls are John were you know they're not phone calls %HESITATION tweets and emails and messages right so one of all was sleeper too kilo libra spirits dot com which didn't end up going anywhere but still I got them thinking I said I really like your your Twitter falling going better because yeah this is a great brand right they have all the visuals they had all the the %HESITATION offline elements right so like just a little bit farther would get them but they couldn't convince everybody spend the budget right but I I did I was able to do a Twitter audit for them so they were a client so that %HESITATION and I've gone on to some of the jobs of the offering and I and I've said to them several times you know I've seen this job posting for about eighteen or twenty days if you're having trouble maybe would you consider outsourcing at least temporarily you know like all a car is a great brand the I don't do we tell our clothing but %HESITATION they are my favorite sandals and their Irvine and they were looking for social media manager and a marketing manager for at least sixty days or something M. my suspicion is the reason why is because of dollars too low and and that is a remote position a lot of people want you in their building right so sometimes it's good just have those openings don't know like what if the god of the HR guy from our deals and leans into Europe because people state jobs for now just two years what if you leave it leaves external remembers me right yeah the opportunity probably wasn't there for you for that particular company he was working for but he made sure for one at some other point right and so this week I saw a great week from our friends at %HESITATION gas custom fields and I said what the heck on December he mail so L. it asked me to send a much wider audience which I did a proposal so we don't know where that's going to be the either way I wanted them to know like this is an awesome program about eighty percent of my developer friends rely on it heavily is the Twitter account seven one three thousand people at right now is what they're doing as good burger not only being compatible but allowing them to be a making custom blocks with ACS I think is **** because not everybody does a developer is a reactive all right so I think that what they're doing over there and spent tastic as for me I don't have %HESITATION what is a metal box plugin I don't have a mailbox look good as a client so it's all but see that's the thing is like you don't know if you try and sometimes it feels super awkward and I don't want to be spam I so I just said Hey I would love to help you all can have a conversation if you're not a dog vacations are gonna get sold like razor thin after awhile well I have a website host and %HESITATION and the texting south of testing sass what we just did you pilot I have a common name plugin add so those are my three like made wordpress Klein Hey you're gonna run out of the but you're going to have to like start picking up like well you know this one only makes like it makes custom fields but it also lets you upload images to I can have an image uploading a client I can I can have two of those you're like oh my gosh I know I don't have an easy converse or forms plugin yet so we have quite know but like I I just feel it for me so some people not shout right like Jim Miller no just out in real estate and people ask me why don't you just do all the hose or all the this is or whatever the thing is that that's not how I work I'm all in I'm always going to be thinking about a host right so you're not alert Jim Miller could do the same thing and say I won't I won't do competing company that that she does territories could say territories or so right right that makes it easy were web hosts is like %HESITATION what's your read your bill the host will do one P. H. P. webos when it you know this will post when I travel host but sites no problem I can %HESITATION everything on no problem like you did new page field along with my client base is so bizarre and yet she and of their own way and I have a like a really high and intimate party planner to a trusted you know like not your kid's birthday party a lush was bill like twice all right click you know I mean but like that's what that does to me is the self awareness and if the way your cold calling fits in your brand so remember the title is doing the work for us with the word press why is being helpful yeah well we all do in wordpress is Kim so for example when I did hit up a couple of those Twitter accounts I gave them my Twitter on it for free as part of me hang up look I know that I asked you so here is something that I charge from the same five dollars for for free and if you think this is valuable let's continue the conversation right it's not like %HESITATION you know I sent out a tweet because one of my clients is looking for sites that fail visually on June Burke and so I put that go Hey if you have a side to Phil's hit me up and I got I think ten tweets saying our first develop drugs look to help you out like first of all it's not my said I never will see that's the context is wrong so that's the wrong way to do it you don't want to be hit up the mostly doesn't make any sense you got into it and hopeful way well which I think is probably true in real life outside of work for us but definitely in work for us you know or even when you're at a work camp services to yeah I heard you Twitter out I'm gonna talk to my %HESITATION yeah we should tell the cars to show a lot too here's my calendar links or whatever how kalends Li link another branding right right my schedule appointments when I followed by that one but you know I mean like challenge lead lake %HESITATION because that's the thing is you you want to be able to keep it open and make it should be hospitality right like here is a tray of hors d'oeuvres would you like one if you don't that's fine it's not like we're not friends another suggestion I have %HESITATION as of that date is like say okay what if we did this for three months at this discounted rate if you like it we go up to the regular rate if you don't like it we stop we're still friends like you need to make it so that it's people feel awkward around you because it didn't work out it's okay for people to not match up is just like dating it's okay is that you don't sink everybody has different personalities and work flows and if you can help each other out that's great if you can't that's fine sold the right to me the right way is offering some hope while leaving the door open for them to decline it and still feel awesome this makes sense only makes sense yeah totally makes sense right my I think I think for me when it comes to the the cold calling the cold calling aspect of it is for me I'm not I'm not currently looking for work like I say I have way too much on my plate to begin with I do a couple small gigs on the side and those sorts of things but when I had %HESITATION how do you approach this problem where you have somebody who's warmed up ray to go like you like I was saying they have these like these with these referrals I really want to push off to somebody how do you how do you like send them off in the right direction maybe not knowing that the that that that particular person that you're going to send them off to has time available like I don't want this I don't want to become like this like a customer's personal assistant to be like %HESITATION give me one moment hi Jim Miller I'm just wondering do you by chance have time to do you know %HESITATION ten dollars are sort of work I have this person who's very much so insisted they have a budget they have this and that like I'd become a referral service I'd be like the %HESITATION you know like any of these referral services that are out there I don't want to do that but how do I make sure that when I send somebody off to somebody else that they're gonna be placed correctly it's almost like an adoption agency else like it you know it if the dog doesn't work out feel free to bring the dog back and then I'll replace the dog to another another home like how do you do that with the issue ridiculously warm if not on fire referral that you're wanting to push out there okay so that happened to me this week %HESITATION because I said Hey I want to do some extra work I mean extracts took someone I redo my living room and saw a friend %HESITATION thank worked with before said all I need a press release cycle I don't do press releases Jim Miller doesn't email and text of general are as set its own so it's gonna be coming to you right so to me it dot and I and I didn't I would you know I what all my gosh thank you so much yeah right okay so I I just give me the reader's digest but basically I don't do present like does really specific resumes are press releases are super specific I do not do that so %HESITATION I I did I referred him to chat and if they if John can't do the work that's not my problem right I just figure like either she's going to do it or she's gonna say %HESITATION %HESITATION I don't have that time right now %HESITATION but so it's like I expect it just keep going like %HESITATION pay it forward yeah but I think I think when I get come back to me go I will you tell us though and they that's never happened to me at all look like I've been referring people follow for ten years you go for a long time I did do site or member right I didn't do any so I work so I referred everybody all the time I never had anybody come back to me saying so so stupidly I've had one person come back to me go I don't stick with that person please please please please please do my work but he was kind of a douche bag and I want to do is work and I don't wanna are doing the work so I just ignore them right and I use that term like on purpose it was that bad was terror all horrible terrible person so it the thing is like that's never happened but if it does I think I've figured like to me being resourceful is part of my brand is part of what makes you a valuable person like when I'm tweeting and I say all I'm eighty two percent of my class like a room for maybe one or two more people see that they you know they're gonna strike while the iron is hot right right so %HESITATION and we know too that clients Evan flow like they'll try something %HESITATION they run out of the ship whatever so I haven't had anybody I guess like come back that's a problem like I you haven't had that happen but I've had that happen more than ever had the haze so you sent it over to this person but like I what I don't want to have happen is this like passing the Buck thing where it turns into like six people down the line and the first and finally lands on somebody who like I don't know that person is somebody six degrees of separation that I'm just like I don't even know who that person is and then I'm like you had a really horrible experience with so and so and I'm like %HESITATION so and so they're like well you got referred to this person who referred me this person who referred me and I'm like are you kidding me like not that busy like what's going on here okay I apparently I have busy friends I don't %HESITATION will climb well that's true too yeah I mean if I said no there there may have been a reason why said no but I don't listen I would almost never send somebody who's like okay as a long term applied no I don't either there's no way I would do that but but I don't know what I what I want to make sure of is that if I'm going to be the Angie's list a word press that I want to make sure that at least when I have them off to somebody that that person is is willing and able to take on that work and do it okay this whole thing for a long time what I did before I started my business at a four started tracking everything I had a crew referral page I ask my friends do you want to be listed on this page and I wanted to be of SO three Bastarache go I don't do that but here's my website and it was a list of like seven people and then they can pick whoever they want you know but you know the thing is that I don't I'm not responsible for anything to be on the first line for and I was building a heart so %HESITATION and that's the thing is like a lot of times people want something so specific you know that a generalist like me doesn't do it or or whatever you know %HESITATION and like I won't do just ads on Facebook unless I'm doing your page under your pages all do an ad but like to me if I'm not managing this is me if I'm not managing the page then I don't have an intuition for the audience tell I'm in now taken on is for you of what the blue sky dealt song as the owner could do that maybe I can't do that I'm not and I'm not going to work so I can responsible for your ad dollars right I will do it if I'm doing your page I will not do a stand alone and that's what I've learned is I've learned that there are some things all do together or something so all you know do in fact %HESITATION that did that far I mean once because somebody asked me %HESITATION do you have a P. P. C. expert and I said yeah that song so like %HESITATION the last person I fired yeah right I you asked me who the expert is I refer them to this person and you know you're really sure doesn't work out with that so my problem with did you fire them or did they fire you will on like you know it's like I mean there's no is it the word the word press space is interesting but in all business it's very important to not burn bridges yeah %HESITATION because whatever industry does construction is the same one super small another channels like Kaiser so gossiping what Hey more gossipy then hands it's like it defies all sexism of cliches are US zero tax everybody always do our everything was happening all the time right it is okay to please put police tape across the front of that bridge and just be like don't go across that bridge like let's let them stay but I'm not can refer anybody to that %HESITATION yeah I would re route I mean still when he is alone I like to go down this alley way sorry you could I prefer to go sixty miles north as eighty miles it but if you wanted to %HESITATION one for me I would rather go down five over the seventy six and up to fifteen that ever gone are Sega Ortega is like a death wish and I don't care how much work real work they do it for those listening don't live in California highway seventy four or take a highway house a lot of accidents a lot of motorcycles and a lot of people driving way too fast doc there's always an accident you know it's just weird how they closed at Kennedy store or Antonio parkway like I would rather go off to fly over the ninety one down the fifteen or down the fire over this that's fine because everybody has a purpose is totally fine have a preference right I would say %HESITATION yeah I'm never going on the seventy four and I would tell people who ride motorcycles if you ride motorcycles the seven force I way for you well and that's a that's a good point though because if it but I guess the thing is is that you know when someone calls up for a %HESITATION a reference so they're trying to go get a job and they're using you as a reference and then they ask you the like Hey so %HESITATION you know when you and Bridget work together or how to build a lot happened and I'm like we never actually work together why because like maybe we're working in parallel of spaces so I've never had a higher Bridget to do a thing that I do myself bridges pine knob good example here but you know that the ideas that well yeah is that I've never used this person as a quiet I've used this error as a as the company that hired but rather I have interacted with this person as this that and another thing it's really hard to ask somebody who's the expert like Hey expert who weather experts have you used to do this thing you know like well actually I do it myself so I can never win asking mechanic was a good mechanic because like I say it's me that that might not be they might not be doing BMW's right in my specialize in Toyota and that's fine I never owned a Toyota us I never had to go to that person and say Hey can you work on my Toyota like it just so it makes it really difficult is what I'm saying to ask the person like Hey have you ever talk to this person about whatever what I would normally go was like well let me look through their list of you know of clients that they work with %HESITATION yeah that this website did turn out pretty good me read to the code a little %HESITATION you know what this this is pretty sound but then why I'm no no but that's why I am a portfolio yeah tell people and I asked my clients I say can I list your my clients page right eight months yep you know if they wanna ask my clients to get off my clients up at someone passed close on their school district didn't work out that hard inside that's fine you know not everybody's styles gonna work well together right so but as an HR thing I will say this because I learned a lot from seer there's not a lot you can say about somebody that you had as an employee so he would always say ask me far higher them again %HESITATION while that is a question you can answer at Hitler say it would you hire Jane doe again no I would not thank you for your time welcome and that's it no there's no like bad talk there's no nothing it was just like that's it would you hire them again nope okay cool yeah %HESITATION jams in the child is saying %HESITATION he's been helping with this local working out and need it for ten years yes stayed friends because it doesn't work local and that that helps like if you don't if you're not overlapping with you know local people that's %HESITATION there's no all night weird last so %HESITATION I don't really see I don't really have too many competitors like own I had a problem I mean we had Ross on the show you know Ross was a competitor rice is the guy I do our our our meet up with here in Whittier and we both went to the chamber of commerce and I was at the chamber of commerce like man this website really sucks and then come to find out that Ross was re doing their website and they have been launched a yet and I was like I'll certainly clear this guy's doing this thing and did you Kalba blonde I was like oh okay make a look and did you press that's pretty yeah exactly and so the thing is like %HESITATION you might not know what his life right now I mean it's which you know like %HESITATION high high touch like I remember one of my friends was like if you don't fill out this form on our website you're not to be my client I'm like that's ridiculous all people are gonna want to talk on email and phone and whatever but they're like no I'm not sure if they're not my client because I'm not sure I can fit my work flow that's that's what matters to them right so that's why I think like all the people I've talked to there's not that many competitors and even on I met the the new girl at %HESITATION give Jerry if he does do a content her name is Taylor lady whatever sarcastic girl it's not meant to be seen just I'm forty five and I'm stuck as a Generac Sir %HESITATION anyway she was really sweet as %HESITATION and I see she's gonna be in Seattle so it saves your grand but I just said Hey and you know the thing is like what matters to the most to me what matters to me the most it resonates with Bridget Willard I care about measuring people and if everybody does well we all do well so that's why the burning bridges saying it's not effective strategy now talk to me privately I might have different things to say because of a human being and we all make mistakes right and we all have emotions and we all have to like process them right but the thing is like when you call call somebody you're putting them in a defensive position and I did that was give like we were talking blow blot out as a writing for that matter reach out to me I was running for word impressed at the juice you can also well I'm I'm looking for social media person thought house us if you want to be well person on your person I I it didn't it just came out of course it worked for them for two and a half years or three if you count the contract work so and that's the thing is like sometimes you have to speak up for yourself because nobody else is going to do it for you I don't have a manager or agent who's like out looking for jobs not a personal head under looking for clients for me now if you have lotus development person that's easy because then you can be a good cop bad cop right if you're just you you are your business own business development person which means you need to be saying on her social media profiles linked in a Twitter especially that you are checking on clients who is your ideal client if you see it sometimes looking for jobs and I've been we're press developer or need a website and see the people are right in that same I would love to have a conversation about about this maybe we can help each other out that's way better than I'm wordpress developer with the lower keys PT and spelling mistakes right but when you do that make sure that your website is ready for that meaning do you have a portfolio or to have clients listed so I do have my clients listed I my prices published published pricing scares people but here's the thing sound piece of paper sub printed so website I can change any time I want and the thing is published prices give you a place to talk it gives you a starting point it helps you manage expectations so you know what Twitter pro at twelve hundred dollars what is your budget let's talk about right and you if you give that perspective in your mind like oh **** but you know like why is it that high or why is it that looks you speak charted two thousand so I'm under cutting like you know hi lo is all relative right it's it's low if you're thinking about hiring an in house person is now I ought to pay payroll taxes for me that's my problem right so like having that gives you a place to discuss and so when you do your estimate that call call just put a sticker for thirty days and move on with your life if you wanna give them custom discounting like I know I'm the one that first you are really like make it like what can you do for them yeah you don't say like it's like it's just a starting place it you know a lot of Americans up a little bit I I went to dinner was something I wore a dress I did the whole thing never say like %HESITATION while you look really beautiful today but it's not really that difficult or whenever I like your dress or anything like that so like just normal stuff that helps the relationship progressed so like you said that your goal I really love your branch RD Olson I would like to be part of this awesome thing that you already built right you already built is yeah this is already awesome half of my friends are eighty percent of what our cash back teammates yep I have is one that I would love to help you build your brand right tell them what you can do for them it's it's what's important to them so if you make that kind of a %HESITATION the like a plot twist not like this and I am so awesome and I took CS us on free code count so everybody I text yes that I passed on CS that Greek or camp I'm not gonna build a website that's a stupid thing to make arrests you can design your link then that's fine put all those things in place for validation discovery when you do it and then take place is not just %HESITATION what's the word discerning one indiscriminately like rat I'll it like say if I %HESITATION I don't want the guy down the street the big tackle shop I can't help you what I'm good at and what what makes me valuable is in this knowing construction and no I wordpress us like as many wordpress classes I can get because that's what makes me valuable to them and for me right I mean burst in the culture right bait bait and tackle for it doesn't matter I lived in a poor harbor I don't go fishing I don't like fishing it stinks it smells I don't know the culture I don't know the lower is I don't know the seasons but there is a bridge it out there that does social media as fishing right lives breeze everything fishing right so when this was there for that and as you as you would if your answer that you're into yoga but your social media person that's not see what you want the yoga studios you wipe your passions to align with your clients lastest synergy I hate that word but it's just like you that alignment of your passion and they're right like my friend Amanda Gorman is a yogi so %HESITATION she does work with Kerr right now but but she would be she as a co owner of a go to studio right so she would be Christian for helping yoga studios go corolla is a ground of blogging and elsewhere the ones in unipoint art in her area they're not competitors right only Rochester's where she is but she could have an entire industry travel I don't do travel you know saying like but what are you passionate about don't just call call everybody call call for your ideal client and to find out your ideal client the last two minutes of the segment you are to be self aware yeah you do %HESITATION is counseling and bring some of your friends yeah you you need to find a Jenn Miller in you to find a bridge Willard and you need to you need to send them text messages at odd hours of the day and night that's what I want to below fold low low low low bar real life it you go find like here's what you need to do give this that's a word press way right that's the word press way you use your friends and we use the teller we brainstorm off of each other in order to make each other better thats what makes wordpress sold different we met toward each other and I use this but I don't know if you totally hundred percent touched on on it but the vulnerability is a huge part of the us like if you don't tell those you know like for me those Jim Miller says Bridget Willard the whole nine yards of everything that's going on regarding this thing you're just telling them this little sliver of what's going on and that is go like well you're overreacting when they don't know the whole story yeah yeah fight find those like peer counselors and just be like Hey what's wrong you know like you gotta give me more information I would like it's like let's figure out another strategy for you you know %HESITATION when that happens it's real life we all have real life and so those referrals and %HESITATION those peer counseling helps you better with your cold calling us you want your cold calling to be relevant sure it's your client your ideal client make sure you do it in a way that helps %HESITATION let let's them saying no and make sure your website is ready for them to check you out mostly for tips I agree look at the time some forty five we're gonna talk a little bit about %HESITATION to the US tool or tip of the week a star Brigitte because mine mine holy relates the type of stuff we're talking about here so it it relates to the fact that when when you're when you're at your up at night and you're crying about whatever it is that you're working on and you're staring at your monitor if you do this this is what I do your Stanage monitor you're on a mac hopefully on a mac if you're on a windows computer that this is you know everyone has everyone makes good choices in life and most of them are back because of this it especially if you use in a brand spanking new computer or new enough computer that you can run OS ten point fourteen my hobby I'm there is a really great little %HESITATION application that I've been using especially when I've been working on projects late at night so my hobby is the latest and greatest operating system just came out for the mac and they came out with some really great really cool stuff and so for instance if if you're on a mac right now you can try this just it just to play around with that begun click on the apple menu in the upper right hand corner and then you go over to the word general %HESITATION inside general you'll see a thing at the very top of it that says appearance and you have light mode in your dark mode now dark mode is awesome still light mode it during the day is great because like well I can see everything is great no you guys can see this but offset here you know %HESITATION I'm in this very high and %HESITATION obviously is very high in studio here and here it is a bad and typically what happens is my wife sleeping and it's late at night and all the studio lights turn off and then I have all the little windows around everything on my computer are white in there just shooting out of those monitors just lighting up the whole room it's awful so what they did is they came up with a single dark but I don't schools no problem you click on the apple menu your go to general and you click on the parents and had dark and guess what everything turns dark which makes the the all the windows the little menu bar on the top dark all that fun stuff seal like that's great Jason I can totally do that myself I don't like doing things myself I like I like having other things do this for me so %HESITATION somebody told me beat me to it not that is going to build this myself but I would have to I would have totally paid somebody five Bucks to build this thing and this thing called night mode or not night night owl rather and so if you go to the website it's night al dot crammed Sir dot X. Y. Z. will have in the show notes trust me which it is you download the thing and install it and what it does is it automatically stall goals night mode when it's night time and day mode what's the time okay you have to do a strip and it looks at the either the times because of the schedule what time it happens or if you %HESITATION if you live in California and we're hoping that we're voting on the fact that we want to get rid of daylight saving time you can also turn it on via sunrise and sunset so you can just click the little button and then on sunrise and sunset it'll automatically switches from night McDavid that's awesome awesome what we're voting on time my time yeah let's that's one of the shins I guess I should look at the former correctly it's prop seven you should %HESITATION you should if we push well I look at this this is what you're missing by not being if your friend of mine in Facebook door go click on the link for that but California because it's just kind of you think where we got it made here at the beach because of the cost right literally ask guy go you wanna do a boarding %HESITATION study got session our next day you know check you out all right well I mean so this is like a college of course was your eyes is ninety five pages okay so my tip of the week because I have been doing is to ground there's just saying call %HESITATION unit metrics and they have an Instagram checkup I actually paid for it's like whatever whatever on months it's some let's see forty nine dollars a month you might tricks dot com ratchet stock competence to ground check is free Levin is a crime account check up this free and %HESITATION it's kind of cool because it'll tell your top hash tag told pose no what is the best time how may times you posted this week or whatever like that and %HESITATION to me I found I liked that has a PDF report I just sent to my %HESITATION client as you know I know it's forty Bucks a month but then it's an hour I don't have to spend doing something and also so like you know about you guys have been on the show for awhile now how I feel about down slides down licenses to six right so data only tells you what happens so all the previous social media manager said all the best times are Saturday and Sunday are the best time Saturday and Sunday because that's the only time you posted it's Tuesday at noon the best time because that's the only time you posted because that's the only do you know you give Mr ground then of course the best time right well but turns out of a really experimenting as Thursday at nine PM best time really thirty nine PM huh Thursday nine PM so why is that I don't know but you have to keep trying different stuff right right %HESITATION is the ground itself gives you rolling analytics just the last on the app on your phone they'll give you the last seven days and so you can get content analytics buyer %HESITATION engagement or questions but as far as like website clicks on that stuff you know %HESITATION Janice almost time to post I know right but that's the thing is like so you elixir just the past yeah if all if you do the same thing you know like okay will Tuesdays at noon is the best time then you just keep posted Tuesday June Gus what Tuesday there's always going to bust talks is always trying to boast well that's what he is out joke mind says your best time is Sunday at eleven why because I'm usually at church at a time and that's what I posted sure you post that's that's like the only time you post so this is a little interesting because this is about my top hash tag is protest signs I'm I was that I was at in Washington DC and I was White House in a post a picture and I use protest signs as one of the hash tags and I got nineteen whole likes check that out up so I started doing this crazy fast my client can I do little like of graphics that have you know clients demon Saddam and client kudos received thirty nine percent more engagement than your average post so guess what I may do more Los so %HESITATION analytics tools are great if you mix things up and test around you can be super formal it's very because they are just a two out of like I wonder what would happen if we did this I just see and if your clients will let you know when I asked her to go you know I love that you have on you know can we re purposing on Instagram is something pretty you know as she said yes and so it's working at all %HESITATION Instagram stuff because requires original contents you have to get a little trickier it doesn't allow the culture and the terms of service don't allow for sharing right so you know if you're a restaurant in the restaurant here is looking at like us person says our sticks are great you should go grab your camera walk or your phone Grover there take a picture of the steak and the post is a great steak you should go check it out so and so said it's a great steak as well but I learned that on yelp good to go you know one of the cool things that happen on Instagram says run this time a tangent I was at the concert I guess the concert isn't it was %HESITATION Eric Clapton band called the Clapton wrote and so Julian I took a picture selfie at still water misled over hers she classroom attack them in the post when the singer's came on during the break and gave me a little keychain that's Apollo curses Clapton wrote she said thanks for posting so does a really great way to reward people especially if you're out live events right now I wouldn't think of that because I don't do retail yeah yeah this is a business but but at conferences what who's who's our audience we're can't people you can you can randomly reward people with slack she said to me are you Bridget because I look like the picture on my sister out and I said yes %HESITATION not thanks for posting it she gave me this keychain after wrote on it and then choose like I want one I go you gotta post on Instagram shows all the super competitive about it that's why it works so for us our crowd could definitely do that and then you try it then would you use even the free version of union metrics Instagram Chakri can see if it works you know %HESITATION and you can do it in the dark with not at all dot com a because he dot com or whatever creek Prancer K. R. A. M. S. T. R. dot X. Y. Z. yeah I was by X. Y. Z. as like a throw a domain %HESITATION psychosis you bill there no no no no no always by like about X. Y. Z. as like a throwaway domain because they're they're super duper cheap and if their laps whatever %HESITATION AV says I got a mushroom and my granddaughter and I made our furry garden because I post on Facebook intact page how cool is that that's so it feels because you know why it goes back to US one to feel like we belong right yeah and you're wanting to find people that don't want to feel like they belong so that's that's that's the social media person that's going like oh my gosh this person poster thing about us its like when like you know you talk about you just take your car through a car wash and then all the local car washes star like following you on Instagram and you're like oh my gosh dude like I just took a picture of like this up on my on my windshield okay that's what not to do because the host since we have four minutes what they'll tell you what not to do I travel more than I used to always I would say a lot of the time have people actually travel a lot but so like I'm not you know I went to this place in Raleigh add %HESITATION so I've you know tag then also have all these people for Rollie following me I gonna have all these please people from I'm not going to go to the gym in Ottawa I was there for one week at people like look at my profile it says Dana point California right I don't live in Ottawa Canada it happens everywhere Belgrade and tattoo artists in Belgrade falling okay so it makes no sense yeah up and then I could do yeah I'm saying hello hello what a vehicle fire ticket to build bridges over the talent to maybe but pretty much doubt it but I mean like that's that's like the situational awareness that you need right on your %HESITATION cold calling even on Instagram Instagram us like I used to make a joke say when I feel lonely I just talked to my Instagram spammers so many of a mixed with a look at never guess what I guess to give it to you know since we do have two more minutes left if you are doing something like that the best way to do it to kind of give you a another side of the coin here is that if you or if you find somebody you're personally runs a restaurant and you find somebody who posts a picture about your food and then you see somebody else %HESITATION your another restaurant and you see the first person put a person post on a restaurant and you look in their Instagram you're like wow this post post laden on Instagram for all these are good places this person the forty check us out on yeah full of them tell them Hey she can take a look at our stuff it's great don't leave as a comment on the your competitors sites for post that would that would be really lame but definitely try to bring people in that way there's nothing wrong with that exactly like this totally nothing wrong with that so I said to be helpful we %HESITATION polite and and be relevant yep that's like a tag right now that's pretty awesome helpful polite relevant for a week but %HESITATION if you blow up if you add sponsored this episode you have had your tagline repeated again here %HESITATION but she didn't go to W. T. water cooler dot com slash sponsor to find out more about how you can do it fast fast PayPal cash I think it's forty dollars for George check internet we might change our prices if you watch this year from now it might be even higher really calls but on the internet right so followed used to Tucker edges a charter dot pro just a talker on Instagram Justin soccer on Twitter and %HESITATION collecting you don't like the show clicked the thumbs up twice if you do like it that subscribe to get the notification is sure sure sure sure sure all over the place because were awesome we love you and your friends and we love to know what your thoughts are about cool calling so send us each suite two W. people out or you can of spam Trista Tucker on Twitter or you too can be cruel not a guru says sixty characters and thank you very much I just hijacked Houston's closing we love you guys so if you are color dot com love us awkward silence for Jay said by

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