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You built a successful company and your reputation is bar none. But how do you transition that branding online? In this episode, Jason and Bridget will give some good examples and take your live questions via chat.

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all right what's up everyone this is Jason Tucker and this is w people have episode number 125 today's topic is extending your existing brand to digital this particular episode is brought to you by server press makers of desktop server they make local WordPress development easy it's almost like I'm reading the script or something right check that out super press calm feel free to go take a look at their stuff they make some awesome stuff and they've been they've been in the business for a while now and just I love being able to create a quick little website and show somebody something right on my computer and if you haven't checked out their blueprints mechanism blueprints is super awesome feel free to go take a look at that over there as well alright so now that we paid the bills budget tell us about yourself oh my name is Bridget I am a blogger who also consults social media marketing for WordPress businesses go find out more and I recently redesigned website or just the homepage for Joe Miller calm nice I'm Jason Tucker you can find me over at Jason Tucker on Twitter my website is Jason talking a blog I do this show WP lab announced to do another stroke called WP water cooler feel free to go take a look at that we do those on Fridays in the morning at 11 o'clock a.m. Pacific question mark yes that's exactly what we do so feel free to go take a look at that um one other thing is I don't know if you you know if you ever heard this internet thing but we've been like we've been streaming this on all sorts of stuff and I just want to give you a list of things of where you can actually listen to us and be able to interact with us on all these places so we stream over on YouTube that's our primary place feel free to go take a look over at our YouTube a chit YouTube account over at day P water cooler we also stream live over to periscope using Twitter so if we're you go take a look at that that's both on my personal account Jason Tucker as well as over on Davie watercoolers account and then we also stream over to Facebook in a couple different places over there so feel free to go take a look at those as well but all those you can chat in the chat will be able to see the chat kind of all talks together and it's it's pretty nifty so feel free good to take a look at that one last thing if your gamer and use twitch no joke I'm streaming this thing the twitch why because there's a button here that says I can stream to twitch so I push the button and it starts streaming to twitch so height which gamers thank you and at some point if we can stream to like Instagram or any of those other things I'd totally do that to streaming I'll set that up as well RG TV it's too bad no never but I do TVs yeah well periscopes like that too but it it does it yeah I keep I keep scrolling through it it says turn your phone like answer my phone do the video the way it's supposed to be which is a great transition because you know you have traditional marketing like for for ocean they give you this postcard when you get the bracelet or whatever now they started digital but they're still doing print but what about these companies that have a long legacy arty Olson diet coke that kind of thing you know how do you go from old-school you know and then transition that well on the digital world that's kind of what we're talking about yeah it's you know one of those hundred-year-old companies that goes like they finally take their head out of the sand and go wait what what's his internet thing we got to do this internet thing you know and then they start running with it but we don't want them to do it the wrong way and we also want to make sure that if you're if you're a if you're a company who's you know you could be an up-and-coming social media manager type person and you're trying to figure this out this is the first time that you're having to you know be approached by a potential client that has this issue and you're going like okay how do I manage this and how do I and like navigate those waters and both Bridgette and I have navigated these waters so we thought well you talked a little bit about it and kind of figure out what's the right way for someone to kind of like I said approach this this type of situation yeah so I one part of me told you know when I was telling this particular client they were a paper company which is like it's like a printer company you know it's like it's it's it's the oldest product that can be sold kind of thing especially that you know that's that's so widely used today but how do you like how do you how do you how do you find a name for this how do you you know you're so late to the game all the dot-coms are gone all the you know printer name paper name all those names are gone their name is super generic Smith's paper company and you go on there and there's five gazillion Smith papers with all different versions of it they cut out the vowels because they don't remember you know they remember the days of flicker and all those things they've they've put underscores at the end of their names I mean people are doing some crazy stuff to be able to like squeeze out that last little bit of their name that they can use for their Twitter handle or whatever well it's a habit of franchising to Jason so one of my friends on Twitter through Rhonda Nygaard his bald man and minuteman Press okay so he's told me his name a couple of times but even on Facebook it's bald guy Minuteman cuz Minuteman Cross is a franchise oh guy you know it on Facebook he's the bald guy I mean he does happen to be bald but you know I'm saying like that's how you remember he does Minuteman impress so he's he's printing physical things just but he's advertising on the Internet right right hmm he does a really good job yeah so wait so the that but how so the naming part of it explain that to me again oh so it's minuteman Press and Polly you Washington or something like that I don't even know how to say okay but on Twitter he's bald guy oh I see okay right because he doesn't have enough space so he is over his handles at bald guy em but who is bald guy underscore minuteman Press and he said Polly it was Wisconsin now franchises have an easier situation because he's a subdomain on minuteman Press comm Pauly has got many brand press stuff sure so they that's an easier thing because the marketing department of the franchise spot the domain name and then all the locations so like but he still is marking himself as bald guy hmm you know and so I think that's a you're taking her personality that it's so it's a little mixed when it's um when it's a franchise cuz you're getting the you're getting this brand recognition by buying a franchise that's like the main reason to do it is to just run your business so it's kind of a good in-between for what we're discussing because what does everybody say of course that you need to do check what names are available on TV a s on LLC's dot um domain names and then once you get your domain name go look and see if you can catch that username on Twitter especially Twitter Facebook Instagram like that but it's like getting that domain name it's really hard you know we have all these other dot whatever Scotty L do you feel do you see yep yeah so like you could be but the thing is if you could be dot-com it's just so much easier you know like my nickname used it when I was at the groovy company was get ChiCom like it's obviously that's not my website but like would like coms like oh I'm a nerd I'm a geek so I did this with Riggins construction so they were a business since 1977 and in 2009 I put them on there I put them on social media now they had had a website a one-page static before I got there mm no four five something like that and then I've did their website for Dimitri Weaver it was so bad CSS ain't guardin whatever the logo is already made right and that logo wasn't changing so I just tried to get a square a square as possible version of it and then I got riggers constructure dot we're impressed calm for the blog before I rebuilt their site and stuff gannets it doesn't matter and then like RI g GI n SC o NS t for twitter so the super annoying thing as they could have been rigged its construction calm oh jesus they didn't buy it they bought rig and co and st so i would have to say yeah sent Tom an email at Tom at Riggins CEO and it said just saying riggers construction was annoying but nobody thought that oh they thought oh it's shorter so that's better no it's not it you need to say it you need to say it like you would tell me telling somebody like I'm Bridget with Bridget wheeler comm like that just rolls off the tongue but my emails gives you at gmail right yeah so but how do you say your email Bridget earth trip to science calm that's easy Bridget at Riggins CEO and know right c1s cheese Bridget it give WP calm Bridget ever again CEO and it's terrible because you're not just say Const right watched miss pronunciate that and we're gonna go what so but because it was CEO and that was perfect for the social media cuz on YouTube and everything else I just did Riggins see 1 St the problem with Twitter and I wonder if don't change this because like we're even out of IP 4 addresses so at some point we're gonna run out of 15 character names on Twitter but I'm like they're ever gonna expand that you know like a new area code or something when they emojis you're like my name on Twitter is is a light-skinned happy face guy dark skinned happy face guy you know it is so I'm gonna tell you so like we a lot of us use Siri or Alexa or whatever or some kind of voice and that's not I'm not counting the people who are using screen readers right so like I have this little code to beauty Jesus obviously in my life like what used to be my boss you some other people so stay this guy named Jason so I just put J the letter J a heart and a flame and so I called G heart flame to everybody in my world to not confuse with all the other cases that exist not to mention the line I crush on that's great who's my friend on Facebook you know I feel like there's so many Jason so when but when I would text when I would say hey Siri text J heart flame it would stay texting J red heart flame so stupid like you use like the emoji sometimes they're good for like distinguishing things for your own code or whatever but you know I do that for like other select all the boyfriend people have a high flame so I can you know different you know for people to say Nate but when you're talking when you're trying to I was trying to text my friend Adam and there's like bull which Adam and I'm like Adams liar others like Adam I'm somebody else and like it couldn't understand me you know I'm so the emojis like it's ya know and the more that we talk to our computers because that's essentially we're doing the more important those usernames are right what they should always let roll off the tongue so but it's the thing is you're already an existing brand there you're like Rd also in construction yeah I interviewed for the job from there back David they have such a huge name in Southern California they're huge they did that Ledo area report that whole new shopping area they're doing the development is doing redoing the harbor whether you agree with it or not data point they are huge they're huge huge and they said to me well why would you with your own business want to work for us so like are you kidding having a chance to take a brand with that grave a reputation the in real life I put a digital there be an honor right so let's Coughlin so the thing is that you have these you have that you just have to think like you need a square avatar or logo or profile picture a square version of it that needs to fit in a circle mm-hmm because that's how they do it now you know and they keep changing they the internet keeps changing Twitter Facebook everybody used to be a it's always about 500 by 500 but now it's showing do you remember like Facebook like you do really tall oh that was a straight-up hack right there yeah and then you could do all and then you had the photo grid uh-huh that was so fun cuz I had a friend from tweet pages calm named Matt Clark and he would make these birthday bombs where he would download these images and it tagged those people so it showed up on oh yeah recent photos every was really fun but guess what it's not 2019 ones will work right but you still have to have a recognizable logo this somebody's gonna see in a square huh and that's where like when you're doing your when you're doing your branding or your are you doing your style guide and your branding guide and all that stuff you need to be able to also add those parts in there as well I need to have a 200 by 200 image at least that small that it needs to look like something it can't just look like and make sure it doesn't look like something else like you know you can you can run into some issues where you're like this great on my 45 inch monitor and you're like that's cool but when I look at it on my little phone it looks like this thing so you know you got to look at those two but I have a question for you regarding names before we get off of that subject no but just on the recognizable thing right yep Oh Christina and I were visiting on a Mac booth they had shirts on with a circle and a white slash uh-huh and I said what shirts a bill to go automatic she was it looks like a pill and I took out a calcium pill from my pocket and I go yeah it that's exactly what it looks like no it was um sherilyn but yeah it doesn't look like automatic to me I thought automatic size different local yeah so was it recognizable mm-hmm to people who've been in the WordPress space anyway let's talk about naming well the question I have for you regarding the naming part is do do you there's there's benefits to having all the names exactly the same because then you just put a bunch of logos and then you say our name is this on all this stuff but I've seen it where it's like you know this variation where it's like underscore brand name underscore then the other one is underscore brand name and then the other one is brand name underscore and then the other one says like brand name and then like their zip code or their area code or whatever when I was at Starbucks I saw start well the Starbucks is I was at they had their stores Twitter account which was s bucks underscore and then it says v underscore in the letter n underscore main and they cut out a whole bunch of letters to make those words make enough to be under 15 characters and I was like wow that like for one I don't think I've ever followed that particular stores thing like that's dumb but to top that off it's like oh it was so goofy didn't make any sense to me and then looking at the list of it's like follow us on our real one at Starbucks and then here's our local ones and it's like what but you know you have this one little shop that they have all their different names and their names like you know cutesy you know ice cream and there's a hundred cutesy ice cream and every variation of it's available in what do you do it's it's worse than franchising and I will tell you it happened to me so I'm Bridget Willard calm but I'm giddy on Twitter originally because that's my nickname so that's right with my Twitter handle so that's my email and then I started this YouTube can be guru you too could be a guru there was a name for the a yep so I Bridget you two could be guru or Twitter but you wanna got calm but on Instagram I was so Lake doesn't have an iPhone member is only for iPhones at first you know that I couldn't get anything like any of that it's Bridget and Willard it's not is so lame okay it's nothing to me fine right and then you're like okay this super stupid so like the thing is more than more than it being printed you want people to remember it or you want to be able to tell them so last line watch a comedy show Molly blooms and I know they follow them on Instagram but I could not find their handle and I could not remember it Wow it's Molly so see right why isn't it Molly blooms Oh see right or OC underscore Molly blooms right Josie you know it's like Molly's Oh see that's soldier Derick it's Molly blooms Irish bar why I know that that's too long but Molly's OC like I didn't I thought they were called blooms maybe it's blooms maybe I'm mixing it up cuz I can't remember I just remember I couldn't find it and I had to go searching to be able to tag them and a picture saying Here I am with his comedy show right by they made it hard for me yeah as a user to tell people I was there and that's really that is why it's bad it's tellings very telling right oh I'm at Hennessey's underscore dana point that's fine that's better cuz least Tennessee's got all the underscore Carlsbad underscored San Juan Capistrano like there's some consistency there yeah yeah but it's it that's why it's so important don't do it I did go get your names get them all at once and even if you don't want to use Twitter yeah just say this is just a save the name go to this Instagram account or go to my website mmm because you have to you have to kind of buy that domain name I mean that's what it is so or like finally for Loretta's construction one we finally just bought riggers construction calm it's real one to Oregons yo and yeah because people are gonna try to type that and that was even the whole name the whole day was Fergus construction and management inc right okay how these names are so long but you you have to try saying it to somebody like I thought about well what if I get married cuz I still I got marry I'm like my little romantic people like what if I check you know I'm Bridget Willard calm never know it's me should I make a LLC and call it like Sabrina Michelle marketing or something like that nice the name of my dragon that's I'm so like and then Jen was like that makes no sense why would you work for somebody named Sabrina and I'm like I don't know I'm just like I was like pre thinking because or do I have to stay like a stage name like Madonna you know like so like because I have spent the last 10 years telling everybody I have Bridget Willard yep you know and not to think so if you say no right so if you spent the last 30 years saying saying her Dunhill paper uh-huh then you have to be done hill paper that's it not to be as close as that as possible yeah so I mean I prefer my preference for like franchises is I'd rather be Starbucks - four five one seven or like whatever there are store number is cuz at least that's on the receipt right and then in the BIOS say where your local Starbucks located at 541 North Main and Whittier yeah store number blah hmm happening soon six week three to five whatever but I I mean and that that thing is if the franchisees you know I don't know they don't as much as I worked in it was franchisees they don't do a very good job training people how to do social cuz that's not their job though the brand does the brand stuff high level brand stuff you're on your own you get the assets and that's it you just have to do your own local marketing right though I mean it's good to talk to me a brand consultant and especially if you are thinking about rebranding or making your logo I would be really careful about that because you do have that recognition mm-hmm oh definitely not rename yeah unless you really announce everywhere like right I'll call him out cuz uh because he's you know he's a big guy hit he's got some tough skin but never Scott bullying or make holler box oh yeah so the the plugin was called holler box and the Twitter was holler WP mm-hmm and I was talking with my friends the other day and like I longer uh holler box still around I don't see them tweeting anymore oh no they rebranded I don't even know what it's called anymore yeah he told me but I forgot it's like Zen something I don't even know that's an blue chat I don't know I can't remember but like I I remembered holler because I'm from Northern California never go holla so like to me that was memorable yeah and then you go to the Twitter account don't say anything about them rebranding or renaming or it exists at all that's kind of the that's the danger is like people forget about you that's why I'm always harping on brand awareness but if you do change it um and I'm the worst though yeah I mean but the thing is like redirect people like we might never do that to a website yeah we forget about with social and all these things are indexed by Oh Google well even Twitter lets you change your name so the behind-the-scenes is the same but yeah actual app name has changed and nice happened to me I used to run a website called overheard at Disneyland and we would we'd get people that would submit stuff to do to overheard Disneyland on Twitter and I'd retweet it and I'd do like you know a Bridgette style retweet the old school retweet so I would do that well they would change their name and then the person would get a new name somebody would take that name and then they would go like what's this and I'm like well obviously somebody used to have your name before you and now it you know you have to like explain to somebody why you're adding them when they're like I didn't say that I'm like well somebody with your name said that which is like almost like saying somebody called me on my on you know on my phone from that phone number so I'm essentially having to like explain how Twitter works as somebody right that was a lot of fun no and it's true though because like I would have not changed Twitter accounts I don't know what he's done I my camera was called so I can't find it right but I mean I just call it I'm just saying because he's so smart like it surprised me and I and I do want to like I know I'm like traditionally the I hate popups but I was thinking that could be interesting to try sure something like holler box or whatever it's called now and I wanted to you know yeah that's a big was like these products it was like I don't know two three years ago now but now I'm like oh maybe I could use it so there's a long game with the marketing so even though I'm not using ball guy now and he's not even in my area I was thinking if Rhonda redesigns my business cards then I can have him printed that ball guy and he can mail it to me cuz I've seen his works he printed out little booklets that Rhonda gave out during her talk last year I Seattle you know why not give the local guy I mean I love Moo yeah but muqaam had a same problem they were overheard at MU until they could get Moo yeah you know that helped us a lot in WordPress like we have goalpost Matic so it's post max calm but post manic as a handles uh-huh I guess let's go close manic or staged a pilot calm is staged a pilot app but it still makes more sense it still makes sense there's some context like the the thing you had to add as a prefix or suffix add some kind of context to you know we should understand a little bit of what it's a verb like go post Matic yeah go do this thing right and uh there's a couple of other ones that go like that and I kind of like it cuz it I like if you have to like make it a little clever like over donut move right you know you could you can rip on those things and make them really interesting in a way that fits it's your brand's persona and language as things that you're comfortable with but like Tony Hsieh from Zappos they're so good at that kind of company culture they probably I'm sure he did this because people don't own a spell his name it's like a chess cih but he's Zappos underscore CEO uh yeah make well at least you know who's hitting ya know right so it sometimes it is hard to get those names mmm but if the thing is that um I for a person not a business but for a person I recommend against using the brand name for your Twitter account because say that say I'm give WP Brigitte well I don't work there anymore right so I've spent all this time yep you know if it's if you are gonna do it make it make it your own brand well I've heard of this I've heard of this in news and news outlets where if you're the weather person the weather female wants a weather girl but you're that person and you're the one that's doing that in the morning and you're of that weather person and then they fire you or you quit or you move away or whatever they own that name like that's your they own that account and then what they do is they slide in the new account and then they put they change the name to be Bridgette NBC and it's like Bridgette NBC 7 that's that's now your name and you just inherited all of these people that were following that previous person and then that person has to go off and go to another place they go and replace the other weather person and then you know Steve whether you know NBC 5 is now being replaced with you know the other person's name and they just changed the name yeah I mean that's fine if you want to do it that way like a company could do that we want to be we want to hold on to the number of followers and they should like point but Bridgette the weather girl who is forecasting high pollen counts Thanks currently I've been enjoying coffee because of allergies you know like that's that's why but I should still have my own handle like even though I'm you two could be GRU I still get G oh sure sure you know and I don't use it that much I mostly use it for more personal things well is always a really personal as I like politics in the gym that kind of started yeah but still like that is still my identity mm-hmm and so even if you choose to have a work thing and a not-so work thing it also helps you with that kind of sharing right you know so if it's it's you know it frustrates me because I Here I am trying to be a person in my channel at Dana Point I'm a Chamber member as you could see on the background oh yeah and I'm about to pay them another 200 whatever dollars because I think it's valuable at the same time I don't know what band is playing tonight at Hennessey's so I know that every night and I o'clock there's somebody playing but they don't use social media have accounts and sometimes they'll retweet they'll just like binge and retweet or share but the only way I know the stuff is going on it's because the main bartender manager will share stuff and I've talked to the general manager myself who works directly for the owner and said I shouldn't have to walk all the way to the restroom to see the chalkboard says who's gonna be here tonight and of course my friend Jules like she just called what kind well as like I'm going there anyway so it doesn't matter but still I would like to share with my friends on Facebook that there's this event right so so that's like the next step so they did a good job securing all the names now they're not using it right you know so you still have to Kyle use it and but definitely make us something that's super easy to say Hennessey's underscore dana point like that's not too hard it's not riggan c1 you know it's just not helpful for me to and I'm not trying to pick on people oh but that's that's a reality of what we're not thinking these things through you know and because we don't think I'm through that it just because awkward I mean it becomes awkward you stop doing it you stop telling people about your accounts right you know and um and you really do want them following you obviously because it is so much easier to advertise online and cheaper than anywhere else so for trip designs calm is the Instagram strip designs travel right okay so I kind of wished it allow you to calm like it would just be easier trip design Scott comm everywhere yeah but um so I can make an event or do a promotion and spend 20 bucks on it targeting people it shouldn't travel within 25 miles 96 91 there should be a hill but there's still a magazine that comes out called the Mission Viejo reporter that gets distributed to X amount of households and I don't know how many of those go directly to the trash because I get I get those I get those magazines I'm sure everybody does I'll look at the one in Dana Point but that's a city like rec recreational activities oh and I want to learn how to tap dance not the share of trash not trash recycling whatever because I have a blue recycling I just go right from the mailbox the recycling which is right by my mailbox that's hurkos and the value pack coupons those guys tried to sell us but they they're so they're so rigid and they're advertising like I told the value pack salesman I said we want to try one month in one zip code well we don't recommend that I go what that's what we want to do because we want we want to target this specific we want to target like Laguna Hills or you know look at a beach or something right like a more wealthy neighborhood for travel right so we want to put it in there they're like well no you can't do that I'm like okay well we're just gonna do nothing with you that's to me that's more of the kind of cognitive dissonance that I see it's known in the brand's getting online but in the vehicles of advertising the old-school versus new-school kind of effect audits with each other instead of complimenting you meanwhile listen ESPN radio with LinkedIn love jobs advertising if you like off if you go to slash jobs and like wow they made a landing page that's smart but they're still doing it cuz I know that the decision makers listen to ESPN Radio sure right and you're not the only way you could track is by who goes that way any page but now there could have been people coming from this so we could have totally ruined all the results because they just certainly say that you don't mean like ya know there's that just a two-fold there's okay now we've got all your accounts your logos fit you are using it but now it's okay how do you track your results well you should see a lift and all of your sales and it's all these activities together should should give you a lift instead of going oh it's not Oh Twitter doesn't work whatever they're all working together you know you it's just so funny I'm watching World War two in color on Netflix and um I think it's fascinating I really do because there was so much happening you know and Germany really got themselves in a took trouble because they had a multi-line front war you know they're they're going this way cants France and the Soviets are going this way to gets them you know and then Mussolini is going this way against North Africa and going like we need help so now Germany is over in France Germany's fighting the Soviets Germany's down in North Africa you're all over the place right but they did it that what made it better is we had a bunch of a bunch more people and then the Americas finally jumped in hate to say it but we did change change the war a lot because we you know we're agile Americans are agile right right gonna be like kind of like oh yeah I could get to the Battle of the Bulge no problem they he was a fire she got there first he saved those people's lives right so they were trapped on all sides by the Germans but he just said no we're gonna do this we're gonna try so it's all those things together it's not just it's not just trenches it's not just tanks or air or artillery yeah all of it so why do we think all of a sudden our marketing should just be Twitter right or just be print it should be everything you know everything that fits within our budget a lot of people recommend but a 15 percent of your sales toward continuous advertising oh yeah jhula thing in the Mission Viejo reporter spending money there but then also do things on Facebook right people are everywhere and you whatever love to hear people stop saying Jason hmm I've heard a lot this week oh all people are on Facebook oh why first of all my 79 year old husband was on it all day every day thank you my aunt who's 75 it's literally on it all day every day telling my grandmother everything I'm doing all day every day right it was a hundred so even though my grandmother isn't on Facebook she knows I'm taking kickboxing ah yeah you think just because that one person is doesn't have a Facebook account that there isn't somebody over their shoulder looking oh yeah of course you know like you guys have lost your minds a hundred years old my grandmother is a she knows everything is going on she lives by herself she's okay yeah like don't it's not just the Millennials and the Millennials probably you've been on on there as much except for my my nieces and nephews that generates just like hey crab parents this is what your fair daughter did today right right know that the older people are there yeah yeah and even in travel there's this whole shift where Millennials don't want to spend their time trying to plan a vacation anymore and they're flocking to travel agents like nobody's business if they don't want to spend their time doing that when they get somebody who works on commission one of them but no one wants the bad experience like they want a good experience their play experience they want to end up with a good experience and that's what we do we research on social social is just word of mouth it's word of mouth amplified but but it's the same thing like we go on look on Facebook look at this stuff we're all right how many times do you see and I see it and definitely data point and saying groups just anybody know a good landscaper have you tried this keto recipe what is your recommendation to go to Germany right does anybody know a mechanic I really need a vet for my cat and people are sitting there telling all day long all day long especially on Facebook especially on Facebook right they're doing all that word-of-mouth so if you're a local old-school business you can't afford not to be using Facebook just to remind people that you're still a business even though it's not even my favorite for business to customer or because you know bits too big to quit you want people to see model yeah yeah the coca-cola model says make sure you are constantly telling people that you exist and you just need to non-stop we exist we exist we exist and you need us yeah because that's how you make friends don't you know that make the world go round I love to see you without solving the 70s yeah like they Commission this whole oh yeah aerial shot I mean that is expensive cinematography didn't have a drone to go up to just be GoPro right that was an expensive commercial folks make a friend the world's going around no and then they do that campaign they iterate it they put the names on there yeah yeah you know so like it's that a constant reminder that brand awareness factor that you are in business that you are relevant that you care that you're moving around I mean even Oreo I'll never forget that's Superbowl where the lights were the power went out and Oreo was so quick or whoever did their social media you can still dunk in the dark creative and everything I was even watching sue former Series in the other room I saw it on Twitter and then he came out this oh my god the power went out I'm like I know I already saw the Oreo commercial you know it's like you can still be relevant you probably have more power because you already have the Kleenex Xerox Google you already have that radical brand awareness that if it just takes a digital and you know it would be Southwest and a great job I mean they're in trouble and Alex that hole should show with the Boeing airplanes they're all money oh yeah they are the most of them so good job ever since that CEO chance difficult downhill they've canceled flights you know but they started before that but like TWA had a good friend does anybody know them anymore no cuz they went out of business go like you have to be reminded that somebody's still in business um because you don't know like there's this place on PCH they passed by all the time called the rib joint in my town it looks kind of like dilapidated rundown boarded up old place and you would explore as a sixth grader on Halloween for the longest time I thought that was out of business and I was like in this town for 19 years Wow I see some people like oh yeah I'm playing a gig over at the rib joint I go where you know like I go what that's a business I even know it's a business huh right but like I lived in this town for 20 years yeah now social media has been a thing you know for good 12 but definitely the last five years was still prime opportunity to get on I don't know Facebook but people know that your friend Michael is playing guitar on Thursday right like what universe are we and I don't even know who the comics art Molly blooms OC whatever like I it's just so weird I could even tell my friends this is where we're going trying to support a local comedian that's our friend yeah so like there's a natural wind so these places with events you don't have it use it but like minuteman Press oh I was the only printer I know with minuteman Press bald guys I think his name is Kevin but I just never fall guy cuz that's how it goes by he says all that he's part of Twitter chats he replies to people like he is a thousand miles away and I would use him yeah that's a win that's how you win yeah to lip of the week tool or tip of the week do you have one besides benadryl yummy yummy do mine and you can so I've been I don't know I don't know if I actually mentioned this one on a previous episode or not but i i've been i've been i've been trying to figure out ways of being able to save steps within my workflow within like i'm gonna take this this item whatever the heck it is and i'm gonna throw it someplace else and then i'm gonna take another item and i'm gonna throw it someplace else so essentially i still have like eight windows open so for instance for for diapie blab i need the title of the thing i need the body of the thing i need the image for the thing i need the URL for it I need to know like all these things I need to have all these pieces and in order to get those I have to go and collect them I need to go find this piece find this face find this piece and then put them into some kind of document and then reference from that document to reuse it on Facebook on Twitter on you know on all the places and it's super annoying because it's like I I want to have a shorter version of the text because some places only a shorter version some longer version whatever and then to top it all off I am also doing 90% of this on my phone because my computer like my can at home I use my computer for what I'm doing right now and that is sitting in front of this computer and talking to you outside that I don't touch my computer or when I'm at home I've already spent the whole day on the computer work that I don't need that so so you know outside of my normal hours so I've been looking for a product that kind of fixes us and so I found this thing it's called Yoink and it's yoi NK okay and if if you listen to me many many episodes ago and I talked about said app setups that service where you essentially pay for the apps that are available to download whatever you want so in setup it's weird cuz more and more the apps I'm using like I have one that updates my wallpaper on my background that thing just automatically updates the wallpaper I could have paid 20 bucks for that thing but I paid for setup and it just it just automatically does it so anyhow oink so what's really cool about this is you can take an item that's on your desktop or something and drag it to you ink and Yoink just lives in the on the left hand side of the screen you can move it places and what-have-you drag it left side of screen grab some other things drag those the left side of screen you end up with the list of stuff now you can reuse that so now I can go grab those and drag those back to someplace else so where I use this the most as if I'm on Twitter and I see something that I like I'll grab the image and drag it to you Inc and then it'll hold it and they already downloaded a copy of it and holds it there and then I can go to Facebook inside oh look at this funny image I found and guess what I do I go into yike and I drag it from you ink onto Facebook tada I just shared that thing but it also does clipboard history so if you copy and paste a bunch of stuff you can click on it and then see your clipboard history and then go through all those pieces in your clipboard and reuse them I like it so it's yeah I love it now what's really nice about it is it syncs between Twitter or syncs between your iPhone and your desktop so now all those things that are on the iPhone are now on the desktop and vice versa so it's super slick you don't have to do that but there's there's other things too so for instance if you have a document that you're looking at on your computer you can and you're on a Windows computer or Mac you can right-click on it and then use the little services thing or the little what they call that it's the the share extensions and use that to share it out so instead of it going sharing it to Facebook it's just sharing it to you Inc and then when you go into you like you can grab it and use it elsewhere it's super handy I love it it's really simple and easy to use and I don't remember how much it is because I pay for the you know set up thing whatever it is caris like that was that I wrote it down that's gonna save me time yeah especially because I'm always because I manage Instagram and I can only be done from your phone or whatever I don't know everybody else it's 8 bucks on the Mac and it's just it's it works really really well I really like it I don't use so much the stuff between the computers because really I'm just like grabbing a bunch stuff throwing it into this essentially a shelf that it said you know and then pulling them back and using them elsewhere so somebody will send me a PDF as a attachment I'll just download the attachment drag it over there go into some other email I need to use and then push it back over that direction so it's real easy to kind of throw the things between stuff it's kind of like the intermediary between you know the two pieces that you're trying to do all right before you go take a look at that and it's by by a company called eternal storm software so feel free to go go dig around in there and check it out cool so I mean I was just being funny about benadryl but that is a good tip because I will I will tell you though just as an aside a lot of people who don't realize they have allergies when it it gets like this dude it's the worst they really don't know like you gotta take bad roll but anyway so mine is headspace it's a meditation app I paid the five bucks or whatever my psychiatrist wanted me to start doing that for anxiety and in his mental health awareness month in May may is mental health awareness month and it's been a really you know she wants me to do 10 mares but I'm like okay I'll do five you know cuz I'm always negotiating oh but there really does it it really does help the guy who does narration is TEDx speaker and who owns company everything and used to be a Buddhist monk and stuff it's one of those voices it's like in English accent it sounds like you totally relaxing and everything but what I was kind of surprised about you know because everybody's like meditation I'm like I'm gonna just think about nothing it's not thinking about nothing it's learning how to control it's like a Yoink for your brain because you're supposed to notice that you're thinking and they go okay well I don't have to respond to that right now it's okay I'm just gonna set it aside right it's literally that kind of a skill like and he'll take you through this all these steps I'm on step nine of basics and then it'll say like it's like traffic you just noticed it but you don't have to go chasing it you'll have it have to aggressively chase it away or it becomes you comes to you and just notice your block your body whatever blah blah and then but it's like to me I like that oh I had a thought well I don't have to think about you right now I'm gonna set you aside and like it's more like learning how to optimize the way your mind thinks that's about like Oh which is what I got always was growing up with hippie parents so I'll I was thinking about nothing it's not about that at all it's about the big thing and you spin it around it goes wrong yeah exactly but it's not really that at all at least not headspace it's about learning how to optimize the way you use your mind so which is totally different and I mean I haven't been as faithful as I wanted to because I didn't do it like during the WordCamp days and stuff like that but you just you know you could download them away if you do it on the app it tracks if you allow it to it will write it will write to mindfulness on your heart app the health you know the health app on iOS and so I could see oh how many mindfulness minutes did I have and it the thing that I really appreciate is it will have like these little videos before the meditation starts to explain like the concept of what you're trying to do and then the latest one that I song anyway I was like it's like blue sky and when you're in a plane and you go up on the clouds you see the blue sky that blue sky is always there even if you have storm clouds but eventually you will see the blue sky because blue sky is always there but it doesn't mean of us having tea right now is it terrible it doesn't mean that but you know you put it a guy little it's our two animations they have that umbrella you guys a little cute yeah it's so cute but it explains it a way that makes sense and I like that because you know how I am with analogies I'm a total sucker for analogies but it makes me feel less like soak up failure because I can't stop thinking about stuff and I mean I write stuff down to get it out of my brain you know yeah because I have to otherwise I think oh what was that thing I had to do like I don't have to worry about if I write it down I know oh this is my tasks so because I have because of the way my work is it's not all in a sonnax I don't have every client in a sauna everybody has their own workflow so I had to do it my own way but what's happening with us just getting so much anxiety about not just work but everything so I like it I like that it's only five dollars it's not five dollars a month it's just five dollars right and it's not super judgmental I thought I'd be like oh you can't do this you're not but you can't change it like you could go as long as you want this has like a kind of screwy thing to go five minutes tim is 15 and I'm like reality 5 hmm we'll see how it works but I feel like it's helping me realize okay even if I'm doing something and I think it's something else it doesn't mean it's bad right I just got shoes okay well I could think about that right now yeah Travis to me a lot when I with my friends it's it's pointed out more often like ah brick you know what are you doing like well I mean work I'm like for all a comedy show the guy was kind of boring somebody texted me I'm I'd rather look at a sauna I put my headphones on I'm doing the headspace I should have but it's like you know but they say well I have it to your face I just could they could see it I'm no poker face yeah I'm thinking about stuff so I think it will help a lot and because this Mental Health Awareness Month I will point that out and also if you don't mind I will point out WP and up got org calm I should know this I'm a recurring donor Dan may be from London has this nonprofit called wpn up dot org WPA and D up org o they they are promoting I will say they are my client but also I'm a recurring donor for them they're promoting like a balanced health skills health business health mental health physical health and with the fundraising they actually help provide services you know like so if I go right now my psychiatrists the phone calls it's not uh yeah with Kaiser it's a phone call so it's not a copay but they actually want to help people take those co-pays cuz if you go to a therapy you're cofactor be like say it's thirty but it's thirty every week yeah you know and I think especially want to work in the WordPress space I think it's a valiant effort and Jo and so since May is for health awareness month mental health awareness month I thought I'd also send our friends to wpan tee up WP and up gorg see that's another one you guys say auntie and yeah oh whatever go back to headspace real quick I did find that headspace works with all of the all of the speaking cylinders I don't want to say the names because I don't want to make the things go off but the Google product oh the Amazon product although yeah so you just say its name and you say headspace and they'll just go and do its thing for you definitely try that out yeah that's kind of cool if you go if you go on there there's a under there help they have a whole section devoted to like how to use it yeah and it talks about each one of those how you can you could use it use it in there so that that's pretty neat so if you have you know if you have a Google product or if you have the echo you could you could use either one of those and have it actually just do it for you so you don't have to go over there and mess with it you can just ask it hey give us the meditation for today and they'll just play the meditation for the day yeah I'm gonna wind down or I'm ready to go to sleep or and I like it well I like that it's not all woowoo II cuz that's just too weird for me so it's really generic and secular and I like that I'm sorry I just I mean some people I mean that's what my psychiatrist recommended I was like okay I'll do it sir done check that's it I won't report back to her awesome well thank you very much for all of you that watched and listened and again you can actually listen this as a podcast so you go to die particle comms I subscribe that's where you learn how to subscribe to this content and if you don't want to look at us you just won't listen to us that's the way you could do it I also have heard of people using YouTube and they'll just use the YouTube app and they'll it if they if they're a YouTube premium subscriber you can actually just watch the video and then just like close the app and you'll just play in the background which isn't something you can do unless you have the premium version but it'll just close the app and then you can be able to listen to it and so I've seen people do that you know as I had a word camp this last weekend and we were talking about this and people like yeah I listen to you and this is how I do it I'm like oh wow you're not even doing a podcast no I don't do podcasts dude there's a youtube account Mike oh that's pretty neat so take a look at that gorgeous take your water cooler calm subscribe and that's where you could figure out how to do all those fun things Bridget thank you very much for hanging out with me today I really appreciate it as always and if you if you enjoyed this stuff leave a comment I actually tried out a new comment system on debut watercolor calm so feel free to go take a look at that I'm always trying new stuff you know just like you so I'll talk to y'all later you have a good one see ya

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