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In this episode, Jason and Bridget discuss the partnership with Jetpack and A2 Hosting and how it impacts the WordPress space. Who benefits and why. Marketing to agencies or end users? Who is the audience and what does Automattic and A2 Hosting have to gain?

Jetpack announces strategic partnership with A2 Hosting – – Partnership will allow A2 Hosting customers to use Jetpack Personal at no additional cost

DreamHost to include Jetpack Professional with Advanced DreamPress Packages –

WPWebHost to Include Jetpack Premium with its Managed WordPress Hosting –

Recommended WordPress and Jetpack Hosting Providers –

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It is fascinating to me that so many hosting companies bundle with Jetpack. This new announcement is about the…

Posted by Bridget Willard on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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it was over when this is decent occur in this is to be people out episode number one hundred and seven were to be talking about the marketing of jet pack yeah so I love that I recorded over here somewhere and I got like all the stuff going on but also the result we got people walking by and everything over my are my in laws house so yeah anyhow so we would like a little bit about marketing it of jet pack and we thought we do this thing called the the blob quickie which is just like thirty minutes we'll just talk about a particular topic and just get a knock out and be done with it so Bridget tell people bunched up for quick Hey I'm rich Wheeler freelance marker I am accepting clients and you can find me at Bridgewater dot com looks to change my name to Liza's songbird you know that would have been alright still be a poll later right is that what's going to happen right up on the bridge is going to of all my friends were so he is available which makes dot biz so let's talk about dot biz let's let's talk a lot about this about the marquee project are marking project packed and how how you know weird you and I were kind of looking around you send me some links you're like Hey what's going on with us what what we will be seeing happening within this whole thing so a couple couple episodes back in the water cooler we were talking about jet pack itself and it was interesting because one of the things that came up was the fact that jet pack is now like a host in a way like they are somehow doing something with wordpress dot com and that they have their plug again and it ties into this and that I had no idea what was going on and then come to find out it's actually there are doing some type of connection with web hosts and that they themselves obviously our host as well but they're also trying to web hosts as well so when you're you're tell me some stuff about it what what did you what did you find out in your extra research LPO well just uses describe it that way rise of a polymer series to say which is %HESITATION the wicked web we weave for my first practice to deceive right right now and I'm using web is a pun but we all know the wordpress dot com is indeed a hosting company owned by automatic they also have a plugin called jet pack in order to use jet pack you on a self hosted site you must have a dot com account most people don't object to it but with the GDP our privacy and stuff like that that might now be in more of a forefront issue we haven't heard anybody complaining about the fact that you have to create account on dot com even if you never were there in the first place like I migrated from dot coms that's totally fine along and it's interesting to me because we have a hard time describing things that you fall for it or it really quickly okay so originally jet pack was a way to connect your dot com selfless is it you could use the app that's why he is doing and then they started having fought for us and then they started which I was using I get a free with possible now and I don't even have a connected because I don't care whatever %HESITATION and then they have a CD in I and then they have been up stats and what do I need their staffs why do I need to stop on the route why do I need an album my phone their stats when I have a better app with better analytics on a call to my licks like that's a real question yeah %HESITATION lanolin X. on my site doesn't want to know where they come from so they have a better histogram no they don't have a better so like you start going wait a second %HESITATION and this is one of the reasons why do encourage people to hang out link ten because once you fall companies they'll say Hey on America's mentioned the news which is what happened I got a press release today the jet pack is announcing a strategic alliance with age you hosting every age you hosting account will have a free %HESITATION personal jet pack a couch is thirty five dollars twenty five dollars whatever it is then you go like what part of jet pack costs because I didn't realize it costs at first like what is it costing yeah what is the cost and what is jet pack and and there was some questions last year I know age of you can't see any angle there's a big debate about jet pack being the only plug and from the wordpress repository which is all while lord to have in app purchases as we know and the iOS world right you can block like how old is it she is the only plug in which allows you to make a financial transaction was in the plugin so for example if I downloaded to give give them a fee for my site and then I want to get recurring donations I have to buy it from good to be P. dot com right I can't with in my dashboard strong with from the controls and give Jerry P. I cannot purchase that and to me that is a big giant mistake that that on wordpress making but a different question right that's a different but to me for the user I don't have to go to get to dot com I just want to buy it from there right but jet pack does allow that because jet pack is owned by wordpress dot com yeah and of his own by automatic and automatic because a lot of people who volunteered to wordpress project is so there's lots of %HESITATION what web were weaving and I don't know if there's deception involved but there's definitely confusion and blurred the lines of you know is Sir yeah lines here okay so I see some interesting stuff with us so there's a few the few there's a few different pieces of us one of them is is that Jack pack also but you put ads on your website so now they have the added component that you can tell it trying on ads and I can tell it where the ads are going to go or shove them on the site haven't played with that because I use are also other plugins that let you do that right right but this is like a value add on their side it's like all but you know by installing this you can also run ads on your site well by the way if using adult blog does that send out you're doing this it does that like you said with the analytics and there's a whole bunch of those sorts of things specially when it comes to light comments you said the CBN with proton your call publicize you have a lot of those things are really trying and then %HESITATION but but I think it is but I think it's kind of interesting about this is that it almost it almost makes it like the like button on Facebook where by turning this thing on your allowing an outside entity which should be wordpress dot com to be able to tap into your wordpress dot org self hosted site and be able to get that information from their bill to see analytics will see all that stuff not to say that the whole reason why this exist is to track everything but you can track everything you now but we don't know all right okay so and then who's a thing like let's roll back a little bit was like best practices coding best practices the answer for design plug ins or for function and that they tell you to have the least amount of plugins as possible they only do one specific thing so that you you have as well as little conflict as possible so then you have jet pack which is like the Bible says how many what's your name the guy was possessed with the demon goes legion for we are many like that's a sort of a Bible teaching background I got sick legion for we are many because there's so much in there and even as somebody who isn't a developer I but it taught wait a second only how something for one specific purpose so you could talk about plugin blow you talk about site optimization and any sort of wonder like what's happening so but I could see for the consumer side having one ring to rule them all right there is a good thing for on board right so one plug in that does everything you're going to have more of a week's like experience but but so I think that's what we're trying to market a jet pack so I'm say okay I'd get the concept of the week a what automatic is trying to do with us okay so if you if the hosting company uses jet pack then it makes it easier for the customer but do you know each use our host first do we really choose our host first based upon that kind of feature set yeah I mean if I were to look at it I just bought a car recently and I bought a kia and I no joke bought this car because I had car play in it was the cheapest car could get that had carpal and it was a hybrid so because of those two factors I could have our place like listen to my music and build have the thing up on the screen and not the pay for updates for a DVD updates for being a will the application or in those sorts of things but I was also beat I was also able to actually you know how you know how CarPlay in my car so I was able to have that experience so I was I looking for I was looking for a car I was looking for a hybrid car and I was looking for a hybrid cars also included CarPlay now wasn't a good bye that crappy a crappy car just as the things were in there as buying because there's a good card a hundred thousand mile warranty evil but there's all these extra things but I guess what I'm saying is I would go look for a web host because I'm gonna get jet pack for free just like for instance another example this would be like T. mobile to mobile just recently had a thing a couple months back were if you signed up for the T. mobile one plan you would also get Netflix for free and it's like whoa you get free Netflix how cool is that no are you going to go and pick T. mobile because you're gonna get networks are free now I mean what most people pay for Netflix so now you have the whole issue of converting your account to a Netflix account that's tied in the T. mobile so I guess the value add things are really good but I don't know if the value add things are I don't know if I'm looking for that but now you add to figure out if the product is going to be worth it for me the right that car is different than me by a car raise this year warily more technical so I would be the consumer you would be the agency right now you're looking at tech specs I'm looking at car payments right right I will as a single woman I want a car that list glasses payment so yes I bought a civic okay you're like I want this feature this feature of this feature buy me the cheapest one that does that that's right are done but you're comparing Russ us as I have and I knew I wanted a sort certain region of manufacturers someone's Japanese car that would outlive his payments right so that so the thing is like that's what I'm confused about the the partnership with the hosting company and I'm wondering like is just packed in a win from this is going to be a better experience for the consumer do they think this helps agencies choose the because well it guarantees that the debt the plug ins gonna be enabled because you're providing them be additional of thing you're getting the whatever the the paid version of it is so you're getting that for free so that that's going to allow that's going to want you you know it's gonna tell you Hey you should go out and all of us so because nothing to do with the consumer at all none of this stuff ever usually has no consumer you just saw unlocked it for me and my yeah yeah so like with the team to us brainstorm from what to write yeah numbers on a balance sheet because remember are there was that weird question at the Chino it Europe was somebody asked to some is by at automatic yeah and I brought this up on water cooler and enter religious kind of like and I was like I'm telling you I mean I'm not to bring up the number for a software company what makes you valuable customer base the size your customer base so if they don't like another they get that many more customers god you just another good example is is you know that the company that does a movie house right some movie house they went and %HESITATION and I can't bear the name of the movie after I made that the good girl or whatever but there's a movie that they actually put money into like they you know they invested in this movie and when they invest in the movie they went and told her but you can go watch this movie for free if you had really fast so now it's happening is everybody is good to watch movies for free they're paying for the movie past because movie passes just a credit card essentially to the to the US of the movie theater just a credit card so they go and run it through now everyone bets bill to have taken a look and go well this thing had a zillion people go watch the movie the well they got it for free so it is still another good example of this route regarding %HESITATION automatic is when automatic lists their their preferred and what the terminology as well it's just a preferred preferred web hosts those guys one great somebody's paying automatic and automatic providing them with the service it's an advertising play in the whole piece so because of that now you have these web posts that are paying into the fact that you know they want to have %HESITATION they wanna be advertised to as Hey here's a place you should probably go on host there were press start dot org self hosted site and here's a company that will do it for you and that goes into a whole nother kind of you know we're not a business does this podcast but marking bar to use business yeah yeah but we're but we're not like a dead biz Dev or something like that I mean it that we're the only ones talking about this yeah I know bases talk about this right because you're afraid to I don't really care because you know what this has nothing to do with the users this has to do with the host getting our judgment just like you said and she had a pack getting more customers so the other men that can be sold at a higher price and when did you get sold sure remember this W. people out as we all deserve Britta calling Google blab that's why we are hate this is all so we just change the order of business development as well marketing like that's what marketing is a strategic communications and this is a this is a marketing ploy in order to increase artificially or otherwise the value of a company to sell it yeah is inherently what are our show is about what I am much bigger scale I kept thinking why would why would that's why I was like put on Facebook us weeding out I shared I like short with press suppose my client unlike what is this is so weird is eight to hosting seems so independent to me not like it doesn't make sense for them to be in bed with %HESITATION automatic but there's other companies are also doing this to us not just right yeah possible gives you a premium that's worse for having me not out free one the free one that costs twenty five dollars oh wow that's really going to make the switch from siteground or blue host a two is it yeah I need to get of the agency is you don't even use jet pack I mean his comments on my Facebook thread are not it's true right okay they're not gonna get the finance or agencies that's not that's going to make them want to leave so they the other thing with jet pack is that jet pack also has a theme component to it as well so you can actually go and shop for themes and beyond the findings that you want and do that so what with the automatic is trying to do is they're wanting to make sure that no matter what they can make some money in some fashion in one of these things by providing this one this one plugin that automatically installed it or can be installed into wordpress and can be automatically installed are pushed into somebody's insulation from the web host who has done whatever type of deal that they need to do in order to be able to provide the policy the on boarding is easy is easy are yeah it would be interesting and it would be an interesting experiment to get somebody like John Tucker record like show and tell a first hand account from scratch I do see her experience she has plenty of websites and play that much the way the host wants you to have it or whatever or maybe just the summit like somebody who's not because when I used to work for us dot com ten years ago it looks like wordpress does now but we can tell and I tried to make it dot com account of you know like I don't know like a year and a half ago we were both super frustrated because the U. I had completely changed and it was not I do not understand it at all and he was completely frustrated so like theirs it does that onboarding of a website that's the biggest fallen that's were square space in which are winning add to that Gunzburg is trying to solve that and they have jetpack already installed I think that maybe they're trying to make I mean we're not talking about the fact that jet pack competes with other against in the word press ecosystem that don't have the capital over the political power to be that %HESITATION front facing now I have like beaver builder partners with people and you know go Daddy partners was whatever emotional market places there and cut I mean my job market players as some of those places as a kid I mean it costs money to run a business so you know I don't know I'm just saying like so that's the best reality but you know it you know it's funny because in this world of of lego website building jet packs the millennium falcon care and all you just want a bill is like house you need is just too much yeah there's quite a bit that's that's involved in and jet pack itself and there's plenty of great organs that were like they they made it the minute they made it so that people who want to use it because if you're not going to spend a whole bunch of extra money on a CD and or if you're doing any type of like science he type stuff media's let's track to be able to display you know %HESITATION but equations in those sorts of things a whole bunch these different reasons why you would want to use it and I mean I I myself I use it on a few of my sites and there's there's great reason to use it but there's also there's also other alternatives that are out there as well and there's also ways of turning off a bunch functionality that's in jetpack using plugins that people have made just like how you can do disable %HESITATION stuff that's in your store you can disable stuff and a whole bunch of other different %HESITATION plugins that are out there as well anyways food for thought you're really dark it is getting pretty dark which is why I did was talk this out real quick you know it's like to be on a normal %HESITATION night or anything like that but we'll definitely have a show out there so you guys can go take a look at that and go from there so so always crazy summer months are always crazy for for any of the shows I've done for you know black in the years I've been doing them and %HESITATION yeah you got to kind of make things happen or what as good show I mean it's good to talk about and I would love to hear the comments of the you too I mean I know we don't have a regular chat but like you is you know what because of the people on Facebook or not really recommending that maybe you know maybe some something the hosting company selected here about maybe they think this is a really good member maybe it's not alright well I mean if it comes to the fact that they're bringing in %HESITATION income marketing from the the wordpress dot org site saying you know prefer web hosted this that I can see where that's going to happen also when it comes to you know to looking at the jet pack side of it enjoy packed there's there's plenty of places a big input there's a website is a web host slow rivers run attested by the laces Richard as other web word proposed not a preferred weapon that's not saying that that exist yet what I'm saying is you can definitely do that you know just like if you use in your speed tests that are out there to just test your internet connection you do that and all of those are out there will tell you you should go switch the rising because rise in Spain but then you go to weeks later and I like you know you should be using charter you should use anything whatever like they don't care where they get the money from it they just wanna make sure that there are getting some money from so they'll find the competitor in and they'll tell you they can better their lives in that area Hey this is where you should go and do it and bring them and all that sort of stuff so we're not making a value judgment I mean we're still on the wordpress based on a mac is a great company they have good benefits and also people working there that also donate their own time is not part of their job we're pressed project but you know it's a legitimate thing to talk about we're not afraid you're on to the people that and so I say thank you very much for you %HESITATION you know being able to sit down and talk about this and for the folks that are at home that are watching this thing or listening to it as the audio podcast corridor website I did you work or not arm find this particular episode go down to the comments and leave us a comment tell us about this bridge we're going posts on this particular link to the Khan the common thread that she had going on on Facebook and let's get some folks to talk about this stuff and I'm hopefully talk about it more republics ascending versus you know bridges private post about the stuff or what have you alright folks only talked a leader you have a good one rigid for %HESITATION being %HESITATION knowledgeable and able to just quickly jump in and make this happen so she talked all winter yeah

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