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WPwatercooler Network consists of two main shows - WPwatercooler and WPblab, recorded weekly - one monthly show, Community Connections, and two specialty shows recorded during events and new product releases: HallwayTrack and WPshowandtell.

All of these shows can be sponsored using the links at the bottom of the page.


  • Launched September 24, 2012.
  • 1/2 hour episode recorded each week
  • Video version recorded on YouTube Live and made available in the archives on YouTube.com and on WPwatercooler.com
  • 30-100 people watch the show live on YouTube each week
  • We have live streamed 263 episodes to date
  • Average video receives 300-500 views per episode of its lifetime on YouTube some more depending on the topic.
  • Average audio podcast episode receives  500-1000 downloads
  • @WPwatercooler has 3300+ social media followers
  • Hosts
    • Jason Tucker
    • Steve Zehngut
    • Sé Reed
    • Russell Aaron
    • George Stepanis


  • Launched October 5, 2015.
  • We have live streamed 94 episodes on YouTube
  • We've recorded 94 episodes that were released as an audio podcast
  • Receive more than 60,000 downloads collectively on WPwatercooler network of show
  • @wpblab 2100+ followers
  • Hosts
    • Jason Tucker
    • Bridget Willard

Community Connections

  • Launched April 11, 2017.
  • We have live streamed 10 episodes on YouTube
  • We've recorded and released 10 episodes as an audio podcast
  • Hosts
    • Bridget Willard
    • Jen Miller


  • Launched September 24, 2012.
  • We have recorded 38 videos at 4  WordCamps
  • Received 1500 views from our interviews at WordCamps
  • Recieved 400+ views from our Women In Tech at WordCamp US 2017 hosted by 12 year old girl in tech, Jessalyn Tucker
  • 40 individuals in the WordPress community interview
  • Hosts
    • Jason Tucker
    • Sé Reed
    • Jessalyn Tucker


  • Launched September 24, 2012.
  • A unique concept showcasing a single product for 20 minutes recorded as a live demo with the developer or business owner.
  • We have live streamed 490 videos to date!
  • Host
    • Jason Tucker
  • WordPress community
  • Web developers
  • Web designers
  • Social Media Markers
  • Bloggers
  • Business Owners

Single Show - Sponsor

$200 per episode
  • Your company name, product, and website will be read live at the top of the show just before we intro our guests
    Hi, this is Jason Tucker and your watching WPwatercooler episode number 123, today's topic is "Topic name here". This episode is brought to you by "[Your Company Name] maker of [Product Name] check them out at [YouCompanyName.com] for more info." Let's go around the room and get everyone introduced ... "
  • A link to your website will be in the show notes on wpwatercooler.com
  • A link to your website will be in the youtube description on this episodes YouTube video
  • A link to your website will be in the show notes on displayed in the the audio podcast player
  • A link to your website will be in our weekly mailing list showcasing the previous week's episodes from all of the shows on the network.
  • WPwatercooler is happy to be part of a brand awareness campaign for our sponsors. All marketing is an expense and we appreciate you spending your marketing budget with us.


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