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WPwatercooler - A Weekly WordPress Talk Show

WPwatercooler is recorded Fridays at 11:00 am Pacific on streamed on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter (Periscope) 469 episodes over the last 7 years.

EP362 Why you should client proof a WordPress website yt

EP362 – Why you should client-proof a WordPress website

This week we’re going to be discussing the daunting task of why you should to client proof of WordPress website.

Each week our host Jason Tucker brings together people from the WordPress community to discuss WordPress and how it is changing our businesses and our lives. This is built as a light-hearted edutainment show where education is an accidental byproduct of the entertainment.

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Jason Tucker
Steve Zehngut
Sé Reed
Russell Aaron
Jason Cosper

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Smart Marketing Show

Recorded Fridays at 9am PT live on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and as an audio podcast over the last 4 years, 160 episodes to date!

Smart Marketing Show is a marketing show where we explore the various ways of marketing using WordPress.

Hosted by Bridget Willard and Jason Tucker

Dev Branch - A web developer branch of WPwatercooler

A web developer branch of WPwatercooler, recorded and streamed live on the first Friday of the month. 11:00 am Pacific on YouTube, Facebook and Periscope

Each week we bring together web developers from the community to discuss WordPress.  Forked from WPwatercooler.

Jason Tucker
Steve Zehngut
Sé Reed
Russell Aaron
Jason Cosper

Between the episodes blog

wpf summit feature

Watch the WP FeedBack Summit on!

You know how much we at the “watercooler” love hallway tracks? Well, Jan Koch and Vito Peleg joined forces and built WP FeedBack Summit.

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Through my pursuit of supporting the show and innovation, I found a great tool. I’d love to help support my co-hosts, keep the lights on at home, and innovate the show.  Patreon seems to be a great way to do so.

Dev Branch yt

Launch of Dev Branch, WPwatercooler’s new Developer focused show – Press Release

After Seven years of beginner-focused live shows and podcasting, WPwatercooler launches new developer-focused show

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