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General WordPress Discussions Suitable For All Levels Of Experience


Ep400 9 years and 400 episodes wpwatercooler

EP400 – 9 Years and 400 Episodes!

Tube channel, the many awesome people we have on the show, and what our plans are for next year leading up to 10 years!

Dev Branch

WordPress Technical Features & Tricks From Web Developers In The Community


Ep14 developing wordpress developers dev branch

EP14 – Developing WordPress Developers

This month on Dev Branch we’re discussing developing the content to develop WordPress developers with Hauwa Abashiya and Courtney Engle Robertson. Who can Learn help? – Make WordPress Training PROPOSAL – Learner Achievements on Profiles High-Level Roadmap to Learning WordPress Development – Make WordPress Training Learn WordPress   Panel Jason Tucker – Steve Zehngut –…

From our blog

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Podcasting about WordPress, what I learned in 9 years

Back in 2004, my wife and I were planning our wedding and we needed a wedding website so we registered to track our wedding story and keep people up to date on events leading up to our marriage. At that time I was playing with Mambo, which later became Joomla. I was not a…
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Wpwatercooler discord blog

Join our Discord and chat with the WPwatercooler Community

We launched a Discord server in hopes of gathering the WordPress community together to talk shop, learn together and share experiences with one another.
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Support us on patreon

Support Us On Patreon

Through my pursuit of supporting the show and innovation, I found a great tool. I'd love to help support my co-hosts, keep the lights on at home, and innovate the show.  Patreon seems to be a great way to do so.
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Dev branch yt

Launch of Dev Branch, WPwatercooler’s new Developer focused show – Press Release

After Seven years of beginner-focused live shows and podcasting, WPwatercooler launches new developer-focused show
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Youtube were accepting sponsors talk directly to our audience

Sponsoring WPwatercooler and WPblab: What That Includes

You've decided to sponsor WPwatercooler or WPblab. We appreciate that. So, what do you get? The short answer is this: spoken and clickable links both on the website and in the podcast, mentions, and, if applicable, spoken ads.
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