EP61 – Our favorite WordPress people to follow on social media – WPwatercooler – Nov 11 2013

Show Notes:

On this episode of WPwatercooler we will be discussing our favorite WordPress people to follow on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Github Dribble even Instagram! We’re not leaving one stone unturned (ok, we may.. this is a 30 minute show!) Live stream starts at 11am PDT / 2pm EST / 18:00 GMT

Google+ mentioned


Advanced WordPress

Twitter accounts mentioned

[followbutton username=”chrislema” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”Steveorevo” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”GreggFranklin” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”Kovshenin” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”

[followbutton username=”markjaquith” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”nacin” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”otto42″ count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”Ipstenu” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”BobWP” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”pippinsplugins” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”jpetersen” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”BillErickson” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”jaredatch” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”leftlane” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”wp101″ count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”Glandrum77″ count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”jakemgold” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”williamsba” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”armeda” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”alexkingorg” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”jeffr0″ count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”wptavern” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”socalwp” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”bastosmichael” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”thetorquemag” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”syedbalkhi” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”SiobhanPMcKeown” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”yoast” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”marktimemedia” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”dustyf” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

[followbutton username=”jenniferbourn” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

Attendee List

Suzette Franck
Suzette Franck
Media Temple
Developer[followbutton username="Mt_suzette" count="true" lang="en" theme="light"]
Austin Gunter
Austin Gunter
WP Engine, y\'all
Marketer[followbutton username="austingunter" count="true" lang="en" theme="light"]
sé reed
sé reed
Sé Reed Media
Developer, Designer, Marketer[followbutton username="sereedmedia" count="true" lang="en" theme="light"]
George Stephanis
George Stephanis
Developer, Software Architect[followbutton username="daljo628" count="true" lang="en" theme="light"]
Jason Tucker
Jason Tucker
Developer[followbutton username="jasontucker" count="true" lang="en" theme="light"]
Steve Zehngut
Steve Zehngut
Zeek Interactive, Inc.
Developer[followbutton username="zengy" count="true" lang="en" theme="light"]


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  1. David Peralty on November 11, 2013 at 11:18 am

    Please update the show notes with the people you guys select, as I’m sure we’d all love to follow the people you’ve selected.

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