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WPblab EP64 – WordPress Community, the best thing to help you level up your career w/ Roy Sivan

On this episode:

Jason Tucker
Roy Sivan
Bridget Willard

Show Notes:

This week on WPblab we’ll be talking with Roy Sivan about the best thing to help you level up your WordPress career.

Name Factoid:

Celtic Meaning: The name Roy is a Celtic baby name. In Celtic the meaning of the name Roy is: Red haired.

WP Crowd – WordPress community mastermind group / video show

Mastermind sundays at 6pm PST 

WordPress community is very unique among tech communities because of the level of sharing … you can come in without knowing anything and level up from the ground up. Other communities can be judgy about beginner / entry-level questions.

Got a gig working for Disney because of a talk he gave at a WordCamp

Teaching other people in the WP community also helps you to level up because you get to know your subject matter better as you prepare to teach it

Church IT Roundtable http://citrt.com

Epoch – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_time

Being open source makes WordPress and it’s community unique – people are more open and more generous with their knowledge and time. A great example: WordCamps – only $40 for a whole weekend (with lunches!) and you learn so much for so little

Having one code mentor is a great way to learn! But with the WordPress community you have hundreds of mentors!




Masterminds help you keep accountable – good way to level together in a smaller, more focused group

Try participating in local hackathons to push yourself a little further and learn more quickly

Get involved in your local meetup, they are always looking for speakers of all levels and you can learn so much from the other members.

Meetups can help you get out of shell – get used to speaking to a smaller group. It’s a good place to work on a new topic that you might want to one day present at a WordCamp in front of a larger audience.

Spend sometime outside of the WordPress spectrum – expose yourself to authors, podcasts, books, experts, etc. in adjacent interest areas that can help broaden your understanding (Get out of the bubble!)

Folks that helped us with our show notes

  • James Tryon – @jamestryon
  • Cheryl LaPrade – @YayCheryl
  • Sherie LaPrade – @HeySherie
  • Adam Silver @heyadamsilver


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