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WPwatercooler is recorded Friday at 11:00 am Pacific

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Today we’re discussing WordCamps with: Lucy Beer, Suzette Franck, Jon Brown, Verious Smith III, Cody Landefeld, Chris Lema, Steve Zehngut, Dre Armeda, Jeff Hester and our host Jason Tucker.


  • Meeting people face to face and that awkward moment when you realize you aren’t following someone you just met.
  • Networking and social aspects are key for these events.
  • Observing knowledge and learning, after attending a few events you tend to pick and choose the talks to want to see.
  • Hallway discussions are used more with the seasoned WordCampers.
  • Meeting in person makes it feel more like a community then just knowing people online.
  • Meetups are great for local networking, WordCamps bring in talented people from all over the country/world.
  • Dre speaks about WordCamp San Diego and how he brings in people that make his WordCamp a great event.
  • Intensive learning in 1 day is important to Suzette
  • Best sessions for Steve Z are the ones with more discussions occurring during the talk then just a presentation.
  • Cody L discusses his recent talk at WPLV and how he may team up with someone else to do more of a discussion about UX than a presentation about UX.
  • Dre talks about the Sucuri security presentations and how they go about doing their talks at various WordCamps. Lots of interaction.
  • Jeff Hester talks about various ways that people do things during their talks and how you can learn more by their live demos
  • Everyone asked Jon Brown about his upcoming WordCamp Maui, no date yet but all 10 of use want to go! Lots of logistics to still work out.
  • Suzette purchased tickets to BuddyCamp Vancouver
  • Question: What is the farthest WordCamp you have attended:
    • Cody – Austin, bbq!
    • Steve – San Diego
    • Lucy – Seattle
    • Chris – Toronto
  • Question: Where is one that you’d like to attend?
    • Jeff Hester – Maui and Paris
    • Dre – Australia
    • Chris – He’d suffer through going to Maui
  • Question: Do you bring your family and kids to WordCamp if it’s in a remote location?
    • Dre – He has 30 kids, no way.
    • Chris – Travels 30-40% a year, he sometimes takes them but typically local.
    • Jason – Wants to take his up to SF next year.
  • WordCamp IE?
  • WordCamp Fresno?



  • Dre speaks about PressNomics
    • Lots of movement and growth in the community
    • Interacting on the service level
    • Happening in AZ on 11/8, 11/9, 11/10 3 day event, $150 (early bird) or $250 ticket price
    • Tickets on sale now
  • Read more about PressNomics

WordPress Community Summit

  • Tybee Island GA, USA.
  • October 29, 2012
  • Invitation Only
  • Talk about WordCamps and other WordPress related events
  • How to influence positive change in the community
  • A few people on the panel would love to go to this
  • Jon is interested in it and had some points regarding them
    • WordCamps
    • Manuals, Codex
    • How to run WordCamp
    • Pain points in how code is generated
  • No schedule just yet at the time of this recording
  • Looking forward to the format of this event
  • Chris thinks we need more people with more opinions *jokingly*
  • Dre thinks there needs better two way communication between
  • Invite only, Lucy thinks that more siloing will occur
  • Jon says there was a nomination process to the inviting
  • Read more about WordPress Community Summit

Dev Day at WordCamps

  • Jon speaks about Dev Day at WordCamp Las Vegas and how much he learned while there
  • Dev days and hallway networking is important to Jon

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