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This week on WPblab, Bridget Willard & Jason Tucker speak with Jon Brown about his life as a nomad, being the remote boss and working with remote workers. We also get into travel, dealing with slow wifi, having redundant internet access when abroad and his collection of cellular phone sim cards.

Later in the show, we are joined by Russell Aaron and Made Better Studio to ask some questions live on the air.

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Podchaser - Smart Marketing Show
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Avatar of jason tucker Jason Tucker says:

hahaha his beard makes noises

Avatar of cemal tashan Cemal Tashan says:

rain ? what is that

Avatar of elena rego Elena Rego says:

pssst. Jon brown your beard is making noises. 😉

@MadeBetter Nice 🙂 Maybe just stay with PayPal. :9

But recurring comes standard with PayPal Donations 😉

@MadeBetter Mom got it for a joke.

@MadeBetter Recurring is complicated and yes it does cost bot often increases donations by 40%.

Awww it would just be me…

Much much much better

@YouTooCanBeGuru good thing you don’t live in vegas… we had 3 weeks over 100 degrees here 🙂

Avatar of paul oyler Paul Oyler says:

wondered what that buzzing was…

Avatar of elena rego Elena Rego says:


yeah. it’s your face audio

@PappyOyler It does. 🙂

Avatar of paul oyler Paul Oyler says:

sounds like a vacuum running when Jason is talking

@YouTooCanBeGuru – Checked out using Give for a nonprofit client of mine… but it’s a bummer because we’re not able to use recurring donations out of the box like we are via PayPal for free 🙁 Soooo yea – but I’d love to give you some feedback on other premium addons that would be beneficial to nonprofits for sure!

Avatar of jason tucker Jason Tucker says:

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

@youtoocanbeguru Hootsuite!

@jpurpleman Exactly.

@youtoocanbeguru yeah. your right. hop on hop off. can’t do that on google.

@jpurpleman And people can jump in and out.

Woot woot @YouTooCanBeGuru <3

@jpurpleman It’s more like democracy.

Wooot!! @Jason Tucker finally spills his guts on how he’s using Blab!

Hey Jason. Why use this over Google Hangouts?

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