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WPwatercooler is recorded Friday at 11:00 am Pacific

WordCamp Minneapolis / St. Paul

Russ spoke about Voiceblogging

I blog out loud. I use my phone to capture my voice and turn it into text content. I copy and paste the content into a new post. Now all I have to do is add a few images and links. In just 15 minutes, you can have your next blog post written.

Russ has written (voiceblogged?) about this on his website: Voice To Text Blogging is the way of the future. Here’s How I Use Daily.

Russ walked around the camp and promoted his talk to people using a sign. He had a full house at his talk and things worked out well.

Sé was broadcasting from WeWork (not a sponsor but call us if you want to sponsor!)

Jason shared Drafts as an app to do voice blogging on iOS using it’s dictation feature

Jason talks about using Drafts to remember things that have happened during his drives for Lyft. Funny things people say or incidents that occurred.

Russ shared with is the Coming Soon plugin called Easy Coming Soon.

Sé shares with us Gutenberg and her experience with using it with clients and interacting with clients that are using it.

Better Search Replace is a great way to search and replace content all over the WordPress database for text that needs to be changed globally on the website

Regular Expression RegEx

Russ got rid of all of his slides for his talks. Sé was talking about how she has to update her slides when technology changes.

Jason proposes that you bring an AppleTV to a WordCamp and tell people to connect to the AppleTV or Chromecast during your talk. Then you can talk about it as if you were an expert.

Jason talk about the Touchbar Macbook and his favorite thing with the touch bar on the mac Knight Touchbar 2000

Check out it’s awesome

Wanna be on a future episode of WPwatercooler? Visit our Upcoming Events page.


hey what's up everyone this is Jason
Tucker and this is Davey water-cooler
episode number 287 we don't have a topic
today we're just gonna we're just gonna
just shoot it we're just gonna hang out
talk I've been hardcore we're vibing
yeah exactly we're we're talking about
air pods and we're talking about
microphones and headphones and all sorts
of fun stuff like that as most people do
on podcast they just talk about all the
things that they require in order to do
a podcast some Russ
tell us about your microphone do you buy
we work nice so Russ tough looks who you
are and we'll we'll get through our
little three seconds worth of
introductions real fast here I'm Russ I
live in Las Vegas and I do things
WordPress and I'm wearing my I'm wearing
my Minnesota State Fair t-shirt even
though it's kind of dark
I'm gonna fix lighting pretty soon so
yeah nice yeah you know we're all
sitting here judging your lighting dress
well we're judging your microphones so
we're even telephone booth that you're
in over there a coffin that is really
weird there's the ceiling
there's your wig knit by candlelight
when does the water start fill it up in
the room like a you know a nice gray and
faux leather seat bench mm-hm
alright the area the exit is kind of
like one of those magician boxes we're
like you have to fold yourself into the
floor and then close the water so no but
I didn't say what my name was because we
need tell us about yourself
we have time today so we have time today
ready yourselves for banter folks what's
Who am I I'm saying Reid and I make our
best teachers best preacher at Fred's
favorite media on all the things and um
that still works for me pretty huh cool
cool what's that's good here
it's good dear I'm Jason Tucker you find
me over at Jason Tucker on Twitter my
website is Jason check out our blog I do
a whole bunch of stuff here on day view
water-cooler feel free to go take a look
at that or did WR comm subscribe or you
can learn how you subscribe to this show
and the other shows that we do on the
network these on your Jason Tucker dot
whatever like period yeah I just keep
changing it it's gonna be done little at
some point it's actually how you do
podcast a be testing as you just say you
know just talking Jason Tucker us just
talk about Oregon us I have both of
those both target marketing and a be
testing together TLD to the certain
groups you know doing and the dot
diamonds and you can also you know test
how they're coming in at yeah I like it
so some Tucker dog dentistry word cat
so use the deep that place is amazing
first of all I love word can Minneapolis
the speaker sponsor dinner went down at
modern tribe and I've never been to
their offices before
fun fact they have a bar right next door
so they provided drinks and it was well
actually so they had drink tickets for
all the speakers and when I got there at
7:15 all the tickets were gone so like
drinks went by pretty quick but it was
the fun event and the word camp was
great everybody wrote their names on
their own badges so like you got a badge
and they gave you a battery pack but
then like you got the Routan
I say graffiti but you have to draw your
name on your badge which is pretty cool
so like decorating their badges and
illustrating them so yeah you could
like they had stickers and stuff like
and it was kind of hard because I was
like your name is what like when the
printer in so they made it into a
feature and they sold the doesn't
feature it's always good to sell things
those features that you don't want to do
it was very right no it was like reading
somebody's Instagram bio and like just
it was like hi I'm Russell emoji I do
this emoji but like with stickers like
that's what it was let's go but so there
venue was in this place called Magnum
era Hall and like I have pictures online
and and we'll post them somewhere but
like this hall was incredible man and it
was called the hall I mean it looked
like a big it looked like a big pyramid
kind of thing but apparently you know
like I had a hallway so they called the
hall but like it was gorgeous like this
place was decorated like to the nines it
was completely adorable but like they
had wood paneling everywhere and like
have you ever been to the Grand Canyon
hotel at Disneyland like walk in and
like like that hugely definitely has
been there
Jason probably goes there once a day is
like Jason but so it kind of looks like
that layout man like it was just cool
like and all the speaker rooms were just
big and like everybody was engaged a
very very very fun camp and it was
around the Minnesota State Fair time so
we all left work camp and went to the
State Fair yeah minister what was the
fair length like the fair is nuts the
fried Oreos and fried butter sticks dude
I had a fried Snickers I had a fried
Oreo I had a fried Milky Way and I had a
fried Reese's Wow
and they were you pregnant or let's not
even talk about that because like that
that's a whole separate ride but she had
we had so much fun though but so like
like word camp was great I walked around
with the sign so I've never seen anybody
do this before like I advertise for
myself I went to win or no I went to
Walgreens and for like two bucks I got a
big white sheet like a big sign kind of
you doof like a class project and I said
let's talk about voice blogging and then
I put my the the time that I speak and
they put the room and then I decorated
it with like emojis and stuff and like I
just walked around Camp you're your own
height man and like in during during
lunch I just like I took one of my
GoDaddy bottles and I put my sign up
against it and I was just like free
advertising I look like one of the
sponsor booths but like very poor and
cheaply done actually there's an actual
suit casing is the word for if you are
advertising without but I don't think it
counts the same way if you are
advertising a talk that you're doing at
the camp I think that that's totally
valid can we call it brief casing I
don't know it seems totally valid
engagement yeah but so like I got a work
will come up to you yeah so like like I
used to go to work to her and like deta
have somebody walk around and they'd
have a sign that said like The Offspring
plays that 145 on the monster stage and
I was like that's kind of good
advertising you just have someone
walking around the crowd and advertising
and I was like I'll do that and I walked
around every room yeah it was fun and
people would be like oh you just need to
get a little attachment to like your
backpack that's like this and it like
blows maybe it's a USB port and it's
like that little lady guy that's in
front of oh dude oh that would be fun
possibly as one of those guys that would
be awesome
could you rent one of those just bring
it to word camp and plug it in and then
just like it's waving and those people
are like what's this and be like come
come into my tie
so what like one thing that I've always
struggled with is like I feel like when
when I go to word camp and I talk about
something I want to be upping my own
game so like I always try talking about
something new but then like I looked and
my I was up against to talk about
Guttenberg and I was like well that's
gonna suck because that's the big thing
so like that's obviously gonna be you
know like where the majority of the
group goes and that there is another one
called Back to the Future which was like
you know really interesting I kind of
when we go to that one too but I was
like how am I gonna get butts and chairs
how is this gonna happen now this is
like what is blogging yeah I was like
I'm just gonna be myself I'm gonna
advertise and you know worst-case
scenario is I get three people what was
your life I mean every chair but like
two was filled so it was pretty good
okay so when you're walking around it's
sad when people come up to you or what
so yes and no but mostly yes so like I
would stand there outside the room so
like like when one talk got out I'd go
outside one room and I'd stand there and
it's like someone would be like oh
what's that like we talk or like during
lunch like during lunch they had like
one long line where everybody like I
just stood there at the end next to like
the desserts so like no matter what by
the end of lunch like like you had to
see me like you're not gonna pass a
dessert that was like the dessert you're
like high-visibility IRL it's prime
really something like if I was an ad I
was in the header and like market there
talks like I don't thing that happens
there's not like come to my talk I mean
I guess they do on Twitter whatever all
I'm saying is that nobody there like I
saw was like on their phones or on
Twitter or like you know what like there
wasn't a huge thing going on for the
camp and I was like they're standing
right in front of me I'm gonna tweet and
hope this works or I could just be like
hey you know stand there like John
Cusack in the rain with my boom box and
be like you know I love you like you
please think of the boom box and just
write that on your sign because yes I
I did I didn't agree on that but do you
just hold up the sign that just says
boombox it doesn't actually look like
one it's just is this says boombox and
you just walk around with it like this
yes really important looking meeting
like having an office across the hall
from this it's making me very anxious I
just you know I'm like what are they
about their problems talking about some
startups it's not going to matter in 20
min I don't know this thing is like this
whole glass walls thing is really weird
like it makes me feel very strange I
think I didn't leave stomping on
everybody I saw I saw the Guttenberg
flag like the prompts on sometimes
screen I was like that so that's all
veterans on Dubourg don't click on it
I'm not responsible you should have
walked by and be like hey did you get
the 3/7 update or did you guys update
that bad boy or what oh my god are you
using WooCommerce because that's not
compatible I don't know if they can hear
me personal vacation issues I'm sorry I
want to talk about voice blogging for a
second can you think what would you talk
about I'm kind of interested so I could
so so my blog is about random stuff like
I don't blog about like the top 5
fashion trends or like I just have a
blog because like when I think about
things the only way to get them out of
my head is to write a blog post about it
so like I take my dog for a 20-minute
walk in the morning and I just
brainstorm ideas I'm like hey I heard
this funny joke how can I turn that into
a blog post or like I have a funny thing
about pockets let's brainstorm about
that so like I come up with an idea and
then I take my dog on another walk
around lunchtime and then I I start
making up stories right so like I come
up with crazy things and then at the end
of the day I have about an hour like
kind of what Jason does with his dog is
I just take him for a long walk and so I
plug my headphones into my phone and I
just opened up
keep and I turn on the microphone and
you just start talking into my phone and
I read my blog those don't keep like
keep dropping you like when I use it it
like basically like record chunks no
that's an iPhone an Android it just
works but on iPhone you have it stops
and starts over again it does timeout
like if you don't use it for a few
minutes it will stop the microphone
process oh no I'm on an iPhone like
you're using it and within like five
seconds it just stops and you're like oh
let me push it again and you go through
the whole thing again of doing it no way
but but so like I just keep and I just
start talking and I mean like like when
I write blog posts about WordPress like
I'm writing about something that I know
like eggs right now to like instead of
typing exactly what I'm saying as I'm on
water Glee right now like what if you
could just voice blog it and in ten
minutes I can write 1500 words which is
you know pretty awesome versus like
sitting in front of a computer and I get
my hands on home row and I got to make
sure I'm ready to go like I don't like
to actually type anymore so I voice blog
and it's just it's a it's a way for me
to when I tell a story
I get excited like we've been to word
camps together you've seen me drink
you've seen me get all crazy and excited
like I tell my blog post the same way
and hopefully they read it that way
instead of like sitting down and trying
to hit all my SEO keywords I just want
to get the meat of my story on paper or
on a digital platform and then copy and
paste over to WordPress and then I'll
make my edits and do stuff there that's
um so what's the workaround for me so
what I used
I use an app on the iPhone called drafts
and drafts whole thing is they call it a
where text starts so when you use drafts
you use this as a place to put all your
thoughts down before you turn it into a
text message or before you turn it into
an email so there's no like like yeah
and I go to box there's no nothing like
that so you're just putting intact
but it has a really cool thing on there
where you can push it to tell it to hit
record and I'll actually redo the
dictation on the fly as you're doing it
but it's doing better processing than
what Siri normally does by itself and it
stays on longer yeah it stays on
indefinitely so when I do my like idea
with rust-eze were what I'm driving out
when I'm driving for lyft a crazy person
that gets in my car I'll after I drop
them off I usually pull off to the side
of the road and I'll hit the drafts
button and I'll record things like yep
so I'll say like man that person was
crazy this and this happened blah blah
blah whatever and it it becomes text
that I can actually use later and then
later on on wait a minute because
because I had you picked me up and left
before so how many notes you have a meet
no I I'll tell you the hardest part
about voice blogging is this is so you
just said the word drafts yeah so like
you have to enunciate your words because
it might spell the word draft sure or it
might spell giraffe like the animal so
like you have to be precise with your
words like another one is are you know a
re or oh you are so but like also so you
can say R or you could say hours but
then it might think you're saying Hou RS
oh you are s so like voice blogging kind
of it's a jelly first or problem but
like for most from recognition software
doesn't differentiate between hours and
hours it's really frustrating
delete the H just like not know what I'm
trying to say you know but like for the
most part with Google keep like it will
try to read the sentence and like use
machine learning and be like oh it
probably should use this word and not
this word but like it's just those like
weather and weather like you know it
might use the right weather might use
the wrong weather like you know what
this reminds me of what's I email
yesterday plugins I was looking at
coming soon plugins and they all are
named the exact same thing and it's like
so frustrating
I'll have the same name but they all do
different things they all they're like
different whatever and they're like all
things they they all say easy coming
soon and I'm like like that was not easy
that's every single one like literally
coming soon programs was pretty funny
like and I was looking at it and it was
like I was thinking about that like how
is a user differentiating between these
last day I was looking at coming soon'
plugins and I said the same thing
because so like I used to use ultimate
coming soon because that was one of my
favorite ones and like apparently that
got bought or that got sold to somebody
else so now I have to use another one
called easy coming soon and like weird I
had to choose like my template and I had
to choose all this other stuff and then
like if you didn't put text in the field
they put its own default text and it's
not what I wanted my coming soon page to
say like it was a nightmare like I
almost just like made my own Guttenberg
page like I was that frustrated with it
right now you're having to check you
know we have to have with an eye for
future compatibility you are having to
be like okay is this a developed enough
plugin that it's probably going to get
the Gutenberg treatment or was it
updated like you know three days you
really have to pay attention to that
right now right yeah so it's making
every choice a little scary
okay feedback from some of the people
who have taken me
switched over WordPress plugins to me
have always been a little scary just
because like I don't know like if I hit
activate how many tables are gonna get
installed in my database it's kind of
like it's kind of thing how do you have
to use those tables migrating forever
not only that but like if I delete this
thing like are those tables going to
stay and like you know is there an
option that I'm not checking to say like
you know delete upon like there's so
many places to go and see like I kind of
feel like every plugin has its own sub
options of sub options and I'm like I'm
missing all of them and then I feel
excluded from my own website oh dude the
options table alone has ridiculous
amounts of just cruft
that just laying around in there from
playing around with different plugins
and stuff that's one thing to have
tables that you can actually delete the
table if you know you need to get rid of
it what I had to do remember how I was
talking about cleaning that website yeah
last week because of the way the entry
senses of gravity forms in trees based
contact that I was moving so there were
a lot of steps because gravity forms
doesn't natively move it's in trees
it'll take them out but it won't put
them in and so there are these other
issues but basically melt in your mouth
not in your head that's what it sound
like you're saying basically but they
and gravity news has a great review has
a great plugin called in front entries
but there were some issues that were
happening and so I was you know going
back and forth with them they were great
just shout out but basically I had to go
into the database because of the way the
gravity forms is was holding the data
for these particular injuries like it
was a upload image field
it was uploading them as text and so I
had to go in I couldn't modify it don't
even like text it was very weird I had
to go into modify it manually and change
the path of all the images to all of the
database Wow yeah did you use like the
CLI on that bad boy or something I'm not
really good great at scripts
I better service replace that that's a
plug-in man that I am the biggest fan of
it's a delicious brains plug-in but yeah
better search better search replace no
it's just called better search replace I
know but is it working in the database
yeah yeah so what you do is like you put
specifically what you want and then
specifically what you want to change it
to and then you can even do a dry run
and then you can you can even select the
tables that you want to look in it was
all messed up because it had the M
probably would have worked out I think
about if I had code like thought about
that but they have the all the what are
those things called like when you have a
web address and you have to have the
other a backslash version for
what what a backslash versus a
frontslash you're escaping them escaping
us that's right yeah it was all escaped
out and then whatever so it wasn't it
wasn't tracking like that well that's
where you could get it some regular
expressions like this - I was talking
about technology technology and
technology and how like it's so
frustrating sometimes when you get going
in a business or get going and what
you're doing and you're doing all the
things that you're doing and you know
how to do and then there's all this new
stuff that's happening and you're like I
want to know that - and then you know
Matt's over there like learn JavaScript
and then everyone's like no learn this
other thing and you're like hey I'm
learning on thanks put it all there but
then you don't use it you know and
you're like I kind of know how to do
that we're good and then you're like two
years later you're like shoot anyway
that's how I feel about tech right now
welcome to my world
long story about that I mimic like you
know all of the latest social media
plugins and you're like anyway I feel
the same way but it's like did you learn
react and did you learn this new thing
called view and did you download the new
snapchat filter and like did you have
this new thing forward oh by the way did
you hear Chrome got an update you switch
over HTTP are you using ipv6 right it's
a touch bar date your phone interface
okay wait this is us I feel so bad for
just consumers that are just like
everything's just like shifting
knowledge hi I'm like no one has any
concern for users and they yeah here's
what it is okay it's like if I'm the guy
that's just developing the touch bar I
live my life is just touch bar so I'm
pushing updates every five minutes cuz
I'm just a touch of our guy but like you
said as a consumer you have this touch
bar and you're just like I don't even
know what to do anymore like this guy
who I don't know is halfway across the
world like being a nerd yeah he's
obsessed and I'm just like dude chill
for a minute like let me learn let me
learn HTML and then we'll work on an
HTML too
three I'll get the five eventually it's
faster than that okay you know every you
know I do these different I do talks
every year and stuff and it's like
whenever I go in and I update all my
slides I'm doing a big chunk next week
and I I'm updating all my slides and
everything and I'm like man I feel that
how do people keep up like I got rid of
slides like screwed no I I'm like like
okay for 40 minutes I'm gonna talk about
voice blogging but like I feel like I'm
entertaining enough that I don't need
slides and like it's it's more annoying
where I'm like hold on and I have to go
over and hit the arrow it or like hit
the space like move my slide like or I
have that this pointer like it's just
not for me so like when you're doing
slides like are you trying to time your
slides to your talk and like do you
practice them like like just hook up a
chromecast or an apple tree just do the
thing and I would just I would just
force it I would just tell everybody in
the crowd like hey connect to this Apple
TV and display something on the screen
and I'll talk about it for 15 min I want
to do that so bad like like the pretty
light like the problem is like when you
go to a word camp like you're on the
university of minnesota's Wi-Fi so
you're networking like there's some dude
who's like the IT guy who's not gonna
let you join your chromecast but I would
love to do that that would be fun it'd
be so much fun
wait that's basically just like a live
pitch that kind of deal right whatever
and then I'll just sit here and talk
about it for 15 minutes we could use
secure in your knowledge really whatever
it's like an a constant AMA like we
broke whatever just bring it we could be
at the Innovation Center like like where
we hold our meetups like they have an
Apple TV in each room and like anybody
could just connect to it and kick the
next person off and like weakly oh yeah
that would be so much fun thank you
birds like battle question it's kind of
it kind of
it's kind of like when you deactivate
all your plugins and then you activate
them all it's like which screen is gonna
take you to first like this jetpack
windows custom meta box windows
Guttenberg wins I always like playing
that game usually advanced custom field
wins all the time yeah I don't even so
do you do you guys have the touch bar
MacBook nope either one video I was
gonna share with you my favorite I'll
share with you my favorite thing that I
do with the touch bar I still want to
know you do touch bar yeah exactly
there's an app out there called
night-night touch bar mm and no joke
it's the it's the it's the KITT car
light that goes across does that non
stop on there it's so cool like the kit
like that thank you oh wow but it
doesn't actually talk to you no but it
just goes back and forth people in
office next to me are like doing some
crazy like shared switching I've never
made for this environment say I just
want to tell you it's really person that
walks into that phone booth and then
looks the other direction instead of
what's out the window if I did that all
seeing them those dents caps and you'll
just sit in the corner and then you'll
just sit there and do your work thank
you any blinders nothing else no whole
rooms with people over there
anyway we should promo very next episode
so next episode yeah and next episodes
gonna be fun so if you remember a couple
episodes back we talked about 14 I
talked about forking WordPress and the
idea of of taking the WordPress project
and working it coming up with their own
thing to do with it and so we're gonna
be talking with a guy who he did this
thing called classic press and so we're
gonna talk with the talk with him about
how classic press is working and how
he's going to live the
Gutenberg lifestyle and see how that
whole thing works so it's gonna be
really interesting so shootin burgers is
this is this like WordPress's version of
cutting the cord right okay to talk
about it next week I hope I can join
I'll be flying so I'll be on an airplane
so that'll be fun I'm just gonna be
there baby falls in from random places
awesome so that's what we'll be talking
about next week so feel free to come
hang out with us over and ap water
cooler I would appreciate that and if
you're interested in subscribe to this
stuff de PUE our comm / subscribe lastly
just to let you know Russ read ahead
read his rest redesigned his website I
don't know if you guys have seen this
but Russ's website is essentially
powered by water cooler and so if you go
over to his website at at Russell in be
calm his site has all of the videos from
all of the water coolers that he's been
on so you know not to say that say read
media needs to have this done but last
year last year so like that's real I'm
just keeping it real I'm just really I'm
really big into this like self-promotion
kind of thing right now so like you know
it's all about me especially on my own
website so I was like well that's gonna
advertise that's awesome man well I
appreciate that thank you very much so
make sure you orders website and go take
a look at it and yeah talk to y'all
later peace

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