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EP334 – Forcing WordPress Updates
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Show Notes

This week on WPwatercooler we discuss WordPress forcing updates on the older version of the software. We compare and contrast this to web hosts doing these sorts of things and what the future may hold for updates of this nature.

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[bctt tweet=”‘Hell yeah, I think it’s good.’ @boogah ” username=”Wpwatercooler”]

[bctt tweet=”‘My opinion is changing because the WordPress rollout schedule has been changing. …You’re talking about sites that are run by non-technical people. They may not know what to do or have the resources to fix it.’ @Zengy ” username=”Wpwatercooler”]

[bctt tweet=”‘In my opinion, this should be between the hosting companies and site owners, not WordPress and site owners.’ @emanweb” username=”Wpwatercooler”]

Show Topics and Further Reading

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