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We know you know your business. You work magic for your clients, maximize their SEO, send amazing drip campaigns, write their content, and even build their site. But what about your own website? The saying about the cobbler’s kids having no shoes is completely avoidable. In this episode, Jason and Bridget will talk about having that objective eye and how her own site has evolved since 2015.

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hey what's up everyone this is Jason Tucker and this is WP watercoolers WP blab episode number 124 this particular episode is brought to you by servers press makers of desktop server feel free to go take a look at their website over at server press com they've been doing some amazing stuff over there lately and if you're looking at doing local web development they make it easy so feel free to go take a look at that well Bridget we've paid the bills let's talk a little bit about the particular topic at hand so we're gonna be talking about why even WordPress professionals need to hire right yeah oh my god lesson learned you pitched you pitched this one and I was like wow alright it sounds like an interesting topic heck yeah I wanna talk about that it's so funny because I mean obviously people know that I blog about small business marketing branding and social media Richard wheeler calm right I've been doing business to business social media since 2009 so 10 years I've been doing marketing on social media for businesses and you know in 2015 I finally built my site that wasn't you too can be a guru adult WordPress com you know that was like what you know my big exciting thing from you know learning things that were camping yeah here's my site and it's works this mobile whatever and I and I and I get now I get paid to look at people's websites to tell him I have no idea what you do your bio is terrible I just wasn't makin what do you have what is it when you have one finger point in the back you know three point investing and we always say all the converse children have no shoes but our web sites are our portfolios right well I thought you know instead of humiliating something else it would be good III think I think it's a great idea and I think that we're able to have this time a discussion in a nice open environment and we're not we're not feeling like we're being judged about anything or anything like that and it's always nice when you've already resolved the situation and you're just kind of talking about what was already resolved that makes it easy to you know yeah for sure so I mean a lot of us are well I would say maybe 90% of our audience who's watching the show and thanks for watching I'll give us a shout out on Twitter WP blab um we are self talk right and so we know oh I need to tell people I have a website so therefore we throwing up sometimes static HTML we still want to deal with stuff hope to god it's not on Wix but whatever that's where I started in 2007 I mean it's real right so because some I'm a something is better than nothing person so perhaps the more perfectionistic people would have already like completely had drawings and done things in balsamic to have you know there are wireframes because they already wrote their content they spent nine months mapping this out I'm like I don't have time for that website right so the thing is that I originally started you too could be a guru tongue-in-cheek like social media is not that hard people just be a polite normal human being and you'll win every time because no matter what happens with technology human behavior never changes if I go to Hennessey's and I say hello to people guess who's nice to me the people I say hello to it's really not that hard it's repres of prosody hard to say easy to do right and so and so I started this blog on WordPress because somebody would ask me a question you know what like you do and then like oh yeah here's the reason it's like even today somebody said to me on Twitter how do I build my following and I was like oh I have a blog post ten ways to build your following right so originally it was just like a purse so kind of archive and my unsolicited advice tutorials etc right and then all of a sudden we're in 2017 and I'm doing this full-time it's no longer a side hustle right it is the hustle my part-time job is the side hustle Trista sighs calm well I liked it why against a travel agent they don't take Commission you know what you're right and so that's the side hustle so I was like okay I hate this thing gonna blow over and then I got a tattoo which I turned into a logo thanks to sharing show lupron you know so it was a process and this this is not unlike any other WordPress story like I I will like cut to the quick for the people who just started watching and say here's the it's too long I didn't read Rhonda Nygaard from fat dog creatives redesigned my homepage in less than 24 hours I had three minutes time on site and dropped my balance rate by almost 11 percent okay but it didn't just start there right so I so I foot stood around they made my logo all of a sudden I have now I'm like a root legitimate or edema and Leto or my fonts you know I still google font so I could have them on my site I know what my colors are not by heart but like you know like that kind of stuff and then um Jocelyn Bozak from Bozak design she does this thing where she gives free website reviews she'll just turn on Facebook live and then or zoom or however I'm not sure the technical how but she just she just goes and cold she goes okay hey this is Jocelyn I mean she's super nice about it but like I would be like Mystery Science Theater mm she's really nice you know or the two old guys about but she was so nice that she just like she you see the little box window is the father of her and she's so nice about it and everything and then and then all of a sudden you see my website and then she put it on her website which we could put in the show notes weep guys could see like what it was before I started fussing with it again but yeah and then she's like I love your tagline your your voice your power your branch so it's like what what I'm really good at is like being a method actor and assuming that persona of the company so that I harnessed what they have and then I like get that on the internet right on the road but but all of all the copy was about me well yeah that's that's the way that your you would think right it's like I was like LinkedIn right yeah which I have on LinkedIn you know I happily did it but my home page my about page could be like I am so awesome I did this and such and whatever here's my portfolio and here's case studies that's where you talk about who you are but your home page has to talk to your audience I know this I don't clients this but when I saw and heard Jocelyn tell me that's great but this copy is all about you know it's like oh so that so then I went back to my beaver builder because I was building all my pages those kind of pages and beaver builder and I was like okay let's let's figure this out let's go back to cuz I had actually when she did my review mm-hmm I didn't even have a static page anymore because one of my other friends just like Bridget your homepage is terrible just make your make it a blog like it was that bad so when Jocelyn was like you need a home page but just not all about you then I was like hmm so I reactivated when I build a beaver builder and that's like okay here's some of my most popular stuff blah blah whatever I could do this awesome things for you testimonial it was fine like yeah you know the reason why I have this tattoo which which is abundance in mandarin is because in my first year i got nice and percent of my sales goal so the website was performing you know websites are for validation and discovery or social media is either way it's part of a brand awareness campaign right so I'm telling people I'm taking clients they like who are your clients what do you do on what it goes and check out your website pretty normal yeah but I was like oh I hate this theme and so I change the theme this is so as much as much as I change my hair I almost changed seems like I'll just go so sick of it although my hair is easier to change colors the heck themes are changing themes is like the biggest black hole time-suck that ever existed yeah because even if you do the preview it's never totally right and then if you activate it and almost sell a lot of your widgets or look like way on the bottom in fact is so funny Jason because because I had recently changed my theme I was giving away free calls on April 16th the day after tax day to my WordPress developers and one of my friends saw it on LinkedIn that I knew from construction she's like oh I just had this slide blog but I need a new stuff I changed my theme and I can't see any my widgets I go I bet they're in inactive widgets in the widgets section under appearance and she was oh my god that's how they are because it's not obvious right you made your widgets your widgets are there you change the theme you're like where are my widgets I lost everything like you like to people that looks broken you know that's a weird word pressi thing right but I was remembering that so anyway so I said okay I need something a little bit better like I was feeling Kyle like so my sister always tells me Bridget when you get stressed out you change your hair like I feel like that's really I could control she's probably right so like I lost a client I'm like okay I'm doing all this hustling I got four new clients and I'm like I don't like the hero image because I just left whatever the plane one was for Reykjavik and I couldn't make anything work and I love Canada you know how much I love canva this is like okay Rhonda I did Robert listen bomb site from casual social media and it looks so much better than I look funny a lot better so what did you think Robert yeah cuz Roberts like so minimalistic and I'm like like I love your words Robert I love everything as I say your website I hate it so much like this is this is my little peer group right we did we tell each other the truth but it doesn't help you to hear something great they're just like I know Ryan is working on it so it came out oh my god maybe I know I can't really afford a lot maybe she could just make me a hero image like anything she makes gonna be better anything I make in canva right yeah so she looked at my website I gave her my brand standards from Sheree and Sheryl and then she's like okay and then she gave me like the stock photo some lady like just her mouth oh oh super skinny and like I am 224 pounds today yesterday it was 221 but whatever like you don't I mean like yeah sock picture of a nine me that's so not on-brand she goes this is how I interpret it because she said it much nicer babe it's not about you it's about your audience your audience is supposed to be picturing themselves that's your customer anyway man oh okay do whatever you think I tried to putz around with it fix it and I did a pretty good job in my opinion with beaver builder but then she said you know what I couldn't stop she said I can't stop I'm just gonna redesign your whole homepage just give me your just give me admin access and she was finishing it last night while I was watching everybody else line dance and I I posted it you know of course like Rhonda's my hero you know me a blast me all over the internet guy you do and our friend Michelle who's a marketer at heart started with design but it's also like a hardcore dev she's like oh I'd love to see the Google Analytics cuz she's like a google analytics nerd so I just looked at like oh my god the bounce rate went down almost 11% in 24 hours I expected a spike in visitors I didn't expect 200 new visitors Wow and I didn't expect time on site to go from like one something to three minutes yeah so huh wait one something that oh my gosh people are reading my site yeah it's all just oh it's just but like because that homepage is so compelling in fact I have gotten about 10 blog comments today that I from people I don't know maybe it's a commenting farm but they seem legitimate to me I was just surprised cuz like you know all of a sudden like people are looking at my site and they're reading blog posts of course every viable post on but still like I've had revival post sharing my stuff I'm gonna say is like it's billions of times better now yeah one of the things that was interesting is when it first launched we're looking cuz I tweeted it right there on her phone they go look at the mobile and they're like the padding's kinda messed up so I told her that and then another person said yeah it's common with beaver builder since their new release I mean they just hit a million installs by the way they did but but they have padding issues for their mobile versions of their pages so she went to the buter builder group but they told her and it's like in five minutes it was fixed but it's just so funny like you know it's like it's like when you're selling a house mm-hmm and and all you do is paint outside and the front door red it's curved right yeah yeah but you're doing more than that on this okay so there's a couple things so like huge curb appeal change okay right I got siding of the red door I've always wanted like cobblestone door thing with like a cute little mailbox like literally the whole curb appeal I have my little home changed but also she helped direct me on some of the copy what you normally don't think of designers doing cuz I just like just make me a hero image I'm the copy person but she's like you're still talking too much about yourself so have them link right here just put a picture of you that's fine that's enough and have them linked to your services like they don't if they could see you in that first section and they're like oh yeah click how can I help your business show its best side on social media right click now there's my pricing table cuz that last goes I'm on one of those people I hate going to a restaurant or going to buy something there's no price there's no price that can afford it I grew up poor there's no price I can't afford it so I feel like being upfront if I want to discount somebody I could discount but that's my price right so like I just can't believe how much has changed and it seemed it seemed like my website was buying well fine is like a sea it was bringing in business it wasn't a failure but that simplicity of design is so hard Priscilla was saying it's just like a Danish furniture or a haiku that takes engineering yeah complicity takes engineering and I think sometimes we forget about that and it's so easy to either neglect our site or just like okay that's good enough and we don't think we need a designer but like some people will work with you too like I was like I know I can't afford a whole overall and I don't want to have to deal the whole overall because I'm gonna be dealing with a hysterectomy in a month right like I can only mentally prepare for so many things let's have a Cairo image if she goes let's go a little bit farther you know and she worked with me on budget right so you don't it kind of goes back to a lot of things I always say yeah somethings better than nothing but also you don't know until you ask you know not every designer is $3000 a you know and it seems fine but like all of a sudden I I can't even explain to you how empowered I feel having my website look that good I bought a logo polo with my logo on it I can't wear it be proud about it like she's like if I knew you're gonna be doing something like that redesigned your business cards like oh I don't need that yet but you know what I mean like you forget like you think people don't want your business card but I'm at Hennessey's across the street just having a burger people ask me what I do I'm handing out business cards all the time I don't really do it that much at work camps cuz we don't we follow each other on Twitter different culture yeah yeah but still like people all people and stuff like so I just thought like that's a long 20 minutes but still like that's the shortest way I could explain it basically sometimes I think even though we're the professional we have this blindness to our own stuff you know I like it once you see it again you see it again you see it again and after a while you're just like okay so the things I need to worry about are this section in this section and that's it and then the rest of it just turns into blur and you kind of go like whatever yeah and especially if you're a developer so the developer side of it is that you're more worried about the functionality of it then the look and feel of it and for you you know you were you were looking at it from the visual side of it you're loading up on your phone you're like most these people are gonna see this on my phone how's it gonna look on this okay I'm having some issues with this it'd be better with that but I think good website design is not necessarily like it's the whole package but if you can really really heavily rely on great photography then you're doing awesome you know the church I work at our website if you turned off all the photos is super boring but the second you turn on the photos it just pops it's like these photos are constantly changing they're constantly being used you know if you you know if you are if you're speaking all the time and you get somebody to take your photo they take a really great photo of you you may want to slap that up on your site and you may even want to say hey just let you know this photo is gonna be like this and if you give me a wide enough shot now I can crop in which side I want to use in and you can now replace you know the the lipstick girl on your site with with your photo of you up on a podium if you wanted to or but you got to know what you're shooting it for and what why you're going to do that I mean if you look on like your contact page the contact page could definitely do that sort of thing you could have another one of those big huge hero graphics on there where it's you on like a phone I mean you could eat there's a bunch of funny silly stuff that you could do but that's just a bunch of really nice photos you know what that's what Rhonda wants me to do that's my Simon she wants me to find a photographer she sent me a bunch of like ridiculous poses like you should there's a lot of brands that that had their wordpress brands that have done this that are that are just huge you know fir it makes it look great makes it yeah really great yeah so it's just funny because um there was a I won't call him out but there was a big agency and they asked me the same thing about their page and I'm like I thought you were owned by alphabet I didn't even know that you guys build webpages hmm and from the copy on this site I don't know what you do and I work with developers like you know yeah yeah I am in the CSS I just passed the SS flexbox on free card camp so I'm not totally unaware things like wait what why can't you and it's so easy to you know that elevator pitch like we talked about mm-hmm at meetups that we give or sometimes we sometimes we like to be clever with the things that we say but clever things aren't necessarily memorable you know oh yeah they're really good pitches are the ones to remember like give WP the most robust online donations plugin for WordPress go check them out at give WP comm right so X amount of years four years later I still remember that of course I said it a lot but that's the hole point of it right yeah so that you could say well I help I have WordPress developers and agencies sell their services easy right if they don't know what that is I don't tell them just the gen pop that I say I do in social media with tech companies I don't have those words meant but whatever that's cool yeah okay that's cool hello social media is right yeah but I don't have to say I helped WordPress products and services some who are you're quiet oh so my class person you don't know person you don't know company you don't know product you've never heard of look how great I am matter basically I pay the rent that's the only thing that matters to me you know for regular people otherwise they say I do marketing you know kind of marketing social media I just let them do the conversation but your website should be clear like that too and I think for me actually going to my local pub and saying there I'm getting to know like kind of the regulars and they asked me those questions helped me realize the things that Jocelyn and Rhonda were saying we're true like what is this I don't I would never have my Twitter bio that option skate it like I know my Twitter bio has to be I have 160 characters you know you got to be concise and direct like what do you do who are you what's happening but on my website like there's I could have as many words as I what not on your homepage girl I'm not on your homepage should save that for somewhere else write a blog post yeah and well and you're you're the home page of your site doesn't have 5 500 blog posts on it it has like there's a there's a series of stuff that you have some Twitter lessons stuff you got and then it's like here's your feed rice blog section and here's all those posts and then there's a read more that you can just go through and just read more of them and see the rest of them that are in there my favorite suggesting is that let's section kind of in the middle where it says done for you and do it yourself before it's just here's my most popular content like that's too generic because I'm always talking about Twitter lists and here's the lessons and here's you know these other things you could do but but here's here's the service you could buy a Twitter audit like boom right there or you can take these lessons by yourself yeah you know I like I'll she saw what I came up with I it like once you know how they say once you see something how obvious it is right well that's why we need to reach out and the thing is in WordPress we have those resources they're all over the internet they're our friends mm-hmm you know and and they're and the kindness is there nobody was like Oh Bridget yeah how much money did this make you whatever like no somebody did ask me that I had a couple affiliate bloggers trying to pitch their thing with somebody I didn't know and he goes well how is this website making you money and I'm like it's brand awareness okay I'm not an affiliate blogger and no offense to people that are but that's not my thing right I'm here to educate people so so my website is for education brand awareness and conversion obviously I need to pay the rent but like this this concept that oh because I had this many visitors oh and this time on site I should automatically have dollars in my PayPal account you know I could just retire now cuz I'm the I'm in lifestyle right it's that I think that instant mentality is part of what's wrong you know I just saw a video with Gary Vee in it it's like you guys are all running the short game one percents doing the long game I'd rather have 40 million at 2020 then six or three and 2017 yep you know but like even the stupid let's make a deal show was on my on the TV it when I was at the dentist I was like why would you trade that in just you you keep thinking because you have something and there's something behind another door you keep thinking that's gonna be better that's some kind of confirmation bias right just you know you have it go you know it's fine mm-hmm you know it's just so funny and even brené Brown was talking about internet flick special that her son came home and said that the he did so well on his costume or something like that the teacher said you can either have a free surprise or knock 10 points off your Louis add 10 points to your Louis great and she goes that's so awesome which grade you're gonna do that for he goes no I got a free surprise the special treasure or whatever there's some kind of dumb toy that was the guaranteed part for him the guaranteed part you know well we do like things for immediate and that's that's part of my palm and I have the self-awareness to recognize this like somethings better than nothing because I think perfectionism was a more procrastination so like okay so even if you are gonna redesign do something for now mmm-hmm you know and then when I can afford it all over over all the rest you know right obviously she's proven herself I mean a 24 hours the bounce rate went from seventy something percent to 63 yeah that is a significant difference and I don't even have a problem with bounce rate personally and this is why for my site because I send them all the time through my tweeting and social posting to a specific blog post for a reason you read that that's all I wanted you to do right yeah if I send you to my services page and tell you I'm running 30 percent off of Twitter Pro Twitter basic and firm a one start I sent you to that page you either want it or you don't any leave and you should there's yeah you don't have any call the your call to action at the bottoms like did you already read this like that's that's literally the call to action to the next thing right so you either gonna fill out that form and I'm gonna write you back and send you a fresh books estimate or you're gonna leave like and either way that's a very fast decision so either way it's gonna be a bounce mm-hmm and so I know I know that a lot of people care about bounce rate but either way I was impressed with that time on site time on sites that I like and so I did a I did a screenshot today of the before and after like this week compared to last week yeah pageviews are up a hundred and fifty one percent Wow unique pageviews is 110 percent time on page the average week week to week is two minutes instead of 149 I mean I was looking at a different you know how it's like a transient time period so from April 18 to 24 versus 11 of 17 it's up 12% time on site and the bounce rates down 10 point 82 percent so it was my bounce rate used to be 77 points 78 percent I'm gonna round up my balance rate used to be 78 percent now it's 70 69 something in that report so like that is a big difference in about I don't know 36 hours it's kind of compelling well and I think I think the thing for for people to realize is that when they look at your when your tweets where you're showing how many tweets you're actually putting out there yeah you're you're you're putting out a ton of content on Twitter and if somebody hits one of those things they're coming to your site they're gonna scroll around they're gonna click on some stuff and they may hit a call to action or not but you're sending them enough of that stuff that they're gonna be able to at some point go okay I've read enough to this person stuff can I just pay this person already cuz yeah I'm really enjoying the content I'm getting out of you know the the stuff that they're posting exactly so Rondo is saying in the chat she's like well from one minute okay so I'm on Google Analytics right now on the home for what's going on right now like there's four active people right now reading my blog post on kickboxing mmm-hmm okay so the bounce rate sixty nine point twenty eight which we already knew that the session duration is up two hundred and ninety one percent it it's three minutes and 34 seconds that's that's what this Alex saying right now right this minute yeah that's huge that's huge I mean like anything over two minutes I'm super happy I'm the happiest on the planet especially you count how many minutes it takes for you to read a post or read the text that's on the page and it exceeds it that's great I mean somebody went back and read some more or did any those sorts of things so there's a lot of people who offer audits whether it's like a Twitter on it or a website on it or design on it a lot of times those are good loss leaders like for me it's a loss leader it's only 99 dollars but sometimes I do it to get the work to but a lot of people do these reviews for free so why not find out like where your blindside is especially if you're kind of like well I don't know where I should you know it sometimes you like for me I was like oh I just know this isn't right I just don't know what's wrong right yeah I mean that hmm you don't know what's wrong and you don't you you've put all your content in there you're a great content writer but it's like is the content organized in a way that gets somebody to come to you know hate to use the word squeeze page but it's just say there's a reason why these things have you know ways of getting down to the spot that you want them to get to you and you know you your site's telling you look over on the right-hand side I'm looking at text scroll down a little bit I'm looking at a testimonials right now a little bit more left hand side some stuff right hand side is some blog posts like your eyes aren't just going like straight down to the bottom and that's it you're jumping around a little bit you're hey you're able to kind of look at some stuff and see what's going on there I think it's great and on mobile Mobile's apart that's good that that's that's where you got to win because looking at it does not mobile yeah and and the thing is that in interior design which I've watched enough HGTV in my lifetime and PBS before that in a bookshelf that's how you do it you don't just put books you put some books and then like a vase and then you put like another little figurine with some books because you want people to move their eyes like this yeah and so why do we think it's any different with website design I don't know I mean I know that mic demo gives a talk which way to use your duck face and he cuz Cesar I don't know if you guys realize you guys being the audience Mike demos a savvy marketer himself but he always talks about the pictures where you're looking because if you're looking at something it makes people look so like if you've ever walked on the street and people are looking up you'll see people stop and look up they don't know what they're looking at but they see other people looking up and so that's the same thing with like when you're on a website and you see somebody looking down or something like that then you start looking down so because we're trained so because Rhonda knew that uh she wanted the customer to be able to picture themselves just like when you staged a home you staged at home you get out get rid of everything super personal so that new family can imagine themselves living there that's why the picture has no ice I said the one goes to the soul the eyes are what we relate to so you have a soulless lady on the front page of your site absolutely this is really great but 6% of men have red green colorblindness I'm like you know I'm gonna take that risk cuz this color scheme came from my tattoo and my tattoo was a moment of empowerment you should be like hey like you my tattoo you it did show them the other the other thing that doesn't have it on there you're like see how what's the problem so I'm like I do care that these are accessible but like know what it's fine like that's fine I that's an acceptable loss for me because those colors are important red red is red his and always will be one of those like very catching colors you know gold very catching color you have those like great colors that to look at that just you know just really hippies word pop but it's like they really just kind of grabby you and look it's a look at me look at the stuff that's here yeah stop power it makes you hungry that's why McDonald's uses it baby that's one five bounce rate so high most men are attracted to red lips big red lipstick yep that's crazy that's absolutely true I have found this out by wearing red lipstick so like when I when I changed my hair to blonde it's gonna go more platinum next time she's doing phases people like oh that's too blonde did it and I said no no no no no every there's a blonde for everyone but when you change your hair you have to change your makeup yeah it's crucial so you wear a black eyeliner red lipstick and I did people like Oh Paquito who looks so amazing by you saying that that also means the same thing on a website so if you're gonna have a very bright red in the background there you're gonna have to have trans you know contrasting colors you're gonna have a really great looking white text you even have white text with a little bit of a little bit of a like a stroke or what-have-you of black you know like either a stroke or a or shadow or something like that so you have just a little bit enough to just really make it you know stand out nice there's tons of those types of pieces I know and you just gives a the faint cherry blossoms in the background yeah like she goes oh my gosh I'm gonna have so much fun with your site and there Robbie McCullough I was like I just put all my Japan pictures on that splash she's like yes I'll put your site is I'm a sucker for cherry blossoms that's what's in my jacket so it's just so funny like it's not just me it's my business but it's not just me I feel like that's the message we we that's the that is the amazing part about the WordPress community not just when somebody dies or you know somebody's looking for a job but like we are we can function like a co-op if we want to write you know at that word camp um I went to with Alex Vasquez one of my first Orange County ones maybe it was even 2013 see the 13 or 14 he said you know partner with other people in this room and get the bigger clients and that's what I'm doing I or what my friends are agencies and I'm one of their vendors so they can do more work and so like we're all we could all help each other out so easily but how to ask and in order to ask you have to be vulnerable to get over that impostor syndrome like somebody's gonna judge you okay they'll be there was there's two people who has something they're gonna say about my website on the internet on Twitter that's it oh darn only that's an acceptable percentage okay so you don't work and I'm not losing sleep from either one of those people okay so like Iowa I'm just saying like go watch it burn a brown special on Netflix or watch one of her two TED Talks and then think who can I ask because it is hard to ask it's hard to ask cuz they're bears saying like oh you're the marketer you write copy for websites and look at your website you're super confusing to your own audience you don't even know who you're selling to nobody said that to me CEO people said that to some people might have thought it and they would have been right but but there's nobody treating you that way yeah hmm well I I want to do I I know we've got to do two LeTip of the week but I did want to tell you one thing you may want look into and this is probably something you can literally do while I'm telling you my tool or tip of the week when we get to that point so I'll tell you just just to start just to kind of you can play around with it a little bit and there's plenty of ways to do this this is not the best way to do it this is just the easiest and quickest way to do it okay I use a plug-in called WP scroll depth okay and what this plug-in does is it it it figures out how far you've scrolled down the page and it puts little event markers in Google Analytics so that wouldn't tell you where you've where the person stops scrolling yeah I want that so since you're using beaver builder when you open up one of the elements that you want to track you go over to advanced at the very you know the very last one right hand side scroll down the bottom you'll have class and ID with any of the the training that you've been doing you know classes you can reuse all the time on a page IDs you should only use once so what you'd want is set the ID which would be the little hash mark and you would tell it that ID is a comments or it's a box number one or box number two or whatever it is that Bridget is going to be able to understand you know now but what you'll be able to do is track how many times people are hitting all the way down the page and getting to the spot that they're getting to now it's not doing anything else other than just scrolling down and finding those spots but if you go look on that if you go look on the the site for WP scroll depth or even just install the plugin there's just like one box on there says elements of track and you just put in all of the elements that you want to track you know I want to put in comments I want to put in my contact bucks I want to put it whatever the names are that you're going to name them namely the hygiene good buy the ID crack that you give it that you give it I love that yep and you can also do percentage and you'll tell you what percentage of the page they scroll down you can also set the minimum amount of scroll height so if a page is really short you don't want to track it tell about the track it and it won't track it for you but feel free to go take a look at that it's super simple it does it cost you to literally nothing and it just it's just gonna make it really easy for you to build a get a rough idea of how far people are scrolling down on your page and it works for me I've been using it simple it's nothing sexy or fancy or anything it's dead simple knowing you're right so my free code cap actually know that yeah it's a good thing to do it the end of the night I I don't know like I just it's like a puzzle so I do have two tools of tips of the week because I've been trying to do some crazy stuff one of them is headliner app and it's a web app but it will make a video for you with a text or with a link for a blog phone to share on social now I'm using it for one of my Instagram clients to repurpose their blog account so Rhonda does podcasting and that she'll have these little squares on Instagram with like a little wave and it's her voice but it's like an image and like that's so bitchin how headliner so that's another you could do with headliners you can put your own creative and then upload audio and depending upon how you're gonna make it like if you make it for LinkedIn it can only be 10 minutes you know it's turning into a video right it's nothing's moving except and there's like a little wave the talking it's so bitchin I like ripped one of my own YouTube videos I tried it out it's pretty cool cuz you can't put that on Instagram I mean like to me I think the best use case is Instagram yeah it's a little too because I can put my youtube videos anywhere else and blog post or whatever but I do like that because I've noticed for me this is what I always tell people go see start making notes on how you behave I'm social right you do you know I'll never forget when I was doing a social media class at work at Los Angeles last year and I said how many people use hashtags on Facebook 90% raised her hand how many you know click on hashtags on Facebook negative for size and weight you can click it ok I'm one of those yeah that's me right yeah so why are you using you don't even use them nobody in this home uses them you're the only one sir you know what I mean so anyway so I thought that it's a good way to get more engagement on Instagram um and it's I'm experimenting with myself and sometimes my client you know Instagram is all Instagram is really hard that's another show I just feel like because they won't let you put links mm-hmm you know so headliner app love that it's free you can pay I'm sure sure better but the other one I really really like because I started getting back to doing videos again for myself is screen cast O Matic because I said I want picture and picture screen casting because I used to use Jing and maybe they do that now I don't know but I was like whatever I'll just try it and so I wanted to I was just like in that rant mood about stupid hashtags right I stopped I I can't when I start actually having a conversation with somebody uh-huh about why they shouldn't hashtag the whole name yeah and then I show them how it works they always go oh right because they see people doing it and everybody's just a bunch of lemmings falling off the cliff so anyway screencast-o-matic so I could have done like all my Twitter lessons they polished should read you now especially the new Twitter which is different but anyway like you can have that picture picture or you can hide the picture picture or you can go back to yourself or combination so like the second video I did I had my little self down here and then I showed what I showed and then I clicked on a little button and it went and it was just me so I could have started blue with just me and then I went to the thing and then have my little face - cuz I'm so animated but I feel like for me I should be on video like I have that personality so it makes the screencast a little more interesting and so the other thing I want to mention though is I don't know if people know this cuz this is reminding me I did a Facebook live don't let social media become makeup sex in a bad marriage right okay so that got 1,400 views and it's like this should be on YouTube because I did a screencast-o-matic some like this should be on YouTube right well I don't know if you guys realize this you do I know you do but you can on your own Facebook videos you can download them oh yeah I didn't know that oh downloaded and I put a back on YouTube where it belongs you know you know a friend that knows some of this stuff it just didn't occur to me I was like cuz I was just in a rant move like i'ma sit on my chair I got my coffee let's talk about this let's have a talk okay she's a star with Bridgette friendly social media manager right clean cast O Matic I like it because it's hard to explain hashtags to people unless you show it when you're showing it cuz I'm talking these travel people right people who sold truffles they don't understand it at all and once you explain it to them like oh okay but that screencast-o-matic I think I'm gonna be using the heck out of that I might even buy whatever their thing is I really really like it it and I want for me I want to get back to doing tutorials I don't think I want to do an monetize learning that's not me that's not doesn't fit my brand like I'll come you can pay me to come to your office I'll teach you guys but for my own web content I really like that screencast-o-matic it was clear and the you know I like I'm sure most of things do this now but like it's really Hubbard where the mouse was it had like a highlighter thing oh yeah yeah it's Jim I watched I was like okay this looks good threw it up on YouTube nice easy peasy I have one for you so I found this one while we were while we were talking about your website the the the site is called palette dot site and what it does is it goes and scans your website looking for all the colors that are being used and then it will display the colors and it gives you a nice little color cube and it gives you what the website looks like and you know if you're using material design what colors would kind of tie into that and you get this nice clean little interface of looking at it and it's a it's a it's a Chrome extension so when you go to that website there's nothing that you can do on the site you have to install the clip Chrome extension so you just click on you know Chrome or Safari or Firefox then go to some website click on the thing in the you know in the bar next to next to the search or URL box and then it will scan the site real quick and then give you all the colors is used so that's BL et te that's pallet SI te yeah it's like ya know put like a palette that you just for the people I never see Bella correctly that is so cool yeah there's a whole bunch of these sites that are out there this one's nothing nothing crazy special it just it's just cool that you just can quickly run it and then it'll just give you a list of all this stuff yeah cuz I like color style for like pickings like a snack machine you can lock the ones you know you like and go there's also ones that do it for Google Fonts as well so if you're looking for like a good collection of google fonts it'll give you all these google fonts and you can kind of figure out which ones look the best you know just because of what we're talking about on this particular episode you know you may want to get adult supervision to kind of help you with - look what look good but it's it's pretty interesting to you know to be able to kind of quickly pull something together and then figure out what colors work best and what stuff you know works the way it needs to work and yeah yeah super fun it's fun I like all the information that you get from from just talking to people but you know it's those pain points we always forget about and and we do get blinds for our own psyche so you it's like proofreading your own writing it's really hard I have to read backwards yeah and usually click publish writer I mean I already issues with speaking but I'm not a great writer but getting the getting all the words lined up together and make it work you know work the way it needs to work and get all those pieces kind of all jiving together yeah I mean anything you find online that's going to get you at least foreigner farther than you are currently you know is is great so being able to do something like this palette thing or be know the do you know searching for fonts or any of that fun stuff makes it so much easier speaking of writing so I listed to the ESPN Radio cuz it's I just like to have it on today's the NFL Draft right well it was a couple hours well it's gonna go on for a while but anyway so they're talking about this one player blah blah blah and his resiliency and they kept saying and I'm like dude resilient it's just you're resilient you really resilient or you're not resilient it's like oh I couldn't take it like Jerry SPI radio it's resilient not resiliency so budget people said they're both right what are you talking about but apparently like resiliency even those for the 15th century isn't very commonly used in America so I retired on American football you guys you used to some dumb word nobody knows what you're talking about the guys resilient okay that's all that matters that's why you picked on the NFL Draft and what sucks about what sucks about those sorts of things is that you end up getting someone who sounds like they're smart everyone else kind of goes like oh he use that word that's obviously a good word to use I should use it to you and then you just see it just like like wildfire just gets used over and over again I you know you're like oh my gosh what what is wrong with you are you kidding me like why are you all saying that word over and over again it's not even the right word to use wait where there's a blog post on resilient versus resiliency Wow I mean like to me I just think it's all funny like wow how much you getting paid to say the English language wrong right oh my gosh you're getting paid to analyze college ball players and who is eligible for the draft but whatever like it's just so funny like so you know I can hear it you know what yes broadcasters say that they like are you crazy but my own site right boy right we all have blindness when it comes to ourselves it's okay to ask for help please do I am way open to questions people DM me questions all the time on Twitter or send me emails or whatever just don't text me and all the night and we're good but like well I mean why not ask a social media guy asked me well what do you think I was sick about doing this is sexual I go well I don't think you need to be an agency bit a little bit uh but I would change your bio it goes what would you write and I just went because I'm so used to like how we do this show now thank have a ton of description like I never used to be that good of a writer I would used to talk to Jen and she'd say I go how do you spit this out so fast she was practice she'd be doing it for 20 years or whatever yeah yeah we we essentially play a game every week how fast can I spin up copyright but I'm so good at doing it though I was like oh that's just what your father should be he goes oh my god it's amazing could I steal and I'm like I just throw it for you go ahead prosper oh man well Bridget OSE pretty much for for hanging out with me thanks for all you folks that have been hanging out in the chat room chatting up with us we post this stuff all over the internet we post this stuff on Facebook we post this stuff on Twitter we post this on even on our Facebook group we have it we have a Facebook group that we haven't used for a little while some been posting it in there just to kind of you know spark up some stuff and kind of play around with that a little bit but yeah feel free to go take a look at all those things we're putting those stuff everywhere on Twitter and all those places so before you go take a look at that and wherever you're at feel free to listen to it and watch it there speaking of listening to it this particular show is is actually a podcast as well so if you want to listen to the podcast feel free to do so you can go over to a WR krow com / subscribe but that's where you learn how to subscribe to this stuff and everything else that's there and also if you're if you're wanting to get on our show or get onto a few water-cooler feel free to do so the way that you can do that is if you go on to AP watercolor there's a little box in the bottom right hand corner click on that type in your Pat your not your password type in your email address and then we'll get you added to our mailing list and you'll get a mailing every week with what's going on with the show and all the stuff that's going on there lastly well two things server press makers desktop server they're the ones that help sponsors that sponsor us here before you go take a look at all their cool stuff that they have going on over there and one more thing is we're actually doing a live WP water-cooler from Ward camp Orange County so feel free to go take a look at that I posted that in the mailing list and sent that out there are tickets still available but they're a little expensive if you got a couple bucks that you want to spin those tickets are a little bit more expensive than the normal and they're the they're like the something like that but feel free to go take a look at that and and one other thing is we are streaming that live over on over on their Channel so we'll be we'll figure out how to get that going and I'll make sure to promote the heck out of that as usual but feel free to go take a look at that and see all the stuff that we're going I'm gonna be doing over at a fort Camp Orange County that's about it talk to y'all later you have a good one bye

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