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Marketing yourself as a WordPress developer is challenging, especially when starting out. In this episode, Jason and Bridget are joined by Rachelle Wise of Wise Arts to brainstorm some solutions.

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Networking through WordPress Meetups

Rachelle used to be part of her local WordPress Meetups and WordCamps when she lived in Minnesota. So when she moved here to California, she looked it up and lo and behold she found the OC WordPress Meetup, where she met Bridget and Jason.

Often, attending WordPress Meetups is an excellent way to get work, said Jason, who was reminded about the way Steve runs the general meetup where a lot of new users show up. Steve would suggest that those who need help meet a developer. Mostly, they would want to hire.

Rachelle didn’t get work that way directly but still sees the value of Meetups, especially since one works alone.

“I’ve definitely given a lot of free advice; not any paid stuff yet.” Rachelle Wise

WordCamps and Meetups are brand awareness campaigns in the sense that you are meeting people and reminding them that you are in business or still in business. Keeping top of mind is important with any business.

Think about speaking. Even Jason Tucker tells attendees of Whittier WordPress Meetup to build something then teach people how you did it, what you learned, and what you would do better next time.

Marketing Wise Arts So Far

Rachelle has done quite a bit of instinctual marketing so far. She hasn’t done any paid ads yet. She started working at an agency then worked as a sole developer for an agency. Once she became a remote worker, she was never going back.

After the sole developer gig devolved, she reached out to former contacts at the agency and she got several contracts through that.

“Eighty to ninety percent of my work is referral based. I meet someone I do a project for them, they tell their friends… I end up getting these amazing chains of referrals.” Rachelle Wise

The Magic Word is Referrals

Most businesses works on referrals and that’s why brand awareness is so important, Bridget reminds Jason and Rachelle. Being on shows, having Twitter and social media accounts matter. If referrals are your biggest source (your audience) then going to WordPress Meetups matters most.

“Referral marekting is marketing.” Bridget Willard

Don’t burn bridges. Keep lines of communication open. If you decline work, refer instead.

The thing about referral work is people often build a thing, put up a landing page and that’s it. At some point, you’re going to exhaust your first circle. You do that through marketing whether it’s social marketing or paid marketing or in-person events like Ross Gile does with Chamber of Commerces.

How should a beginner developer market himself?

“You have to build something. Please build something.” Jason Tucker

  • Set up a GitHub account.
  • Set up CodePen account.
  • Go through It makes you build projects that can be used on your portfolio.
  • Spend time on LinkedIn and keep it updated.
  • Call yourself a website builder.
  • Do pro-bono work to build your portfolio.
  • Case studies with screenshots are better than just links.
  • Videos to show specific functionality is great.
  • Build your own website and maintain it.
  • Pick at niche then go to a trade show. Build landing pages for that niche.
  • Have business cards to hand out.
  • Go to WordCamps and WordPress Meetups.
  • Go to Javascript or WooCommerce Meetups.

“Build your site on; it’s better than WIX.” Bridget Willard

How do you get free work?

“Find someone that looks like they need help.” Rachelle Wise

Try approaching local pizza places or nonprofit. Join a hackaton like Do Action. Definitely have business cards, suggests Jason, to give to local businesses. You may even barter for business like Jason did with the local dog groomers.

“You should build projects you care about.” Rachelle Wise

Even better, is building something that you believe in, Rachelle reminds us.

Demonstrate that you know how to learn.

Rachelle Wise reminds us that the most important part of being a WordPress developer is demonstrating that you know how to learn. Good design matters, so does looking things up on Google. Show you have personality.

A Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes

You need to maintain and update your own website. The proverb is true, but you need to invest in your own business. No one can care about it more than you.

“If you don’t maintain your own portfolio and your own website, the cobbler’s not going to make shoes for anybody.” Bridget Willard

In your portfolio and case studies, don’t link to their website only. Always use screenshots, reminds Jason Tucker. Rachelle has been making videos now which shows the functionality rather than the code.

It’s important to let people know that you are accepting clients whether it is in public or through private communication.

“You have to keep your eye on the pipeline.” Rachelle Wise

If the work you do is confidential, anonymize it says Jason. Show the trend on the graph without the actual detail.

Tool & Tip of the Week

Bridget loves It’s a good way to get two servings of fruit and veg a day and the cost works out to be $3 each — much cheaper than juice stores.

Jason is a huge fan of UTM codes and recommends the Chrome extension, Google Analytics UTM Builder. It allows you to build campaigns and make presets. He states a use case where people are using a QR code at his church and Rachelle and Bridget are verbally shocked they are being used.

Rachelle is a new convert to Calendly. With timezones and the annoyance of email back and forth, it helps quite a bit with scheduling. People used to just call her and she was having quite a bit of conflicts. She’s happy with meeting blocks that can be set up in 30 minute and 1 hour types.

Do you have any tools or tips we should know about?

We’d love to hear from you. Also, how are you marketing yourself? Tell us in the comments below.

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hey what's up everyone this is Jason Tucker and this is WP watercoolers WP blab episode number 126 this particular topic is going to be marketing yourself as a wordpress developer but before we get into all of that I want to tell you a little bit about server press makers of desktop server I want to I want you to know that you can go over to server press comm they have a whole bunch of cool stuff going on over there they make local WordPress development easy check them out over at server press com all right Bridgette tell every about yourself before we go and introduce Rochelle we'll talk about you first hi I am Georgia Willard calm I hate goodbyes I do not make bloated plugins but I will support your marketing I have completely freelance self employed and available well not totally available but if you have questions about marketing on the internet your product or service you know how to find me at Fischer Willard calm as always Bridget it's so much fun to do this show with you I'm Jason Tucker you can find me over at Jason Tucker on twitter my website is Jason talking about blog I do the show as well as another show called W water cooler you can go take a look at that that's happens at 11 o'clock a.m. Pacific on Fridays which will be tomorrow so feel free to go take a look at that the show is also available as a podcast so if you don't have time to watch us but you have plenty of time cuz you're stuck in the car driving to your gig or you're gonna be doing something or you just need something to listen to you instead listen to the radio or whatever you can feel free to go listen to us so go over to Dave Park or calm / subscribe where you can learn how to subscribe to this content and all the other content that's happening on tippy water cool or network do we say all this stuff before we actually get to our guests yep tell us a little bit about our guests Bridget Michelle wise awesome and that's pretty much the long and short of it she has a marketing background and I have graphics backgrounds but she is a hardcore developer part of our local OC group and we've brought her arm she's awesome she's one my very good friends another lover of the old-fashioned and karaoke yes maybe do that Andrew poor that's like well whether one of the things that I'm always curious about when it comes to having our guests on the show and where they came from within like like how did they find us like what was it that found like what did they have to go do to find the group like Ryu on meetup calm like what were you on that got you to or show up in the community so I used to live in Minnesota I've lived in Orange County for about five and a half years and when I lived in Minnesota I would go to word word camp word camps in Minneapolis and some meetup groups around there and so when I moved out here after a while I decided you know I have no social life I was working from home and didn't get out pretty much so I started hunting on meet up and I'm like hey there's word camps and groups out here I need to do all of that so you guys are my local group I'm gonna join in now of course I haven't been attending meetups very regularly but I watch the show I love you guys I got a word camp I'm out there it happens everything employee is completely normal well the reason why I brought that up is it definitely relates to this particular topic which is you know being able to market yourself as a wordpress developer I remember when I first started going to our local meetup which was the Orange County WordPress meetup going to that meetup I felt like it was a like it was a shark tank not shark tank the TV show but shark tank an actual shark tank what would happen is a bunch of sharks which were the developers would sit around and somebody who is totally new to WordPress would show up and they're like I'm having problems logging into my dashboard and then Steve which you know absolute genius that he is stands up in the front and goes like what should you know which of you are developers and you are new to WordPress okay like shake hands like it felt like church and you know like cans and so they would essentially shake hands like hey how's it going whatever and then what didn't a pap knee is at the end of it you would either exchange business cards if you're you know old school or if you're you know trading Twitter accounts or Facebook stuff or add them to the Facebook group do all these sorts of things to try to get them to come in but it felt like a shark take because we were all fighting over the little Guppies that were getting thrown in there really trying to get gigs like as quick as possible like okay cool I'll help you out er let me show you how to do this or some more like you know what I don't want to do any of this WordPress stuff I literally came here to find somebody like you so that was that was the reason why I brought this up is the simple fact that if you go to one of these meetups especially if you go to one where a lot of newbies showed up because if you don't go if you don't if your meetup has both a developer lack of a better term a developer track in a normal track or a beginner one you could go to the beginner one and those people start asking questions and after a while they're just like I'm done tight I'm kind of done with this like I'm gonna go I'm gonna go use one of the competing products and you're like whoa whoa you put a lot of money and time into this thing can I help you out by like just getting you there you already spent all the money on all the stuff hopefully about the right stuff but let me let me try to get you there and so wow that was my way of kind of marketing my business by saying like hey I can help you out if you need to and it worked out cool I've definitely given a lot of free advice I got a couple got a couple paid gigs out of it was well worth it but also you know just going to other things and we'll definitely kind of get into a little bit so when Bridget and I were kind of discussing this topic and how we should kind of approach it I I wanted to I wanted to to see what is it that both you and I did Rochelle how you and I kind of work this out of build our business and trying to get all this stuff going and what did we do so far and what can we do different and then we go to Bridget you know Bridget's marketing person we say okay Bridget what else can I do here you know she's like well of you of you uh you set up a dad in the newspaper have you have you done this have you done that have you you know whatever so what have you done so far i i i have not explicitly like i guess you could say I've done marketing but I haven't really given it a lot of thought I haven't done anything that's you know I haven't done like any paid ads or anything I pretty much what happened as I was working at an agency I left there and started working for one company from home as a you know I was their sole developer and that company kind of had issues and ended up going under and had to let me go and at that point I just I was loving working from home and I'm like I cannot I can't go back to it and so I reached out to some contacts from the agency that I had worked at and I had met some other people I don't know just yeah people I met and just kind of reached out to everybody like hey I'm open I'm doing stuff and it just has been pretty much I would say now like 80 80 to 90% of my work is referral based it's just like awesome I meet somebody I do a project for them they tell two of their friends and their friends and so on and so on and so you know and it's just like I just end up getting these amazing chains of referrals and sometimes they'll meet somebody that's like this opening to this amazing pool of work or these really great clients and so I have a lot of individual people that I work with that kind of come back or can refer me to other people and then I have a couple agencies that I've that I kind of do like non-stop work for and then I meet random people like I do a Zen meditation and I was at Zen on Sunday and there was a guy there that I hadn't met before and he's a musician and he's telling me about a stuff and like oh do you sell your sheet music because he makes guitar music and he said oh yeah I'm trying to work on my website I need to find somebody to help help me on that I'm like hey I'm a meeting with him on Monday you know like it just random things like that happened and I just like I've never really had to market too hard and I'm marketing referrals and this is why brand awareness campaigns are so important for example you being on the show reminds people that Rachelle wise from wise arts is accepting client work I think she might have a really big backlog but you know I might have to wait a few months he's busy cuz she's actually good at what she does oh no you know that's a good thing and I also like a lot of times people come to me because I'm like I feel like a lot of times I'm the greeter you know like people recognize me and I like the other day I had this kid come to me he's like hey he wasn't found my phone number I started messaging me and um was asking me like if I could give him some assignments he built this website can he give me some assignments okay ba ba developer he's like but you're the Guru right like so to me I feel like because I am so out there you know like he's you know he's just saying like I just I trust you right and I don't even know who this person is but I was like I took a chance because he messaged me on whatsapp said hello Bridget good morning and like there's not that many people who would know my name yeah that's right how do I know you at first I was like and then I just went you know what it's fine like this is what you need to do free code camp set up your github setup code pan start doing some free work to build up your portfolio and then Jayson now we're talking like that's a great that's a great you know subject like somebody asked me how did you build your bills business well when I lost my job yeah I started talking to my root girls so like that brand awareness is number one like I would say stop telling people that you are like a ninja of you know back-end nobody knows what that is okay just tell them you build websites like yeah developers five for like three in-house refer old people but real people don't even know what that means then I'm always thinking like the people that need the website don't even care what it's built on you know like don't care don't care they don't know like somebody asked me and I had a consultant call with one of my high school friends actually as like Oh Chris you don't want you want it to be home WordPress just trust me on this like you want to own your content you don't want if you're gonna be a writer and write stuff you definitely want to own your content and you don't want to be on something that's easy maybe to start but obviously you go to you know it's better the Wix feel free to use that automatic that's the thing is like that referral basis is so important I've been doing social media market for ten years you have been building websites for however long Jason's been doing this for however long so as I I just feel like that referral marketing is marketing it's it's that intention of not burning bridges like this isn't world war two we're not getting rid of the bridge over the river kwai right right we want all bridges to be as open as possible you know we don't have to necessarily work with other people again but we want to keep that you know the because the thing is maybe somebody asks Jason to do up he's like I don't do that kind Rachelle does or maybe Rachelle is like why don't do that maybe Roy's oh yeah right and so I swear I'm too busy and I have referred stuff off to other people because yeah and that's how it works yeah it happened something but you have to build stuff so like a new person you know the new person I feel like you should do the same thing we do as marketers like I did a bunch of free work mm-hmm a bunch of free work I did a promotional company and my local mechanic and plumber three years I did their Twitter and Facebook yeah I started out charging $50 an hour you know and then always like 250 a month you know for a roofer and I slowly just built up my portfolio and my experience so I could say I understand this is too business walking completely not just this one period of time at Riggins construction right so like how would somebody do you think how would somebody market their pro bono work you think it's a good way to seek out a non-profit say I want to help I feel like almost should like maybe find somebody that looks like they need your help or I don't know like maybe somebody you know that needs your help it seems like it would be easier I don't know I wouldn't I probably wouldn't just advertise it cuz I'm getting a lot of inquiries and you probably don't want to deal with all that I don't know a hackathon might be good I know do action is doing a lot more but they're very limited mm-hmm but something like that might be good like yeah if you went and approached them yeah you know a local nonprofit or maybe a local business make them an offer they can't replace you found that pizza place witty or something Jason yeah there yeah there's just going and going into local businesses and you know you go old school you have to go get business cards printed no joke I have a box of business cards like a huge box of business cards that I think I maybe have knocked out maybe 3% of them too many but you buy enough to make sure that things you know so it's cheap and then you're like oh crap I like so many things to do with this but every I would I took those everywhere I just keep a couple of my pocket I'd go place it and just hand them out like candy and so you know you go to a pizza place in the pizza place you look up their website and you're like whoa like half of this is in flash and flash doesn't even working what's it like you might get my dogs groomed and it was a brand new dog grooming place it just opened and I walked down as like hey here's my business card you know I build websites oh I need a website done and so for like three years I got my dog's groom for free like website you never touch it again you just make sure all the plugins get updated okay sure yeah bardeen's not bad it's actually fun except reminding me of this project that Dwayne McDaniel was doing he just picked a state he's picked Maine and he like picked an interstate would go on it look at the street view and the businesses and see if they had a website and if he didn't he was making really quick and HTML just for the you know Google my place I mean I mean that might be one way to do it like just say hey I felt this for you you can have it here it is yeah like Bill don't like as not paid but like here's an example something I built mm-hmm seems like it seems like a good way to approach it otherwise you need to work with somebody like how like you can't get it it's like must have experience to apply how do I get experience you know and like Gary Busey say if you want to be a public speaker and be paid for it you've got to do the free kicks that's why lot of us do we're camps cuz its brand awareness I know we don't get paid with exposure but it's really just part of a brand awareness campaign totally well I've had people come into the - there are my Twitter WordPress meetup and they come in they go like I don't know how to do WordPress I'm here to learn or they're they've never used WordPress before but they want to start building websites for people and I'm like whoa okay step back for a second have you made any fake websites like have you made like a website that sells something have you made a website that it's just a blog have you made a website that's just like a one-pager have you made like all these things and like test it you know are these good for you know are these good are these marketable things and in most they're like now I've never done that before I'm like well I wouldn't hire you if you have zero experience like you don't have negative experience you have to build something please build something and then start from somewhere exactly so you know kind of approaching them in that way well you know even going to that meet up that person was just like could you show me how to do this and I'm like well yeah speak like if you learn something learn how to do it and then come back and then teach us something yeah because you know that's one of the ways you learn you know you hear it you see it you teach it you do all those things and you have to kind of do that in order to be able to get to that next piece mm-hmm so exposure yeah but like so what if you wanted to have another team member what would you look for Michelle in a developer in their CV or what would you want to see I I honestly would want to see things that they have built I would want to see yeah I get hub account with code that they have written I I see a lot of people getting caught up on like I don't know semantics and specifics about languages that they know and stuff but I would be looking for somebody that knows how to learn because things change fast and so somebody that's that's willing to learn new things and try new things and it's good at looking things up on Google cuz you know like you can't have all the answers at once yeah I don't know that's that's hard I honestly have very rarely subcontracted things out because I am afraid to okay for to other people for me I've you know I've given projects to other people like I don't have time to do this you can do it but I haven't given parts of my projects to other people generally a couple times I have but just because I'm nervous about that I guess I just don't trust people but um yeah I don't know I definitely if I was looking for a developer I I would want to see a portfolio of projects that was really high quality I would be looking for you know if they do development and I would want to see you know really good design I would want to see websites that don't all look like little boxes and you know like excuse to me something a little interesting yeah I don't know just something something unique some personality yeah quick simple way that totally does make sense so I mean I feel better just in the advice I gave that kid github code pain yeah you are right on that is the past it was like I did Linda Mike did you do free cup cap today message me oh my god free code cap is so awesome I took so many but lessons are like good cuz you'll get that certification week when you're done and you have to build projects it makes you build projects that's why I'm stopped yeah I'm stopped at my responsive web design projects that have five to build rich and one-issue projects I could watch dead to me like a do projects that mean nothing because I'm just trying to prove the marketers or technical I'm never oh come on well I think that's the thing to like if you're just starting out you should build projects that you care about you know like you should take one of those projects and make it into something that you care about or like you know a topic to that that you love or like tell a friend you're gonna build a website and just dive in you know like if it's if there's like some impetus for doing it other than just this is a project and I have to do it you know like if it's if there's something behind it or you owe somebody something you know it was like homework yeah like 46 years old I'm not doing this that's we're going back to those pizzas web sites and those different websites that are out there builded just just so you have content content and throw it all in there and rework it and be like okay look I built a thing I can't show it to anybody because I stole all this content in all these images and everything oh yeah site but I made I made a copy of their website no it looks way better now okay cool yeah I was like a legacy site I already did one for Sarah and Mary bomb looks like doing for Sully there yeah like that's a good idea build another site you did have a lot of character you know yeah do it no I have a Delhi oxide I went to Vegas for that training oh yes she's just gonna build it and react when she gets that point I know no I can't go born until I build these so it's gonna happen yeah but like my head it's isn't it funny like tolls like wait how much travel Rose you're like you just came back from a business trip Jason yeah travel throws I thought all day today was Tuesday Oh Lord no you're a couple days off I think it's time for the all my quiet but wait and I'm like oh because I didn't go on the weekend like a work camp I would turn the middle the week right no I totally threw me off but yeah I'm gonna do it because that's the reason why for me while I'm doing pre-code camp it's like it's good to keep learning brain is good and who's my audience who do I work with yeah jebel developers you have to be able to speak their language how are you like oh yeah yeah you just use CSS grid for that oh no it was so funny because I was out of I was at a kind of a after work camp thing with a bunch of people and they're like oh yeah this multi-site thing and I don't know how to have a good update all those languages I go why don't you just use WPC oh I like it seems so obvious to me after Sean who first presentation in Atlanta a couple years ago I'm the guy got up which was Boston like when we love you Bridget like see the marketing is the strategic parts right so it's it's like we nee all need each other so like I think a lot of times are so easy to be and we've talked about this on the show so many times a cobbler's children have no shoes amen yeah but don't maintain your own portfolio and your own website the Cobblers that can be making shoes for anybody and and also um check the links of the of all of your all of the different websites that you've built if those websites don't exist and you have screenshots of them oh my gosh put a screenshot on there oh okay so Jason just saying that right now yeah all week to the website only because it could change not just die like kukuczka structured died and I went back to old justice then garden she's a crap that I built it like he but he went back to the non WordPress one right Wow I had screenshots in my blog post about building that first site so a lot of times when I tell people to do case dice which is a great way to market yourself as a developer they'll just link to the site but what is the slight changes if somebody takes it over it's crap yeah I think screenshot screenshot I've also been making videos once in a while to send people like just this functionality I built that from yeah-yeah developer you can't show the code like no one no one gives a crap about what the code is but they care about like the functionality behind that code like what did that thing do you're like I built this really cool thing where no joke you click on this thing and a calendar pops up and you're like wow that's so cool but that's all I built on this whole thing and I was I was hired to do this one little piece and I built the calendar and I popped it in there videos in case a web site that I built that was really complicated it was for kind of a large manufacturer and I built the whole thing from scratch and it had all of these little moving parts and when you're just on the website you know it's things that you might kind of overlook you know like there's interesting search functionalities and like auto-generating pdfs and all this kind of stuff and so I made little videos about how all the pieces work and was it know somebody comes to me and they need something like that I could say oh I have this video from this site that I did check out how this works and I could do this for you too so it's yeah I definitely love videos are you putting those on your website no my website has not been updated for like yes this is great I love it we're just gonna happen is we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna force her to change your site people don't go to my website they come they come to me you know I meet them somewhere or it's somebody that knows somebody and they send me an email like hey wait they don't go to your website after that they might but I mean they already know me and so I'm like okay my website is old here's a more recent project that I did you know and I send them links to videos or whatever they need done and like okay this this I could do this on your website and so yeah I don't know I probably should update my website but again you know it's like the time thing I need to put my clients first so yeah discussion yeah I mean I've been using like I have a your URL shortener that's just for me that I just use for my own stuff and I actually use UTM links you know I put in like you know the the campaign and what you know all those pieces the non marketer I don't know I do I use those to figure out if people are actually clicking on the links or not so when they click on it it goes to that thing it redirects to the the correct site with the UTM link and now I know if they actually did the thing or not yeah I mean I do that on all my tweets like every tweet that I push out there if it has a link that goes to one of my properties then I have those links in there Friday purchased my free code cab and Jace's using UTM code well in it it's it's worth it like those types of efforts that you're putting in are totally worth it because it tells you whether or not the the things that you're doing are worth it or not you know like just recently I built I built this like bio page that just says you're all stuff that I do and on Twitter on Instagram on on github on LinkedIn on Facebook like all those places that link goes to that spot well I put UTM codes on all that stuff I want to know somebody clicks on or not did you actually click on the thing and get there or not and I have event tracking all over the page as well because it's like did you scroll down the page did you click on it were you on a bro web browser that was mobile were you on desktop he likes the data he doing the work but I love the data yes yes so that's the thing is like when I go to events and stuff like that speaking that makes me go oh I need to fix my website or oh I need to talk about this and I was on I was on a call with somebody and I've seen well you have to treat it like it's important like your client work you need to schedule on your calendar and I was like duh Bridget and I just put 12 to 2 Friday's blogging time I mean right I have been last 3 weeks because I'm like the thing is if it's in my calendar there nobody can still take that sheet steel nobody can schedule that time I could do it before I like hope I get the borrower to get it done on it but I was Friday's in it I could do whatever I want like a weird Bridget self awareness thing she likes homework it's weird I used to do my homework in class while the teacher was talking Wow so I went to college then it got hard like but it's cool that's what I did I can't I would come home with no homework Wow so like I know those kinds of things are ingrained in me like you had to do your homework where you got to play and my friends will say well let's go the beach but it well I can't I could go after to I just have all these you to honor odds I went to LA it's so easy though because I work from home yeah it's so easy and to just go like whatever oh my work is done Mike okay well that's my my work is never done so there's that there's always something to do but yeah you're busy I really push my own stuff in there you know what I'm gonna just keep thinking like as a marketer I have to have my Twitter account should be the best mm-hm and it is but that's because that I do that on purpose case studies yeah I mean it is more work of course I'd rather be at Hennessey's drinking right now but you know like I'll go I mean that's the thing is like at some point we have to put ourselves first because the thing was referral work now you're good about being on the Internet I think you're giving yourself enough credit about that Rochelle but the thing is a lot of times people build a thing put up a landing page especially with WordPress products so build a thing the landing page and they go okay well I build it they should come that's just doesn't let me make a twitter account and then you don't even know if it's still in existence you're like what is even happening here and you know and they're like well I told people at some meetups but I mean at some point your first circles you're gonna exhaust your first circle of you know the people that know who you are and then and then you're gonna need to like expand those circles you do that to marketing whether it's social marketing or advertising or even a Ross who goes to Chamber of Commerce's was he up to seven now Jason yeah yeah actually nine he went up he has two more that he just added but his business is Chamber of Commerce's like he builds Chamber of Commerce websites but he started by going to them and then he was stable and he was like hardcore about it he's told he is but and but like I you know I'm not doing that and in fact I think I'm not even gonna renew your life because I work I don't work with local businesses as much as I like I made WordPress like 90% of my clients are on WordPress so I don't need that I need to be on Twitter I need to be up meetups which I haven't been going to I need to go to work cats which I haven't been going to you like that kind of stuff right so it does sort of depend on your audience so if you're doing a lot of referrals and your peers are your audience I I hear really mixed reviews about about Chamber of Commerce yeah I think it it depends what kind of businesses you want to work with it really does depend if I if I were actually hardcore marketing myself of if I wanted to do marketing for myself what I think I probably would do is is kind of pick a niche I've kind of been all over the place I've done websites for everything from like funeral homes to Harley Davidson you know like I've just been all over the place but I would probably pick a niche and go to like a trade show or something you know like just and you don't build landing pages specific to that niche and you know just I think to specify to be specific it's kind of a good thing if you don't really have a referral network or you know I think it's you've got to pick something perhaps that has not been a problem for me yet but you know I always have the little wheels turning in my head like okay if all of my referrals dried up what would I do you know like I'm ready because it's like a coal engine you know a train you just got to keep shoveling that in there yeah it will go for a long time with that momentum and the work you did but at some point you have to keep so yeah you gotta keep your eye on the pipeline I mean it is tricky well that's why I was still people I have room because a lot of my friends would say how come you're not referring work to me I'm like I didn't know you were taking work you have a day job now people DME go I am taking side work cuz they know I hear about it right like I feel like the operator lady those people sometimes don't want to publicly say like I am taking on side work right because they have a full time job with some company and essentially they're competing for time with not competing with time like in there you know doing work like double dipping but just like you have a job you have a those eight hours and then everything thereafter it's up to you what you want to do right yeah and so you kind of have that but still it's like back-channel marketing yeah I'll keep my ear to the ground like what's how do you do well I do this and this and this and this of this I'm like well can I have your LinkedIn profile that's another thing I recommend and then here in LinkedIn we did github in like have you guys gotten done Allina bulette no no sign up on any of those things somebody somebody mike probably put their whole contact list into that and i got i got the thing and I'm like oh okay I'll try this and then I got in there and it asked me for my contact list and so I was sitting in there and didn't have like a ton of connections or anything and they just totally bomb you with emails and then I actually did have some people like contact me but it wasn't people that I would consider really good clients and it's like I gotta get off here it's not good it's like LinkedIn Junior don't do it so but LinkedIn itself we do especially because the culture of LinkedIn allows you to brag about yourself mm-hmm you know it look like such a jerk you should put all your skills in there all your projects and things like that you know I put every one of these episodes as a video on my LinkedIn for WP blob and and before that before I even did any of this stuff anytime my public's dudes public speaking and recorded it I took those videos and put it in associated with that particular job and that just like people people want to read it see it hear it and if you can do all those things great but like that github account can only do you so much yeah it's some video in there cool and if you can showcase the stuff that you're able to build then that's where you can leverage LinkedIn like what you're saying earlier Michelle about showing video of the actual product the code the interactions even that even like two minutes or 30 seconds like yeah and if you if you couldn't I don't know how that relationship like how how to navigate the waters of that relationship with that client or the format if you could somehow anonymize the site but essentially like you know going into like you know the CSS and just kind of hiding out a bunch of stuff and just show like here's the block and here's all the things I did within it yeah to do and if you did that I mean that's something that you can show and really be like hey so let me show you the thing that I built as the problem I run into a lot too like I've done stuff it's like internal stuff it's behind a wall nobody can even get to it I could share it you know you not amazed it and just kind of hide a bunch of stuff yeah mm-hmm you know i-i've done I've done things were I get tired of like showing statistics like actual numbers of things on on Google Analytics and I've been using code snippets that would just run in the browser that would just like change all the numbers to letters so you can't even tell what it is just shows you the graph but doesn't show you what the graph actually is it just shows you that there was a graph change between this and this and this and this but the numbers on the bottom are just like gobbly good just you know change the selectors and change a few things in CSS and just about linkedin something that has actually been kind of a pain in the butt for me but something that I think if somebody was looking for work they should do on your LinkedIn account be sure to list everything that you do like I list every type of coding and platform and anything that I am even remotely interested in and I have got recruiters driving me nuts if you would like recruiters to drive you now all-star recruiters I am very self employed they are horrible I love it there's a switch somewhere to say if you're interested in work or not I have that off they still hand me and I mean I definitely the word recruiter and they're searching for it I don't know a lot of times I get messages like I got three emails on the same day and there were people looking for somebody in in our area that had experience with Magento so I don't know if there's like not a lot of people that list that in their LinkedIn like I'm sure that you know if you know PHP you can probably work with Magento so I don't know all the things in your LinkedIn profile because people will find you and there they might have good jobs and I think unfortunately a lot of the stuff that people are approaching me for is on site only and I don't do that ya know I don't know I think and I definitely don't really want to do full-time either I want to stick to contract stuff but I mean if the right thing came you know I don't know it's it just kind of depends but yeah fill out your LinkedIn profile for sure yeah it's funny because people like tend to not pay attention to it only the thing is but that's where the c-suite is the decision makers there you bought better jobs you know you could put the things on github build your pro bono sites Baker or whatever and then take those screenshots and put them on or take that code that's a github and put it on like JavaScript programmer your JavaScript programmer oh my gosh I'd let stuff's just living in the browser they're gonna look at it anyhow so you know throw some of that code in there and be like look here's some stuff that I wrote PHP so much harder it's not though in or it's hidden behind the server that's I meant yeah yeah but JavaScript it's like I you know gross so what else do we got Bridgette we got like a couple more minutes here till we we jump into soap you're new you should definitely put learn your code keep learning keep learning it github LinkedIn code pen go to collaboration events a few cans hackathons I kind of think all the local businesses built them work camps JavaScript camps anything like that and everything there is a group then there's meetups for for everything C commerce meetups Shopify meetups through commerce meetups pick a niche yeah pick one yeah I mean the travel industry is ripe anybody in the travel industry their website just horrible some of the vendors to the agents to the wholesalers social medias even worse I like actually roll on select from journeys and they specialize in french polynesia like nobody can read this words on your flyer they go just click it expands ago how are we supposed to know that own not even responsive I'm not sure you have a flyer on Facebook how big is it gonna expand hmm let's see [Laughter] we inches okay yes diary widgets on the iPhone 10 are oh yeah let's get its reality people nobody can read that slow up stop like and they have a style of marketing of powers ago this is all you're allowed to use and then the social media person just puts on there and then they look stupid just take the words from the flyer and put them in the caption you know like things like that you know and maybe like a lot of times like Kevin Hoffman talks about his sort of case studies or things she's learning by it like big giants rented tweets I mean I kind of wish she would make blog posts because you know it'd be easier to find later and stuff like that but he's like well do the song tweet like whatever is anything that document what you're doing yeah you want to document what you're doing for sure so I I decided with my to or tip of the week is and it's a little different okay so I okay this is bad Instagram Instagram has me instagram has I am like completely need to stop shopping on Instagram oh that's right not even just ads but like it's a bathing suit it's jewelry awesome it's like what followed none of those things are viable things I know but I found this cool thing and I've been doing the kickboxing and the extra exercising today I ran off and on for two miles as when in jewels they like coached me like come on because I'm having a hysterectomy and I know that I will recover faster after that if I you know get healthier right yes oh and with all this dental work I can't really eat salads and I haven't been able to eat salads is January or fruit really I teach I have to eat soft things and I'm kind of lazy so I found this thing on Instagram called Kenko ke e and c KO and they think of you prepackaged 100% organic instant fruit and vegetable drinks right your door just boy it's deliciously good for you so it that's their copy so I Bridget's already redoing their stuff just like good for you but it like it's the equivalent of two veg and fruit and it's they're all different mixes and it's not good but it's that gross like it's not like a juicy table drink where it's like wow this is so delicious it's just not disgusting okay it's only 80 calories and it makes me drink like eight ounces of water and I put it in there I'm getting fiber cuz it's dehydrated fruit and vegetables so I'm getting the fiber and I'm getting the nutrition yes in a fast easy way and it works out to be about three dollars each which is about four dollars less then going to juice it up and forget about like any any other cheese place that's even more expensive so what you're seeing is put stuff on Instagram and Bridget will buy it I pretty much but I they're not from the United States or from somewhere else I don't know where cuz I get like I get these spawning packages my friends like stop by on Instagram but I'm telling you it's a lot okay i'ma try this out it's pretty good um and like I said for a like a the Green says kale and spinach and pineapple and stuff and like normally if you gave me some green drink I'd be like that's not happening so I thought okay well at least I'll get fiber and so I decided to become a subscriber subscribe watch out I'm subscribing to a 30-pack because I thought this is a good way to trick myself into better nutrition especially when I can't eat salads because this all dental work isn't gonna be done until after July so so what would you advise a like a developer to do on Instagram or like somebody that's selling services that are not tangible goods okay so Instagram is so good for the backstory Instagram is good for live videos like those video snippets you were just talking about like or likes just saying like I even take a picture of free code cams and like oh I'm on responsive web design I'm like my friend would be so proud of me oh look I just passed the accessibility you know html5 today's accessibility day right good - what stuff like that stories okay stories are 24 hours I know but but if that's all it needs to be that's fine like don't go and like put your wedding pictures on stories and that's the only place she ever put them okay so here's the thing I was just teaching this group they had 24 fault posts and 80 followers so like we're gonna do stories at this event what's the purpose of the event to get more followers who sees your stories right followers maybe right yeah hope you don't have any followers and that's like that's not how you get more followers no that's not how you get more followers so for Instagram I have a show snippets of code or like go back and forth like I've done that where I've lived my pre code cap where you type like there's the code I just put in or like zoom in show it and then I'll press check and it's right it goes like if you like we're writing code and then you did it and it works but yeah you know so today when I fixed this woocommerce I like being it or when you with a bunch of friends and you're you're about ready to talk about some stuff maybe a word cat that your honor meet up or things like that they do help Instagram is very good with consumable products which surprises me and I almost just bought on a bathing suit today and my stop dropping remains funny now well I've just gone okay with my body size I've flirted five years old almost 46 I'm like I'm 225 that's what it is I don't care I mean I'd rather be under 200 for health reasons but this is what I look like yeah stop me from being outside be here now hope it did for so many years you know so I'm getting it like I'm just at that age where it gets me that I like Instagram and I'm just going a dollar cat I'm Rambo a dog a cat but these flowers don't only right yeah and so like that like to me for example you have mica and Sheen so I'm a dog lover so I'm like you know that makes me connect with you more and you know like who else is a dog lover Tessa kriesel from Pantheon yeah so like the Instagram lets you show your personality now if you're a golfer and I'm a golfer that's the same thing right like fashions and I like old fashions I I have been finding the good one so I now found another good place on one on a date we should be a oh it's almost better than why I told you otherwise they strain it the way they're supposed to but what I'm saying is yeah you know having that a good picture that's the thinking a good picture and then it like listed all the fruits and that was in it was they didn't list it was stupid emoji either which I could read it because I can't read emotion you guys on my phone I'm gonna show yeti use the assistive features is it's hilarious Bridget not to cut you off but that need to do our tour tip of the week you shouldn't ask me about Instagram during the middle of my tool is that Rochelle do you one day yours do you want me to do mine first I didn't know I had to have one now well you better figure out something real quick and I'll do mine real quick then so we cool we talked about you TMS and I thought I would share with you a little bit about you TM so I use I use a tool in chrome called Google Analytics URL builder and I'll have the link in the show notes and it's just it's just a chrome it's just a thing that's built in you know you just kind of add as a Chrome extension and what happens is you click on that on a new page that you're on and a little pop-up comes up and the pop-up super simple and it just says like what's the source what's the medium what's the what's the keyword content and campaign that's it that's all it's asking you to type in and you're like I don't know what any of these things are and I don't know how I should organize this stuff well they give you some examples so for instance you have one that's for Facebook one that's for Facebook pages they have a thing for Outbrain tabouleh and my newsletter if you click on each one of those they'll kind of fill it in you can kind of get a rough idea of what it is but what's nice about this is if you remember it like if you remember hi if you don't remember how to do this stuff you can save them as presets now we're talking though I work at a church and they're experimenting with this thing called a QR code which came out like 30 years ago but they use them and because of the fact that they have some a name Jason Tucker who loves you TM because I I'm actually using those as a way of tracking whether or not they're using the actual QR code or are they really sure no way no Joe I don't get those things you got to take your phone out and take a picture they do it yep and what's funny is now once they get to the site I try to figure out are they on Android or are they on on iPhone both I'm like are you kidding me this is crazy I mean they do that like karaoke bar that's how you get yep but that in in do with hilarious though is the QR code like this big on the piece of paper and they have like the URL below it which is nice and short and clean and easy but it's hilarious because people actually go and go oh because my phone out and you know our web address is super simple it's four characters long plus three characters it's teeny tiny short and but yet they would rather a QR code it which there so they're fumbling and trying to figure out how to get their phone to work but it's it's fun and interactive and so they want to do that Oh your audience we talked about Wow here's the thing that's really interesting about this thing once you install it it'll actually use a URL shortener service for you so if you have bitly which I use bitly for mine you can actually use bitly and it'll just put in your bitly credentials and it will shorten the URL and then put the the codes behind it now it's you know all the tracking yeah it's pretty slick so free we're eager to take a look at that I'd give you the URL but you know Chrome extensions have this really crazy long you know do anything it's like that so I'm not going to do that but I'll give you a link in the show notes feel free to go take a look at that do you have something you can share with us something okay so everybody's probably heard of this but and I had heard of it but this first time I used it Bridgette told me about it calendly have you have you used counting so so I have not been very good about um like scheduling things when when people you know people just call me and if they emailed me first you know I might pick up the phone but so so now I've been running into conflicts a lot cuz I'm dealing with a lot of clients and people want to have meetings with me and we have different time zones and so calendly which has a free version that is very functional you can set up meeting blocks so I have fifteen thirty in one hour 30 minutes in one hour meetings and it displays a calendar with little time blocks and people can pop into my special URL and select a meeting time and book it on my calendar and it and once it gets booked it will not show up on the page anymore so it's a great way to kind of let people know when you available it clears up any time zone issues like I have a couple clients on the East Coast some in like Wisconsin and we're always doing this time zone conversion thing and sometimes we mess up and you know we're like an hour off and like where are you I don't know what's going on so if you do it like that then it goes onto their calendar it's at the right time it shows up for them at the right time and then I get the right time and then yeah everybody's slots are booked you can see when I'm still open or you know I'm going to over camp Europe in next next month and I'm gonna be gone for two weeks so don't book anything then so I can block it all out uncountably done Thank You Bridget saved my life thank you Jim I I couldn't even function without it yeah I'm definitely a fan now I and I'd heard about it before but I just never thought to use it and it makes so much sense to it yeah you can tell to look at your own calendars yeah the calendar for work and I'm a calendar for home and I use Google everything so you just turn them all on and put all the URLs in there and it just goes like Jason's never available sorry you can even put your lunch in there I have a recurring lunch it's just like every time at this time recurring lunch that's it don't bug me and I've started a thing now where I have this bad habit of booking meetings at 9:00 a.m. on Monday like I'm Thursday see how mundane I'm like oh yeah that's okay and then Monday morning rolls around and I have a crap ton of emails so they need to deal with so now I have my cows Lee I'm borked until like after lunch and on Friday I leave early and you know I literally after you and I talked about that I literally do the same thing I'm like why am I making 9:00 a.m. meeting some Monday no I would rather be with you on Saturday yeah book yourself a meeting yeah like just say like I'm not available I'm out of office done next me and the cat so meeting that's it or go go I put in my kickboxing yeah I like it the only thing is givers that buffer time or you're gonna be you sure do want to push to the end of the hour it's like yeah especially if you're driving somewhere exactly good good topic there's lots of developers are trying to market themselves and we could probably go on for hours really like that's it github linkedin cold pan do so build up your portfolio get on social media talk to people talk to real people outside of your home [Laughter] easier on social media though but yeah like making making connections with real people sometimes people you just met you might get lucky I don't know it's cool so people can follow you for on wise arts on Twitter Instagram all the places I'm not looking for anything trying to finish all my stuff before word camp Europe so I don't have to try to work in a different time zone on the other side of the world while I'm over there hopefully it'll be a non-working time and I am awesome well thank you very much for your time I really appreciate it Bridget really appreciates the folks and we've have folks that are in the chat room we're gonna have people that are going to listen to this as a podcast so for you go take a look at that too you can go over to our website at de parkour comm / subscribe that's where you can find out all the cool information that's happening over there if you want to look at just the content for this particular show gay parkour comm / WP blab and that's where you can find all the cool stuff that's happening there we're on everything if you listen to this stuff on stitcher we're on stitcher we're on Google Play we're on iTunes we're on all that fun stuff so for free to go on to those and subscribe away you can listen to us wherever you are and YouTube we string this stuff to YouTube it's a slash WP water-cooler that's where we post all this fun stuff over there there's a whole playlist just devoted to this particular content we really appreciate all of you guys for hanging out thus and talking with us if you have any questions for us feel free to go and leave us a comment at the comments below we would really appreciate that that's about it folks talk to y'all later bye bye [Music]

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